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Football forced it by Recruit

What can I say, I love my hair? It is perfect in every away. I have been cutting it myself for a little over a year now and I do an awesome job. My girlfriend also loves my hair, she always tells me it looks so good. Well, one day when I got home from football, she had a change of heart and she fixed it! After a long days hard work at football practice, all the guys including myself were sitting around the locker room shooting the breeze making jokes and having fun. One suggest that the team should do something to show that we are all on the same page so he through out suggestions. "Why don't we all shave our heads?" That got shot down real fast overwhelmingly. "Hey I got it, this wont be so bad, why don't we all bleach our hair?" Well, most of everyone agreed on that except me. I didn't want to, my hair was perfect! So after practice, the rest of the guys decided they would do it at the captains house. I went long just for laughs and thought it would be a fun time. So the room stunk like a women's beauty salon and everyone had bleached hair when it was over but me! So, Jason, my best friend came to me and said, "Hey, we have one last kit, it would look good if the whole team did it for the big pep rally on Friday. Everyone would think we are really a team." Finally, after he kept talking and talking, I agreed. I took my shirt off and put a towel around my neck as Jason applied the stinky stuff to my hair. I could not believe I was doing it. Just as I washed it out and dried my hair, I looked in the mirror and was horrified. What was I to do, Jill would never approve of it, she was going to kill me? So when I got home, I called her over and told her I had a huge suprise for her! I took off my cap and she about fainted. She started to cry and then got very mad. She demanded an explanation but I really didn't have one. She was really mad. All of a sudden she took me by my ear into the bathroom and made me sit down on the toilet. She got out my clippers, plugged them into the wall and clicked them on. They had a 1/4 inch attachment on them and she pushed them right down the middle of my 2 inch hair. Right down the middle of my head form the forehead all the back. She kept going and going until all she could see was what was left of my beautiful brown locks now reduced to 1/4 inch stubble. I couldn't believe it, without a word from either of us, she removed my hair to a short buzz cut. Then out of no were, she said, "This isn't good enough for you." She removed the guard and with the bare clipper, she buzzed me right to the scalp this time only doing one strip down the middle and leaving the rest. She ran out of the bathroom into my bedroom and locked the door. She left me looking like a skunk. I went into the bathroom and all I could see was a little brown hair with a thin white strip right down the middle. I picked up the clippers and finished it off. I was completely bald. I got into my bedroom and we talked and worked it out. She cried because she was so sorry for what happened but I didn't care the bald look grew on me. On Friday, we gathered in the gym and to my suprise, 10 of the other guys had their heads shaved. It turned out that Jill had called some other girlfriends of other football players and told them to do the same so that I wouldn't feel left out. I was very pleased with that. It turned out that the bald look was pretty good on me. I had a good shaped head for it and kept it buzzed to 3/8 for a long time. Now, 2 years later I have my beautiful hair back but I think that Jill wants it buzzed again. Well, least to say, she is standing over me right now with the clippers and man does it feel good having them run across my head leaving a path of baldness with every stroke. But this time it is a little different, no attachments and sitting next to me is a can of shaving cream and my razor, I wonder what she has planed?

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