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Shaved Slick Bald by pulp.fiction

On my 16th Birthday, I woke up at 7:00 and sprinted down the stairs.

"I'm awake!" I shouted as I walked into the kitchen. Since my birthday was in early August, It was already bright outside, so it wasn't hard for my parents to wake up.

"Happy Birthday Shawn!" My mom smiled as she hugged me around the waist. I had already passed her in height, although this wasn't that big of a deal as my mom was only 5'4. My Dad came out of his room next, giving me an equally tight hug.
"Happy Birthday Son."

I opened my presents and got some pretty cool stuff, at least stuff that would seem cool to a 16 year old. My biggest gift though, was the newest iPhone. At the time, having an iPhone was a big deal, and kids who had one were always being swarmed with childish attention.

After I opened the presents, we ate the Donuts my Dad had brought home the night before. "This isn't even the best gift, Shawn," My mom explained through bites of her donut. "We got you something much cooler."

"Shawn, now that you're 16 years old, we want you to start maturing to become a real man." My dad said.

My mom finished the point. "We're sending you to the Marine Military Academy Boarding School in Texas," she said. "Don't worry, you don't have to leave for another week," My mom told me. "And you only have to pack a few pairs of clothes, they'll provide you with a military uniform."

I didn't know what to think. I had always planned to serve in the Marine Corps once I graduated High School. My parents had always supported this, too.

"You'll be staying in a single dorm room there, and you'll be allowed to leave the campus with Sergeant permission," My dad continued to explain. "As long as you behave yourself, you'll have many privileges."

The next week, I shipped out for the Marine Military Academy. After saying goodbye to my parents and boarding the plane, I landed in Harligen, Texas. A shuttle picked me up from the airport and drove me to the Academy. I was glad to be getting military experience, despite a little fear. Once I entered the main building, I was directed towards my drill sergeant. He looked as if he were in his early forties. He introduced himself as Scott, but made it clear that we were to call him 'Sir' and nothing else. He told us to follow him.

We walked in a straight line through a hallway until we reached a panel of glass windows and a door.
"Enter the room." Scott Commanded. It was then I realized what was going on. We were getting Haircuts. While I had always known that I would be receiving a military regulation buzzcut upon arrival, I had never realized the full capacity of the situation. I wasn't vain, but I did like my average length hair. When I was younger, my parents made me keep a #1 Buzzcut, but once I started High School I was allowed to grow it out a bit. I was decently attractive, I was 6'3, and had no problem talking to girls.

"Name, cadet!" Scott asked me.

"Shawn Collins, Sir!" I responded.

"Cadet Collins," Scott began. "Why aren't you in the barber chair?" He yelled.

"I'm sorry, Sir," I apologized as I walked toward the chair.

"Sit Down!" He yelled.

"Yes sir."

Scott grabbed a guardless pair of electric clippers from the counter.
"As long as you are at the Marine Military Academy you will obey your drill sergeant, understood Cadet Collins?"

"Yes sir."

Scott ran the clippers straight through my hair, then to the sides and the back. I saw all my hair falling on the floor as my head was reduced to stubble. Scott continued moving the clippers over my head. Suprisingly, the feel of the clippers on my head felt amazing, liberating. Scott dusted the loose hairs off my head and turned my chair toward the mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing that my hair had been reduced to a Zero guard buzzcut. I put my hand to my head as I began to get out of the chair.

"Sit down until I order you to get up!" Scott yelled. I quickly sat down, although I was confused why the other Cadets were leaving the Barbershop but I wasn't.
"Because you didn't pay attention, you will be shaved slick bald," Scott shouted. "Is that understood?"

"Yes sir."

Scott took a razor and applied lather to my head. He passed over the top, then the sides, and finally the back. He walked into the back room and came back seconds later with a hot towel. He rubbed it on my head, and I could feel the towel burning my hair follicles. Scott cleaned my head of any remaining grain as I looked at my smooth bald head in the mirror.

"Attention!" Scott shouted.

I immediately stood up at a salute. "Sir, yes sir."

"You will keep your head shaved slick bald until I order you otherwise. Failure to do so will result in one more month added onto your punishment. is that understood?"

"Yes sir."

"Report to your quarters." Scott ordered, handing me the razor and shaving cream.

As little as I wanted to admit it, I actually enjoyed my new bald head. I couldn't stop rubbing it, and it felt so good.

After 5 months at the academy, I was doing well in my classes and in my Military training. I had kept my head shaved slick bald, obeying my drill sergeant (Although I secretly liked my bald head). That day, he called me into his office.
"Shawn, you have obeyed orders and done well in your training. I give you permission to grow out your hair, as long as it is within regulation, understood?" He asked, but in a much calmer tone than last time.

"Yes sir." I replied. "Could you clarify regulation standards, sir?"

"You will keep your hair shorter than a #1 Buzzcut at all times. Failure to do so will result in another 5 months of a shaved bald head. Understood?"

"Yes sir." I answered as I left the room.

That weekend, Sergeant Scott permitted me and a few friends to leave the campus as long as we stayed together. Our obvious response was "Yes sir."

By this time, I had made a good group of friends at the academy. Tristan, who we all called Titan; John, a football player from Atlanta; Kentrell, a socially awkward but very muscular wrestler; and me, of course.
We ventured out into town and decided to stop by the mall. We ate some pizza, bought some new clothes, and just walked around.

"Kentrell, what time is it," John asked.

Kentrell looked at his watch. "It's 3:47."

"Alright," I said. "We need to be back by 5:00 for curfew. We need to start driving back at 4:30. So we need to leave in 20 minutes to get to the parking garage."

"Sounds good," Titan replied, and we all continued walking around.

"Hey, look at that play area over there," John laughed. "What do you say we go have some fun?"

We all looked at John like he was stupid, but then I realized why he wanted to go over there.

"Sounds like a decent idea," I said, trying to hide my laughter. Kentrell and Titan just shrugged and followed us over there.

As soon as we stepped foot into the play area, John walked over and started talking to some girl.

"Oh." Kentrell realized out loud. "That's why."

"John, leave some for us!" Titan roared with laughter.

I walked towards a bench, tired from walking around the mall. As soon as I sat down, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen sat next to me. She had long brown hair in a messy bun, she was about 5'6 and had a curvy frame that any guy would want.

"Hey," She said softly at me. "What's your name?"

"Sh.. Sha..." I stammered. "Shawn, sorry, my name's Shawn."

"Well Shawn, what's your phone number?"

I quickly gave it to her and we kept talking.
"So, do you go to the Marine Military Academy?" She asked.

"Yeah, I do."

"Mhm, I could tell," she whispered, running the back of her fingers over my buzzed head. "Most of the boys around here have buzzcuts, though, even the ones who don't go to the academy."

"I forgot to ask," I began. "What's your name?"

"I'm Hailey," she answered. We looked at each other, smiling, for a few seconds until Hailey broke the trance and looked at her phone.

"Would you look at the time?" She giggled. "It's 4:09. You should head back to the Academy now."

"But how did you kn.."

"I'll call you." She interrupted as she walked in the opposite direction.

"Yo, lovebird," John walked up to me. "We gotta go."

"Oh, you're one to talk," I laughed. "How did it go with yours?"

"Heh." John let out a scoff. "She was a lesbian."

Titan and Kentrell started crying laughing as they overheard John.

"Shut up, will you?" John yelled. "Happens to all of us."

We drove back to the academy and made it back in time, right before dinner. The whole week, I couldn't stop thinking about Hailey. I texted her a bit, but it didn't compare to seeing her in person. On Friday night, I got a text from her.

"Hey Shawn. My address is 12899 Cedarwood Lane. Come over tommorow for Dinner and maybe a bit more ;)"

I could barely contain my excitement. I was already going over to her house! Would I meet her parents? I had so many questions, but I decided to let them go and worry about it in the morning.

I got up the next morning, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast where I met up with John, Titan, and Kentrell.

"Guess what guys. That girl I was talking to last weekend invited me over to her house today."

"Tough Luck," Titan sighed. "Scott said we can't go out today."

"I object!" A voice called out walking towards us. Scott put his tray on our table and sat down next to us. "I'm in a good mood today, boys! I'm eating dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend tonight. You all can do whatever you like tonight, and stay out later than usual."

"How late?" I asked.

"Well, I wouldn't put a limit on it, but lets say 22:00." (10pm in military time)

"Thank you sir!" We all cheered as he left our table.

"Looks like you've got your date, Shawn," Kentrell cheerily remarked.

That night, I put on my Military Uniform, along with some cologne, and drove to the address Hailey gave me. As soon as I knocked on the door it was quickly opened.

"Come in," Hailey whispered in my ear.

I walked in. "Before we eat, I have something for you," she said. "Follow me."

I followed Hailey into her bedroom. "Hang your uniform in the closet," She told me.

"But I don't have anything under this!" I complained.

"Do as you're told," she said in a stern voice.

I took of my Uniform and sat down on her bed in nothing but underwear and socks. She walked into her bathroom and came out holding electric clippers.

"Wait," I said, confused. "I've seen those clippers before. Where did you get them?"

Hailey looked surprised, but ignored my question. "If you're going to date me, you need a real mans haircut," she remarked. "Sit in the chair."

I moved to the chair without a word as she turned on the familiar clippers and ran them over my head, cutting my #1 buzz to a #0. When she finished, I stayed in the chair.

"You've been trained well," she smiled as she moved her nails across my rough, shaved head.

She got a razor and some lather and rubbed it all over my head. "You will keep your head shaved slick bald until I tell you otherwise," she said as she removed all the grain from my head. "Which will most likely be never." She brought out a lotion that I hadn't seen before and began to put some on her hands.

"This lotion will prevent any hair growth on your head for around a year. After that, I'll put it on again."

"No wait, stop!" I shouted, but she pushed me onto her bed and started making out with me as she rubbed the lotion all over my head.

"I like a man with a slick, shaved bald head." She told me through the kisses. "You're keeping it this way. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"We'll finish this later."

We got up from the bed and I put my uniform back on. "My Dad is gonna be here soon to have dinner with us," she told me. "After that, it's just me and you," she said with a sly grin.

Then I realized:
Hailey knowing the Marine Academy Schedule, the familiar clippers, and Scott's event tonight could only mean one thing: Scott was Hailey's dad!

"Hailey," I looked at her as I held her waist. "Is Scott Cyrus your dad?"

"I thought you'd never guess," she smiled as she kissed me.

"Does he know?"

My words were too late, as Scott walked right through the door.
"Hey honey, I'm here."

Scott looked at me and Hailey, holding each other.
"Shawn?" Scott asked, confused.

"Yeah dad, you're cool with it, right?" Hailey interjected.

Scott stood there for a minute before walking up to give me a hug. "Of course I am. Shawn is one of my best students. I'm glad you guys are together!" Scott said in a much nicer, calmer, tone then he spoke in at the Marine Military Academy.

"Although," Scott continued. "If you date my daughter, you're gonna have to keep your head shaved slick bald."

"It's already taken care of, dad." Hailey laughed. "He's gonna keep his head shaved slick bald for a long time."

After I graduated, I served in the marines for 7 years. I got married to Hailey, and she still forces me to keep a shaved bald head. We have a son, Noah, and this fall we're sending him to the Marine Military Academy, where hopefully he'll be shaved slick bald too.


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