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Part 2 a new trainee for the barber shop by Tony

Part two a new trainee for the barber shop
A few days later I opened the shop and soon after in came Kaz, he looked amazing, nicely clean shaven and not a sign of any sideburn growth either, so he must have liked it, he said, sorry I have not been in, just had something to attend to, I was in a relationship with a guy and we called it a day several weeks ago, since then I have not been back to collect my things until this week. I said, it's okay I knew you wanted time to process the offer of a job and I know it's a big deal for you to cut your hair. He admitted that it was the one thing he was not keen on, but understood he could not work as a barber with hair the length he had, but he said, how short will I need to have it, I explained that it's important for the image of my barber shop to have anyone working here to be up to date with a trendy haircut, and that at this time it's the most common style, most guys coming in for skin fades and similar short cuts.
He understood that, and was so sure it's what he wanted to train for to be a barber, so with that I pointed out to him what he would need to do, we agreed what I would pay him and what two days he would work to start with. His next question was obvious, I was waiting for it, he said, when do I start and when do I have to cut my hair? I told him the haircut needed to be done before he actually started, with that he said, okay, when do you want to do it for me ?
I thought for a bit, I said what about tonight after I close up if thats good for you ? He stuttered a little and said, okay I will be here, I have not had short hair since I was in school, so it's going to be a shock, I hope you will still like me with a short haircut, I thought that's what attracted you to me in the first place, I said, no to be honest, I could see how handsome you were even with long hair, so I knew you would be very hot with it short.
I thought of nothing but the haircut all day, his hair was in such good condition, which was very surprising as he did not cut it often, it was about six inches past his collar and the front was level with his chin when it fell forward, when it was pulled back off his face it tended to flop forward again and hang in a centre parting, it was dark almost black and very shiny and silky.
I had decided to keep that centre parting so it was like a curtain style with undercut shaved back and sides, the length of the fringe would depend on how it hung really. Closing time arrived and so did Kaz, I locked up and pulled the blind down, I said to Kaz, when your ready we can start the haircut, he paused a little bit then said, I have looked at the display boards, I think I like number six the best, I want to get away from the centre parting style and try the parting on the side with the skin fade, is that ok, or do you not agree ? I said, that's fine, I actually like that style, but thought you might prefer to keep the centre parting, so it's good for me Kaz, just hope your ready for the shortness of that cut, he looked at me and said, not really, but I know it's got to happen.
I got him sat in the chair and caped up, I was beginning to feel hard by now, I really did fancy him so much, I picked up the spray bottle and dampened the long shiny black hair, I combed the parting to the side and said, yes this is good, I know it's going to be awesome, his fringe was hanging across his face now and looking so sexy, I just pulled it to one side and leant forward to kiss him, he looked so nervous, he responded well to that and looked a little more relaxed now.
I picked up my scissors and started snipping the length from the back, there was a lot of long hair on the floor now and it was looking so much better already, I worked to the side and snipped the long hair away from the top of the ears, falling down on the cape and sliding to the floor, I stood in front of him to shorten the fringe before I could determine the length of the other side, more long lengths went sliding down the cape to the floor, I could see how worried he was looking, I snipped the hair above his ear on the other side now, most of the long hair was on the floor now, he was looking so hot already, I replaced the scissors with the clippers now and started with a grade two guard, pushing his head gently forward, I flicked the clippers on, starting at the base of his neck I started pushing the clippers up his neck, it was looking awesome already after just one pass, the dark hair looked so hot being shaved close to the neck, continuing upwards I made several more passes, after running my fingers up against the grain of the shaved hair, it felt just so hot, he shuddered as I did that , working my way to the left side which was the side of the parting, shaving up to the temples, I worked around to the opposite side and starting shaving up that too, I combed the long fringe forward to get that to the right length, I didn't want it too short as it would not comb back off the forehead like the photo Kaz had chosen, the fringe was quite long and hung across the face, I started snipping with the scissors to about eye level, there was a lot of hair slipping down the cape and the style was really coming together now, I finished by taking the razor and shaving the back and sides to the skin, just needed to blend in with the clippers now, the cut was done, the style needed some product in to get the precise side parting and the fringe combed back, I decided on wet look gel to do this, he was now done and looked so sexy with his new short skin fade.
He looked at himself in the mirror and touched the back with his fingers running them up the shaven nape, he said to me, this is a great cut, but it will be a while before I get used to having short hair. I said to him, I think you look gorgeous, I think this looks awesome on you and when your used to it I will get it shorter on the sides and back, it will need to be cut every two weeks from now on, he said okay, your the boss, I laughed and said, yes I am and don't you forget that!! You can start by sweeping up all your long hair and tidy up the sides too, I always like my counter tops to be neat. He did that and made a good job of it, I said, let's go back to my place now, we need to enjoy the evening.
Part 3 soon

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