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Living with a hair fetish by Tony

Living with a hair fetish
I had left school at 16, but before that had a part time job on Saturdays in a modern barber shop, I spent most of the day shampooing hair and sweeping up, it was my dream job, I spoke to the owner and asked about working there when I left school, he said I can give you an apprenticeship if it's what you want, but the money is very poor.
I had always had a strange feeling about barbers shops and nice hair, the first time I noticed it was at 13 when I did a paper round after school, one of the places I delivered a paper was a very old fashioned barber shop, the barber used to wear a long white overal while cutting hair, on a Friday I used to have to collect the money, so sometimes had to wait while he finished his customer, one particular Friday I delivered the paper and there was a guy having his hair cut, probably about 18 or 20 with long dark blond hair just past his shoulders, I watched in awe as he snipped away happily, there was a huge pile of hair on the floor and then he started with the clippers, he said sorry I won't be much longer, I didn't mind at all, apart from the fact I always got a good tip from the barber, I was enjoying so much watching him cut this guys hair so short, I listened to him chatting away to this guy and found out the guy was going into the army and did not want to turn up with long hair, that's why he was cutting it short now. He was going for it now with the clippers, getting it shorter and shorter, then he asked him if he wanted the sideburns shortened as they were way down paste the bottom of his ear, to my joy, the guy said yes, take them off to the top please, with that the barber lined across at the top of the ear, even at just over 13 years old I could feel myself getting hard just watching this amazing haircut, I didn't know anything about hair fetishes back then, but what I did know was that I liked guys and girls with nice hair and loved seeing it being cut.
The barber had now finished the cut and asked the guy if he wanted anything on it, that was also something I did not know about, but what he meant was brylcream or brilliantine, which were types of styling cream, he said, yes just a bit to keep it in place now it's short, the barber took some cream and massaged it in before combing a side parting and slicking the shortened fringe back off his face, he finished by running the razor over the remains of the sideburns and down the back of the neck.
That was my first hand experience of having feelings about a haircut.
Sam the barber thanked me for waiting and gave me even more of a tip this time, I said it's ok I enjoyed watching you cut his hair, maybe I want to be a barber when I leave school, Sam gave me some advice, he said if you do, get a job in a modern barber shop rather than a little old fashioned shop like this, you will get younger customers that spend more on their hair, unlike here where I do mostly older men.
I thanked him and went on my paper round, I did nothing but think about that haircut for months after.
I understand now there are many different types of hair fetish, for me, what I have noticed over the years is more the type of hair that I get turned on about, I don't like curly or frizzy hair, that is a definite no no for me, I like thick straight hair or maybe with just a gentle wave to it, I like the feel of shiny smooth hair that feels so nice when I run my fingers or my comb through, I know with some people it's about cutting hair, some it's about getting your hair cut, a lot of guys like the feel of a barber cutting their hair, some like the feel of being combed or brushed by someone,but what I do know is, it's a big thing and there are many people that have this fetish, even if they are not willing to admit it.
I personally, being a barber find that many days I can spend cutting hair and don't find I get turned on at all by any of the guys I have done, but other days, I get several in a day, as I said, for me it's the type of hair and it does not matter what the guy looks like, I don't have to fancy someone to get turned on by their hair. I don't profess to know all the answers to this subject, I am just telling what it's like for me, I am bisexual, so both men's and women's hair do it for me, I enjoy cutting hair from long to short, but also enjoy just feeling and running my fingers through nice long hair. The other thing I enjoy very much is shaving, wether it be facial or body, male or female, it's as much a turn on for me, but I am definitely not turned on by guys who are very hairy bodily or facially, I prefer a guy with smooth body and smooth face, which tends to be the younger type of guy. Being a barber also attracts a lot of lesbian women too, I have many who come to me after I close my barber shop, I don't mix men and women during opening hours, I have a strict policy that only men can come during the day, so many come to my barber shop because they don't like a unisex salon. I would be interested to hear from other people about their hair fetish and what it's like for them, I am sure there are many who frequent this site

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