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Louis and his bully cousin part 7 by Bald K

“I cannot believe that we are closing down in three weeks," Scott said to Lukas and Louis as they finished their overtime.
“Louis, before you go, can I have a word in my office," Jack said to Louis.
“Yeah, sure," Louis sighed.
“Louis, you have only been with us for two weeks, so you are not legally entitled to any severance pay," Jack told Louis. “But I have managed to get you one extra week's pay in your next wage packet at the end of the week."
“I guessed that," Louis sighed, knowing that he already had work lined up for the next day.
“Also, I am afraid that today is the last day we require your services," Jack told Louis.
“Fine, make sure my final wages go into my new bank account," Louis replied as he got his bank card out.
Jack amended Louis’ bank details on the computer before handing Louis back his card.
“See you around then," Louis said to Jack as Louis walked out of the office.
“What did Jack want with you?" Scott asked Louis.
“Jack told me that today was my last day working here," Louis replied. “So I better look for work tomorrow."
“Yeah, we cannot have our boy without work. We need his money for future work on our boy, " Lukas told Louis. “Beer and food at my place?"
“May as well," Scott sighed. “I will get us some vodka."
“And Lukas will see a pile of hair on his kitchen floor," Louis thought. “Oi, get me twenty fags when you get the vodka," Louis said to Scott.
“What will you do with no money?" Scott asked Louis as he walked into the supermarket.
“I will bet that I can find a job tomorrow," Louis grinned. “Twenty quid."
“You are on," Scott replied as he handed over the fags to Louis.
“Somebody has been smoking cigars," Lukas said as he unlocked the door to the flats. “Sounds like somebody likes my music as well."
“Oh, you have finally decided to come home," Claire said to Lukas. “Your music has been blaring out since just after eleven this morning."
“But I have been at work since seven this morning," Lukas told Claire. “Who has been in my flat?" Lukas said as he unlocked the door to his flat.
“Well, somebody has been in here," Scott said to Lukas as Scott saw a couple of cigar butts in the ashtray.
“Somebody has been playing f***ing barber in the kitchen!" Lukas shouted as he saw the hair on the kitchen floor. “Looks like full head shaving as well with the razor!"
“How did you get the keys out to whoever did this!" Scott shouted at Louis as he pinned Louis to the wall grabbing Louis’ neck.
“He couldn’t get the keys to anybody. I took the spare set out with us," Lukas told Scott.
“Now, perhaps you will believe me that I had nothing to do with the other shaving," Louis told Scott and Lukas. “Apologise to me now!"
“There must be four or more new skinheads on the streets looking at the hair on the floor," Lukas said.
“One had curly hair," Scott said to Lukas. “Claire did not see anything?"
“She would have said if she saw anything," Lukas replied. “But I think you had something to do with this," Lukas said to Louis.
“F***ing prove it!" Louis shouted at Lukas. “I am out of here! You can stick your food and beer!"
Louis stormed out of Lukas’ flat, got the phone Jake had given him, and pressed the call button.
“Hey, I am on my way over. How are the Abbey Skinheads?" Louis asked Jake.
“Loving the shaved look. How did it go at the flat?" Jake replied.
“Lukas tried to blame it on me," Louis told Jake. “I will be about ten minutes."

“Hey, how are my new skinhead brothers?" Louis said as he walked over to Jake and the others in the pub.
“Loving the shaved look," Ritchie grinned. “Just want the ladder in the ears done."
“When are you getting the ears done with the ladders?" Louis inquired.
“Taz has arranged for us to get the piercings tomorrow after work," Ritchie told Louis.
“Count me in, and I want these tunnels removed and a ladder put in its place," Louis told Ritchie. “That will p*** my cousin and Lukas right off."
“How wide are the tunnels?" Jake asked Louis.
“Four mills, so I can easily have a three mill ring will sit easily in it," Louis replied.
“Your first shift in the pub is from midday until five with me," Jake told Louis. “So come on, what design are you thinking of for the Abbey Skinheads?"
“You know the crucified skinhead picture?" Louis said to the skinheads.
“Yeah, I have seen it, Ben told Louis. “Pretty cool for a tattoo."
“How about having that as a tattoo with Abbey Skinheads around it?" Charlie suggested. “It would be so cool as the brotherhood tattoo."
“All in favour of the crucified skinhead with Abbey Skinheads around it," Louis asked the skinheads.
“Let’s do it," Brad and the other skinheads agreed.
“Anybody that does not have the Abbey skinhead tattoo and five ring ladder in the ear within the next week is out," Louis told the skinheads.
“We might have a problem," Des told Louis. “My brother, Noah, wants in but is only sixteen."
“Is he still in school?" Louis asked Des.
“No, he is waiting to go into college to get his A levels," Des replied.
“He can get the haircut and the ladder done tomorrow," Louis told Des. “The tattoo he will have done on his eighteenth birthday."
“How are we going to keep the heads shaved?" Brad asked Louis.
“It is easy to do," Louis replied. “I will show you how after work tomorrow if you want me to."
“What have you got planned for your cousin and his mate, Lukas?" Jake asked Louis.
“Wait and see," Louis grinned. “But it will be over a while."
“Who is for another pint?" Ben asked the skinheads.
“Get them in for all of us," Adam replied. “Then we had better call it a night as we have to leave early for work."
“Except Ritchie, who has managed to get a week off," Charlie sighed.
“Can I ask you a big favour then?" Louis asked Ritchie.
“Sure, what is it you want?" Ritchie replied.
“I want to up my weight training, push myself to my limits," Louis replied. “Can we do it every day from tomorrow, say a six in the morning start for at least two hours."
“I cannot see a problem with that," Ritchie replied. “We will start tomorrow."
“Excellent, I will sort some cash for you," Louis told Ritchie.
“Don’t worry about that. We are now skinhead brothers," Ritchie grinned.

“Thanks for the session, mate," Louis said to Ritchie as they left the gym. “You certainly know how to motivate people."
“That is why I am leaving the scaffolding company and becoming a personal trainer here," Ritchie replied. “I am working my notice this week by using up my holiday."
“How much will you be charging per session?" Louis inquired.
“The Abbey Skinheads will get cheap rates," Ritchie grinned. “Same time tomorrow, and I will increase the weights you lift."
“See you in the pub at about five. I will shave your head before we head off to get the piercings done," Louis told Ritchie.
“Yeah, see you there," Ritchie replied as he got on his bike and rode off.
“Time to face Scott," Louis thought to himself as he made his way home.
“Well, if it isn't my slave boy," Scott said as Louis walked into the kitchen. “Where the f*** did you go to last night?"
“I got a job with a new mate at the Abbey Arms pub," Louis replied. “I start at midday."
“Good, that means I will still have money going into my bank account," Scott told Louis. “Lukas and I will be expecting free beer when we visit."
“In your dreams," Louis replied. “I do not know what time I will be home tonight."
“You did not listen. I said that your masters would not be paying for any beer," Scott said as he pinned Louis to the wall.
“Get your f***ing hands off me!" Louis shouted as he managed to hit Scott in the gut. “You are not my master!" Louis shouted as he punched Scott again. “Don’t even think of coming to the pub!"
“You cannot stop me, you f***ing c***!" Scott shouted at Louis. “You will pay for this as I will not transfer any money to your bank!"
“You don’t need to," Louis thought to himself as he packed a rucksack with some of his clothes and walked back downstairs. “I hope I can move in with Ben."
“I need a place to work on Lukas before I start on my cousin," Louis thought to himself as he walked towards the city centre. Louis arrived in the city centre, made his way to the pub, got his phone out, and called Jake.
“Hey, I am outside the pub," Louis told Jake.
“I will be down in a minute and let you in," Jake replied. “We have time, so can you shave my dome before we start."
“Yeah, no problem," Louis replied as he ended the call.
After a few seconds, Louis heard the key in the pub's door.
“Come on in," Jake said to Louis. “As you are early, I can go through how the till works."
“After I shave that s*** off your head Louis laughed. “Is it all arranged with Taz for when we finish?"
“Pretty much, but Taz reckons for the tattoo we all are getting, she will have to do like a couple of skinheads a day," Jake told Louis.
“As it was me and you that got shaved first, we should get the tattoo done first," Louis replied as they made their way upstairs. “Your parents not about?"
“Dad is at the warehouse getting snacks and bottles of Vodka and other stuff, and mum is at work," Jake replied as they walked into the bathroom.
“Oh, I thought your mum worked in the kitchen," Louis said as he applied a layer of shaving gel over Jake’s stubble.
“Nah, she works as an estate agent but concentrates more on the commercial side doing more office leasing," Jake told Louis. “You are ace at shaving the head."
“I have had plenty of experience," Louis replied. “Do you know of any small units that I could use without paying rent for a while?"
“I could find out for you," Jake told Louis. “Why do you need it?"
“To use as a holding unit for Lukas and then Scott," Louis replied as he put the razor down. “I will also need Taz to do the work on both of them."
“You are going ahead with the revenge mission then?" Jake asked Louis.
“Oh yes, they will not know what has hit them," Louis grinned.
“Let’s get to the bar. We can talk more there," Jake told Louis as he put his shirt on.
Louis followed Jake down to the bar. Jake showed Louis where all the different glasses were kept for the different lagers and beers. Jake then showed Louis how to operate the till.
“Time to open the pub," Jake told Louis as Jake checked the time. “Monday is usually a quiet day."
“I hope to move in with Ben after finishing our shift," Louis told Jake.
“We have a spare room here if you need a place to stay," Jake grinned. “A pint of the adder, is it Dave?" Jake asked Dave as he walked into the pub.
“Please, Jake, I see you still have no hair," Dave replied. “And skinhead swallow tattoos, very nice."
“Cheers, Dave. You are not usually in on Monday," Jake replied.
“I have a week off and fly out tomorrow to Barcelona for a few days," Dave replied. “Who is the new barman?"
“Dave, meet Louis," Jake said to Dave. “Louis is the mate who persuaded me to lose the hair."
“Nice to meet you," Dave said to Louis. “Did it take a lot of persuasion to get Jake to lose the man bun?"
“Nah, I knew he wanted it done, so only a little persuasion," Louis grinned. “Some of his mates decided to lose their hair yesterday, so eight of us are skinheads."
“And we all have swallow tattoos on our hands," Jake told Dave as Jake showed Dave his hands.
“Nice, I was a skinhead when I was a teenager. Me and two of my cousins decided to get grade one crops," Dave grinned. And then work came along."
“Now you have no hair to grow on top," Jake laughed as he poured Dave another pint.
“You may be naturally bald like me one day," Dave grinned as he paid for his pint.

“Oi oi skinheads!" Des said as he walked into the pub with his brother Noah and another teenager who had his brown hair tied back in a man-bun. “The rest not here yet?"
“Ritchie and Adam are stuck in traffic and will be here as soon as possible," Jake told Des. “So you want to be a skinhead then, Noah?"
“You bet. I think my brother rocks the bald look, so Warren and I want to try the look," Noah replied.
“Yeah, I have been looking at an excuse to lose the hair which my bird insisted on me growing," Warren told Jake.
“So, what will your bird think of you, bald?" Louis asked Warren.
“We split a couple of days ago," Warren replied. “Are you the one who is going to make me and Noah bald?"
“Go and do it," Jake told Louis. “Steff will be here in a minute to take over with Tanya."
“This way then, guys," Louis told Noah and Warren. “You will soon be free of your hair."
Noah and Warren followed Louis to the bathroom, and both stripped their shirts off.
“Right, who is going first?" Louis inquired as he unplugged the clippers.
“You can go first," Warren said to Noah.
Noah sat on the stool, and Louis draped a towel over Noah’s shoulders before switching the clippers on.
“No going back after I start," Louis said to Noah.
“Just do it," Noah grinned. “Make me a badass skinhead."
Warren looked on as Louis ran the clippers down the centre of Noah’s head, removing the tight blond curls.
“Yeah, goodbye curls," Noah grinned as he saw the clippers removing the curls.
“Ok, your turn," Louis said to Warren as Louis switched the clippers off. “I will shave your stubble off after Warren loses his girly hair."
Warren sat down and looked in the mirror as Louis removed the band that held Warren’s man-bun in place.
“Wow! You have a lot of hair to lose!" Louis exclaimed as Warren’s hair cascaded down his back.
“Yeah, and no way will Carol want me back with no hair," Warren replied.
“You are sure you want to lose all this hair?" Louis asked Warren.
“one hundred per cent sure," Warren confidently replied. “ I have wanted to try the bald look since I was thirteen."
Louis picked up a lock of Warren’s hair and ran the clippers through it, leaving a couple of inches of hair on Warren’s head. Louis worked his way around Warren’s head, roughly cutting it to about two inches with the clippers.
“Ready to lose all of it?" Louis asked Warren.
“I would not be here if I did not want it shaved," Warren grinned. “Get on with it."
Louis pushed Warren’s head forward and ran the clippers up the back of Warren’s head before moving to the sides and the top before lathering up the stubble and shaving Warren’s head smooth.
“F***, I look so badass with no hair!" Warren exclaimed. “I am so glad you arrived."
Louis shaved Noah and Warren’s remaining hair off with the razor before the three of them walked back downstairs into the bar.
“Never thought I would see my brother without his mummy’s curls," Des laughed as he saw Noah.
“Right, time to visit Taz, for the ladders to be done and sort out the tattoos," Ritchie said as he finished his beer.
“Pity I cannot get the tattoo," Noah sighed as he followed the other skinheads out of the pub.

“Oi, Taz," Jake said as he walked into Taz’s tattoo and piercing studio. “Time to do some ladders."
“Who is first?" Taz inquired.
“Can you remove my tunnels and make the left ear five rings?" Louis asked Taz.
“Sure, come on through," Taz told Louis.
Louis walked in and sat on the chair so Taz could remove the tunnels and do a five ring ladder in his left ear.
“It will take a little time, but the hole in the right ear will close enough to have an ordinary ring in it," Taz told Louis.
Louis winced slightly as Taz pierced his left ear four more times and placed the steel rings in Louis’ ear.
“That looks a lot better," Louis told Taz as he looked in the mirror. “Are you going to do the tattoo after the rest of the gang get their ladders done?"
“Do you know how large you want the crucified skinhead and what lettering style you want?" Taz asked Louis. “Maybe you should decide on that and start the tattoos later in the week."
“Yeah, I guess we don’t want to regret the Abbey Skinhead tattoo being the wrong size," Louis replied. “When are you thinking of starting the tattoos?"
“If you decide on the size and style of lettering, I could start tomorrow," Taz told Louis. “I would go for the old English style lettering," Taz continued as Taz showed Louis what lettering style she was suggesting.
“That looks good," Louis smiled. “Let us get the rest of the crew in and decide how big the tattoo should be."
Taz called in the rest of the crew, and they all agreed on the old English style lettering. Taz then showed the crew differing sizes of the crucified skinhead tattoo.
“I think we should go for the medium size tattoo, with it placed on the underside of the lower left arm," Jake suggested.
“I am up for that," Louis agreed. “All those in favour?"
All the skinheads agreed on the Abbey Skinhead tattoo before walking out of the room.
“Who is next for the ladder?" Taz inquired.
“I will go next," Adam grinned.
Taz completed putting the ladders in the skinhead's ears before sorting out appointments for the tattoo to be inked on them.
“I hear you are on the lookout for a prison cell for when you get the work done on your cousin and his mate, Lukas," Brad said to Louis.
“Yeah, I will only need it for a few weeks while they get inked and modified," Louis replied.
“My dad had a portacabin for his office until he moved into a warehouse unit," Brad told Louis. “The portacabin is available if you want to use that."
“It needs bars on the windows and a lock on the door only I have the key for," Louis said to Brad.
“It has wire caging over the windows, and a padlock secures the main door," Brad grinned.
“It sounds perfect," Louis laughed. “Lukas will be the first to be locked in the prison."
“When is this going to take place?" Brad asked Louis.
“I need to have a word with another Jake’s uncle to arrange their new jobs, but I guess next week after I have also arranged with Taz the work on them," Louis replied. “I am gasping for a beer."

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