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Part 3 hair fetish by Tony

Part 3 hair fetish
The following morning I was up early and in the shower before leaving for college, I made sure my hair was perfect again with plenty of cream to hold it in place for the day, I was really looking forward to meeting up with Sam again, I had enjoyed our night out and was looking forward to the next one. I arrived at college and saw Sam arrive shortly after, his hair was the same as mine and he had used the cream on his too with his perfect side parting and fringe combed back neatly, he looked so sexy, we chatted for a bit before going off to our first lesson, he said, I will see you at lunch.
Lunch time came and I sat at the same table in the corner I usually do, Sam joined me and could not wait to tell me so many people commented on his hair and said its the same as that guy called Chris, we laughed a bit and talked about our experience at the barber shop. I told Sam that he would probably think me a bit strange, but I explained how I felt getting my hair cut, he stopped me there and said, your not going to believe this, but I get the same feeling, I was so hard when I left the barber shop last night. We talked so much more about that subject and both found we were hard too, I suggested we walk back after college and get a coffee, he said, great, see you later.
We walked to Starbucks and sat having a coffee, Sam asked me if I had always had a thing about haircuts, I explained how I used to get turned on when my Mum took me and I was about thirteen then, but recently I have got more feelings again, hence the short haircut last week, I asked about his feelings on the subject, he told me it didn't need to be short for him, just anything to do with hair turned him on, he said to be honest, he felt so excited when I took him to the barber shop yesterday, it was like going back to when he was taken as a boy and had no say in what he got, that's why he let me tell the barber what to do.
He told me he enjoyed it when I ran my fingers up his neck after being shaved and would love to have me comb his hair too, just styling it like the barber did, I told him I would love to do that for him. I said to Sam, so when you asked me about my haircut and said you liked it, were you hoping I would talk about hair then? Yes he said and you did just the perfect thing and take me to the barber shop, shall we make a thing of it and go every two weeks? I was immediately hard when he suggested that, yes without a doubt I said, do you want me to tell the barber how to cut your hair again? He said I was hoping you would suggest that, smiling at me. I said its a shame we can't find another guy who needs a haircut too, and then we would both enjoy watching him get shaved. Sam said, funny you should say that, I was thinking the same thing last night, but wasn't sure if you would think that a bit weird ? And I do have someone in mind, just need to sound him out, he commented on my haircut today. I think you have probably seen him in college, it's Danny, the guy with the long black hair always tied back in a pony tale. I said, yes I have seen him too, is he gay? Sam said I am not sure to be honest, but I will definitely get talking to him tomorrow about my haircut again and see if I can sound him out. Sam asked what I was doing tonight as his Mum was going out and usually gets home late, so he would have the house to himself, that's great, I can come about seven if that's ok, Sam smiled and said, we can do anything you want as long as you involve my hair, I was immediately hard just thinking about it.
I arrived at Sam's just after seven, his Mum had already left, I asked about his Dad, he told me he had left his Mum years ago, so I said , we have the house totally to ourselves then, he grinned, yes he said.
I grinned too and felt so comfortable with Sam, I wanted to rip his clothes off right there, we kissed and yes, it was time to get naked, he looked at my smooth body and said, that's awesome Chris, I have thought about shaving myself too, I told him, I want you shaved smooth too, that's a big turn on for me, I can do it for you if you want, he said yes please, just do it.
I got him stretched out on the bed and got him shaved smooth, he looked awesome, I asked him if I could spend some time combing his hair and styling it, I said get me some brylcream and I will do it like the barber did it, I spent ages playing with his hair and styling it, he was so hard, it turned him on so much, I took the razor and reshaved where his sideburns were, I wanted them totally smooth, he now looked perfect, he spent time on my hair too, we had a very hot and sexy evening, unfortunately it had to end at midnight, I left to go home.
The following day we met at lunch and discussed our next move on Danny, Sam had spoken to him and he said he would think about it, I asked if he was gay, Sam said I am not positive, but think yes he is, I was getting hard just thinking about it.
To be continued

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