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Part 4 haircut fetish by Tony

Part 3 haircut fetish
About ten days went by before Danny got back to Sam about his haircut, he said he would like to talk to me about it as well, Sam asked did he want to talk to me alone, Danny said yes, he felt a little embarrassed about the whole thing, but slightly excited too, but he would like to talk to me and find out what I wanted for him.
I met with him after college the next day, we went to Starbucks for coffee, we chatted a lot and I found him really easy to talk to just like Sam.
I asked Danny about his hair, he told me he had grown his hair as his original boyfriend liked it long, but he said, we split up about four months ago, that confirmed my thoughts about him being gay, so I asked if he was seeing anyone else now, he said no, most guys tend not to like long hair, that's the reason I am considering cutting it, I did tell Sam I liked his haircut, but not sure if that would suit me. I said I do think it would be perfect for you, he looked at me and smiled. He said how do we do this, Sam said that you took him to the barber shop and told the barber what haircut to do ? That's right I said, we can do the same with you, we will be going next week for a clean up and we can take you. Danny said, okay I will come with you. I asked him if he minded if I had a chance to feel his long hair before it was cut, he looked at me a little puzzled, he said so you would like a chance to play with my hair before you take me to get it cut ?
Yes I would like that, if you don't mind, but it will just be me, not Sam as well. Danny said, I would like that, can you come to my house on Saturday evening as my parents are away for the weekend, that's great I said, Saturday could not come quick enough, but eventually it did as I arrived at Danny's house, I went in and we sat there chatting for a while when he asked me what I wanted to do with his hair, I stood up and walked behind him, I pulled the band that tied it back and slipped it off the pony tale, his hair fell loose onto his shoulders, it was soft and very silky, jet black in colour, I had brought a comb and a brush with me, I started by brushing it all back behind his shoulders, he said very softly, my boyfriend used to do that for me, he laid back into my chest as I did this with his eyes closed, I ran my fingers all the way through this long silky hair, it felt so divine, but I new I would be turned on even more by getting it cut by our barber. I took my comb this time and combed through the long hair, I wanted to see what it would look like with a side parting, I separated it at the side and combed it across, the front of his hair fell across his face, very sexy, I noticed his sideburns were long too, I asked if he minded if I shaved them off before the haircut.
He said to be honest, you can do what turns you on, I asked if he had a pair of scissors and a new razor, he jumped up and went upstairs to fetch them, to my surprise he returned with a pair of clippers and a razor, he told me the clippers were his Father's for his beard. Danny said, let's do this in the kitchen, less mess to clean up, he sat on a kitchen chair and said, do what you want Chris, I started by brushing his hair back behind his ears, I put the band back on to hold it back, I stood at the side of him holding his pony tale firmly and pulling his head back slightly, he sat there looking at me with his big brown eyes, I flicked the clippers on and teased him a little saying I might shave it all off here and now, he looked a little alarmed by that, I whispered in his ear, just joking with you Danny, I am just going to shave the sideburns totally, I started by making a straight line right at the top of his ear, then pulling the clippers down the side of his face reducing them to stubble, then the same the other side, I took the razor and just wet the stubble, carefully shaving them smooth, I said, hey Danny, you look so sexy now, he looked up at me smiling and his hand feeling my very stiff cock, I pulled the band off his pony tale and let his long silky hair loose to fall on his bare shoulders, spending a lot of time running my fingers through it and brushing it, he was loving every minute of this as was I. Needless to say, we ended up having a very special evening, I said to him, I am not going to say anything about this to Sam, we have only just hooked up and it's early days, we both enjoy the same haircut fetish, that's why we want to take you to the barber shop next week. Danny said its fine by me, just let me know what afternoon and I will come with you both, so just to recap, your going to take me in to the barber shop and tell the barber what haircut to give me, I said that is it exactly, you get the haircut that I decide for you. We will go Monday afternoon after college.
To be continued

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