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Maybe a new trainee for the barber shop by Tony

Maybe a new trainee for the barber shop.
It was a usual morning, stopping at Mc Donald's to get a coffee before opening my barber shop, outside were the usual crew from the delivery companies just waiting for a call to pick up their food orders, I went in to order my coffee when the most gorgeous guy came in, he had his insulated bag and was from deliveroo one of the food delivery places, he stood by the order desk waiting for his order, his slim athletic body and gorgeous long dark hair, just past his shoulders, he kept running his fingers through his long silky hair pulling it off his face, each time he revealed a small full beard, not long but nevertheless a beard, my heart sank, I hated facial hair on a guy, he kept glancing across at me and smiled each time, I smiled back and gave a little wink, our orders were ready and I walked out just in front of him, he said to me, are you from local to here, I told him I owned the barber shop opposite, he said, I can't stop now as I need to get the delivery done, I said no problem, I am here every morning, same time.
I opened the barber shop and thought about him for quite a while, I thought how nice he would look if he were facially clean shaven, I must admit, I was quite turned on thinking of that. I worked the rest of the day and left that evening about 5-30 pm to go home. The following morning, just about to go in to get my coffee before opening the shop and he was there standing outside, I glanced at him and had to take a second look, I could not believe my luck, he was clean shaven, he looked absolutely gorgeous, I said, hey, how are you this morning, I love the new look, I really love a clean shaven guy, he smiled and said, sometimes I shave, but usually am too lazy, I said, you should shave every day, you look gorgeous, he blushed a little.
I said to him, I finish at one pm today if you fancy meeting up, come just before I lock up. He said, okay, see you then. The morning was quite slow really, I was anxious to see if he would turn up, sure enough , just before one he came in, I locked the door and pulled the blind down, we chatted for quite a while asking each other different questions, he seemed so sweet, I liked him, but was not sure about the long hair, usually I like short hair, he asked me a lot about my work and what is was like to be a barber, he said he had often thought about trying it as a job. I must have looked quite shocked at that remark, he said don't I look the type to be a barber? I told him, anybody can become a barber, I was just a bit surprised that's all.
We chatted a lot more and got on really well, I suggested if he were serious about training to be a barber, then I had an idea he might be interested in, he looked very eager and said, yes, tell me more. I explained that I could not afford to give him a job full time, but if he wanted to start just doing two days a week and keep his delivery job for the other days, it could work. He said yes straight away, I told him there was one proviso, that was that he could only work here if he had short hair.
He cringed a little and ran his fingers through his long hair pulling it back off his face, he said, to be honest, I am not sure about that, I like my long hair and am reluctant to cut it short, I said, it's okay, think about my offer over the next few days, there is no rush to make a decision now.
I said to him, let's get to know each other a little better too, I like you and think we might work well together.
I said to him, I love the clean shaven look on you even if you still have long hair, I said the only thing I would prefer would be if you shaved the sideburns off too, I am not keen on them, he stood in front of the mirror looking at them while holding his hair back, he said, maybe I should get you to do that for me if you like, I said yes, sit in the chair and I will shave them. He sat back in the chair and I reclined it back, I took a cape and covered him over, I picked up a brush from the side and started by brushing his long hair back behind his ears, he looked a little nervous at this, he said, your not going to cut my hair today are you, I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to relax, I said I would never cut it without your permission, it's just the sideburns I am going to shave.
I picked up a pair of detail clippers and switched them on, I carefully lined the sideburn through the at the top of the ear, just up to his hairline, then the other one, I took a little shaving cream and lathered up both sides, replacing the blade in the razor, I tilted his head to one side and gently shaved the sideburn smooth like the rest of his face, then repeated with the other one, I dried his face and sat him up in the chair, he looked in the mirror, and feeling the side of his face, he said, wow, that's short, I would never have thought about shaving them up that high, but having said that, it looks remarkably good and very sexy, do you prefer them like that ? I said always, I love that look so much better and when you have short hair, it will look awesome.
We spent the rest of the day having fun and getting to know each other much better, we went across to Mc D's to get some food then went home and he said he would think about my offer.
Part two soon

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