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Part 5 haircut fetish by Tony

Part 5 haircut fetish
It was quite early Sunday morning when I got a phone call from Danny, he told me he had enjoyed out night and couldn't think of anything else all night, he asked what I used on my hair to hold it in place, I told him it was brylcream, he also asked me if I could come round this morning to see him, I said I will come about ten thirty. I showered and did my hair making sure I used plenty of brylcream to make it look perfect, I must admit I was excited to see Danny again and was hoping he wanted me to play with his long hair again.
When I arrived, he opened the door with just a pair of shorts on, his hair was loose and the front just hanging across his face, as I went in, he embraced me and kissed me so passionately, running my fingers through his long black silky hair, I was totally hard. He told me he had enjoyed last night so much and that he wanted to do something different. I was quite intrigued, he led me to the kitchen, there in front of me was the chair that I used to sit him in while I shaved his sideburns last night, but also on the table was a pair of barbers scissors, the clippers and a barbers comb, there was also a tub of brylcream. I straight away got hard just imagining what was going to happen next. He looked at me and said, I want you to cut my hair, you did a great job on my sideburns and I want you to do it for me. I said, Danny, as much as I want to and my excitement is saying do it, I am not a barber and have never cut anyone's hair before. He said, I don't care, if you mess it up we can sort it, I said are you really sure ? And you don't want to wait until tomorrow afternoon? No he said firmly, I am so turned on by you, I want you to enjoy the feeling of cutting it for me.
A very strange feeling came over me and the thought of being in charge of his long hair was making me so horny, in the end I agreed to cut it.
Danny asked if I wanted to have some fun with him before the haircut, I said I think that is obvious as we were both rock hard and could not keep our hands off each other, we enjoyed a very sexy session and I made sure I enjoyed the feeling of his long silky hair for the last time before it was cut short.
I suggested that we watched some haircut videos on YouTube first to give me some tips on cutting it, I had watched the barber cut Sam's hair and had a good idea of what to do, but Danny's hair was twice the length of his hair, we sat there and watched several video's then Danny said, I think you know enough now to cut it, let's go and do it.
I followed him to the kitchen, his hair was hanging down his back to just below his shoulder blades, I had decide after watching one particular video that I was going to put it in a pony tale with the band very tight and cut that off first, I thought it would be fun to keep it too as a reminder of my first haircut. Danny sat down on the chair, he said, don't worry about a towel or a cape, just do me naked, I can shower after, so I straight away combed all the long hair into a tight pony tale, securing it with the band at the base of the neck, it was about fifteen inches long, nervously I picked up the scissors and started to cut through the the thick long hair, it took several seconds to eventually cut right through it, I stood there with a pony tale in my hand looking at Danny, I laid it on the table and started combing the loose hair through trying to establish a parting to one side, the hair at the front hung down over his face to just past his chin, I decided it was best to cut the fringe to the length I wanted it, about eye level, so standing in front of Danny, I carefully slid the scissors into his hair at eye level and cut through until his fringe was straight and level, huge amounts of hair dropped to the floor, I looked down and saw just how hard he was as well as myself, at this point I was so nervous and excited, it was the first time I had ever cut hair before now, I had remembered how the barber had cut Sam's hair and I knew he had reduced the length on top next after shortening the fringe, I started by lifting the hair and holding between my fingers then cutting, I found it remarkably easy to do and I really started to relax a little now, I had got the top down to about three inches long, but every time I looked at the floor there was so much hair. It was now time for the clippers, I remember watching the barber, he started at the back and then to each side, but his clippers were not like these Wahl clippers with various guards, so I started with a grade two, I pushed Danny's head forward, lifted the hair up at the collar and placed the clippers on his neck, this was so hot, my hand was shaking a little as I pushed the clippers upwards towards the crown, I remembered to ease them away at the top like it showed in the YouTube videos, so much hair was falling to the floor, I made several passes up until all the back was shaved , then started at the side the parting was , doing the same thing, up to the temples and easing off at the top, I was really pleased it was looking good, I went to the other side without the parting and found a lot more hair was being shaved, but so far looking good, I now changed the grade to a one and did the same again, but not so high this time, finally, without any guard at all, shaving to the skin about an inch and a half up, this was looking awesome now, his skin was white and pale under the black hair, I was really pleased with myself, it looked so good and now to blend in with the scissors, I lifted the hair with the comb and cut with the scissors until even all round, although I didn't have a straight razor only a safety razor I just wet the sides and back then shaved with that, I must admit, it was almost perfect, maybe a barber would point out a few bits that needed improvement, but to me it looked awesome, now I opened the tub of brylcream, pushing my fingers in and getting a good amount out, I massaged it all into his black hair, I was so hard I thought I was about to explode in my pants, I combed the hair just as the barber did with a perfect straight side parting, slicking the fringe back off the forehead, finally finished, the black hair was so shiny with the cream it looked so good. I said to Danny, well that's it, have a look in the mirror, he stood up and walked into the hall, there was a large mirror on the wall, he did exactly as both Sam and I did, run our fingers up the neck to feel the shaven hair, he smiled at me and said, you should be a barber Chris, that's a great haircut, although maybe a while for me to get used to losing all that length, thank you so much, I want to show you my appreciation.
Danny said to me, I will tell Sam I decided to go alone to the barber shop, that way he won't be upset with you.

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