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My haircut fetish by Tony

My haircut fetish
I had just got home from college and realised Dad was due home this evening, he had been away for nearly two months working abroad, I thought to myself, I bet the first thing he says to me is, I see you still have not had a haircut yet! I had always got this comment from him even when I was at school, but then Mum used to take me to the barber shop after school, but now I am seventeen I feel it's my choice what I have. I had always enjoyed sitting in the barbers chair and having my hair cut, it was always quite short, but to be honest I always felt aroused by the barber cutting my hair with the clippers, it just felt so nice feeling the buzz of them up the back of my neck. In recent years everyone at college was having longer hair and I just felt I needed to fit in and have the same, but to be totally fair, I missed going to the barber shop. I always went past one shop near to college, not the type of shop to attract guys like my age, more an old fashioned type barber shop with old chairs and no pictures on the walls giving a choice for people to choose their cut, I often felt the urge to go in and try it though, I always looked in every time I passed and got a warm feeling in my pants, thinking about the times I used to feel the clippers up my neck. My hair now was way past my collar and the top and fringe was almost to my chin, just like most of the other guys at college, one or two exceptions to that, there were a couple of guys who had buzz cuts but that was about it.
Dad arrived home and as expected said, still no haircut son ? Your looking more like a girl ever time I see you, I just ignored it and said, hi Dad, good to see you, we have all missed you. We chatted for a bit and I said, I have an assignment to finish for tomorrow, so better go up and work on it.
As I got upstairs to my bedroom, I began to think about the remark he made about me looking more like a girl, I knew that he would not approve of me being gay, so always kept it from him, but I felt bad that he thought I looked like a girl, so that made me decide, it's time for a shorter haircut again, even though I did not want to stand out at college, I still have the urge to have that nice feeling again from the barber with his clippers up my neck, I was getting hard just thinking of it. The following afternoon, I finished college early and decided that on my way home I would stop at the barber shop, the first one I came past was a modern and trendy shop which I had decided to use this time, but unfortunately when I got there it was closed. I was quite disappointed by this as I had made up my mind that's where I wanted to get my hair cut, so I thought, shall I chance going in to the old fashioned shop instead, I carried on walking to the shop and soon arrived there, I stood outside for a few minutes contemplating, while standing there I could feel this strange feeling coming over me, I was actually getting quite hard just thinking of the clippers on my neck, that was it, in I went, the shop was empty and quite dingy, the barber was an older guy in his sixties probably, he was wearing an older style haircut, with the front slicked back very neatly, he was clean shaven with no sideburns at all and had a shirt and tie on too. He greeted me and showed me into the worn leather chair, I was quite surprised it was facing into the shop instead of facing the mirror, he picked up a white cape and had it covering me in no time, his comb was out of his top pocket along with what looked like a large pair of barbers scissors, as I said my hair had got very long and it was quite straight, I parted it although not a perfect straight parting but more to one side, I didn't like centre parting, just didn't look right on me, the barber managed to comb through my long hair before asking me what I wanted. I told him it had been a long while since it was cut last, almost straight away he jumped in saying, okay young man, don't worry we will soon have it looking smart for you and before I could say as long as it's not too short, he was already snipping away happily with the scissors, chatting to me as he was cutting, I could see most of the long hair was coming from the top and front of my head and sliding down the cape and onto the floor, I noticed my hair at the front was no longer covering my eyes, most of the long fringe was probably on the floor now, I wanted to say not too short please, but I was so hard and the feeling of this guy snipping away quite happily was a huge turn on for me, my hand slid across under the cape feeling my very hard cock, I couldn't see in the mirror as the chair was still facing into the shop, I found this very strange, I had never had this before. I just kept thinking it feels like my fringe is short, when he had finished with cutting the top down he picked up a big pair of clippers from the hook at the side of the counter, as he switched them on, I got even more excited, it wasn't the buzz of a modern pair of clippers but like a running motor sound instead, all I could see was the barber standing there oiling the blades, he stood behind me and firmly pushed my head forward, I panicked a little but still felt extremely hard, I was torn between telling him to stop or giving in to my strong sexual feelings and just let him get on with cutting my hair short.
The clippers touching my nape felt really cold, then the inevitable, they started shaving up my neck, I couldn't tell exactly how short he was taking me, but the feel of the vibrating blades removing my long hair felt very short, the feelings of me as a young boy returned rapidly as the clippers moved higher up my neck, his hand holding my head firmly and the clippers making pass after pass until he moved to the first side. His hand moved to the top of my head this time tilting it to one side and placing the clippers at the side of my face, I knew straight away I had lost my sideburn as the clippers made their way up the side of my head, the long hair covering my ears just seemed to slide down the cape and land in my lap, the pile got larger and larger as more hair was subjected to his relentless blades, he moved to the other side to do the same thing, I just sat there feeling helpless and vulnerable, but to be fair, extremely excited, this feeling had not been with me since childhood when I was taken to the barber by my Mum.
Eventually the clippering stopped and he started blending in with scissors, my head was feeling very light, I sat there just wondering how short my hair was, at that moment I seemed less interested how short it was as the feeling had turned me on so much, next he lathered up my neck and the side of my head, he took the razor and started by removing any evidence of sideburns then to the neck where I could feel the razor quite high up, I knew then it was short, I knew my Dad would like it, but not sure about myself, the only thing I liked right now was how sexy and horny I felt, finally I felt him massaging my head with some cream which I presumed was Brylcream, he finished by combing the perfect side parting and combing the fringe back slicking it to my head, that brought back memories of many barbers doing exactly that as a young boy.
I knew that the haircut experience was about to end, I wished it was only just beginning as I felt so hard and excited, just then the barber released the lever at the side of the chair to spin it to face the mirror, I wanted to close my eyes, but knew I was so ready to see what he had done to me, I looked at myself in the mirror, totally shocked at how short it was, how was I going to explain this to my mates at college, at this moment I was more interested on feeling up the back of my neck, the barber picked up the mirror and showed me the shaved neck, the white skin showing through and also the sides without the sign of any sideburns which had taken me many months to grow, I was cross with myself for letting this happen, but on the other hand the feeling had been totally exciting from start to finish, it crossed my mind, what was I going to do in the future, let it grow then cut short again, or come every couple of weeks and keep this style as it is now.
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