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Part 2 My haircut fetish by Tony

Part 2 My haircut fetish
I made my way home after my horny experience at the barber shop, all the way I kept running my fingers up my bare neck, the feeling was awesome, I opened the front door and walked in to the kitchen with a grin on my face, my Dad stood there with his mouth open, Wow son, that's a great haircut, what made you get it cut ? I said, last night you said I looked like a girl with long hair. Then Mum walked in to the kitchen, she said, that's better Chris, you look so smart now. I decided to go up and have a shower, I undressed and stood looking at myself in the full length mirror, I did look good apart from my bush of pubic hair, the rest of my body was smooth, I had shaved after leaving school when I knew I would not have to go in the showers after our games period and get all the jokes about shaving. It felt good being shaved smooth, I had just been lazy and let it grow again, I picked up some scissors from the bathroom cabinet and trimmed it down close to my skin, then jumped in the shower with the razor to shave it clean again, it felt so nice and turned me on again making me rock hard, I had to relieve that and shot my load feeling it was never going to stop.
I dried myself off and my hair with the dryer, I tried combing it like the barber did, but it was sticking up, I looked in the cabinet for something to put on it, I found a tub of brylcream and styled it as the barber did, looking at myself in the mirror again, I was totally pleased with my new look.
The next morning I got up and showered before college, I used the cream on my hair and made sure it was immaculate, I new there would be a lot of comments about my short haircut, so I made sure I was ready for it, on arrival several guys mentioned about it, but nobody so far took the piss, I felt quite relieved about that. There were a few guys in college I liked the look of, but not one that I knew was gay, although I am not that experienced yet as so far I have not had a boyfriend. The week went by without too much more discussion about my hair and I was pleased with it, so that's all that mattered. On the following Monday at lunch break, I was sitting at a table eating on my own when a guy came and asked if he could sit there too, I said, yes, no problem. He was quite a nice looking guy with a light ginger hair, similar in length to mine before it was cut, his fringe was quite floppy and kept falling across his face, each time he would run his fingers through it pulling it back off his face, but in a few minutes it had flopped back forward again. He started chatting and asked about my haircut, he told me he had noticed it on the first day and wanted to ask me then, but he said he was a bit shy.
I told him it was by chance I got it cut, but was pleased I did, he said he would like to have a similar cut and wanted to know where I went for it, I told him it was on my way home along the main road , he asked if I minded showing him after college, I said that's no problem I can come with you so he can see what style you want, I can sit and wait while he cuts your hair. Sam said are you sure you don't mind, it would be less stress for me if you would come too. I knew that I would enjoy watching his hair get the same cut as mine, I could feel myself getting aroused by the thought. At the end of college we set off to the barber shop, Sam entered the shop first then I followed in, the barber looked across and said to me, hello again, I see you have brought a friend, I said, yes, he wants the same haircut. The barber beckoned him to the chair and caped him up straight away, the chair facing into the shop as it was for my haircut, I had a great view and it wasn't long before his long hair was being cut and falling to the floor like mine did, the whole experience was turning me on and I was totally hard just watching, the sound of the clippers was so awesome too, the barber started running the clippers up the back of his neck, unfortunately I could not see this as I was facing the front of the chair, but I could see a huge amount of his straight gingery hair falling on the floor by the barbers feet, as he moved to the side I started to get a great view, the barber did the same to Sam as he did to me, running the clippers straight up through the sideburns, Sam's were even longer than mine, but the first pass at the side with the barbers powerful clippers reduced them to stubble, I sat there enjoying the whole experience all over again, totally hard, the barber finished shaving Sam , then, as with me, he spun the chair to the front, Sam looked shocked like I was, but soon smiled at me as I was looking on, he did exactly as I did, run his fingers up the back of his neck feeling the smooth shaved nape.
He stood up and admired himself in the mirror asking me what I thought, I said it looked awesome.
The barber said to me, jump in the chair and I will shave your neck and sides for you, free of charge, I jumped at the chance again. The feel of him shaving me again was so hot and I felt myself getting really hard, he soon finished and the pair of us were on our way, Sam said, can I buy you a coffee as we stood outside a Starbucks, I said, why not, we sat outside and it was something Sam said to me that made me realise he was gay also, I asked him if he wanted to go for a drink this evening, he said yes, that's a great idea, we made arrangements to meet later in town.
I went home and showered, I made sure my hair was perfect and had plenty of cream on to hold it in place, when I arrived at the bar, I waited outside for Sam, he turned up looking so hot with his hair perfectly combed as the barber did it for him, I could not resist running my fingers up his shaven neck, he asked if I liked it, I said, yes, you look awesome, we went in and got our drinks, found a table in a corner out of the way and sat chatting, we got on really well, this was a bar where a few gay and lesbian people meet, I had been once before, but never met anyone there before, Sam was eighteen and just a year older than me, but he was really nice, I really felt comfortable with him. We left at about midnight and started walking home, he only lived about ten minutes away from me, we had to walk through the park to get home, he suddenly stopped and pulled me behind some trees, we kissed and we're both feeling so horny, we had to get home as it was late and we both had college the next day, kissing each other one more time we went our own way home.
I arrived home and got to bed, feeling so excited about seeing him the next day.
To be continued

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