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Summer Heat and a Barbershop by SheShavedMe

Summer Heat and a Barbershop

My girlfriend and I were trying to enjoy a summer day in the countryside walking in the dry summer heat.
We were staying in a small quiet town for a little vacation and to unwind from the city.
It started off nice but as the day wore on the heat was making a mossy green farm pond look refreshing.
I made a comment about getting my hair cut short if its going to be this hot.
My girlfriend agreed saying she liked my hair cut shorter anyway.
We called it a morning and headed back to the little town we were staying in.
As we walked through town to find a cafe, my girlfriend spotted a small barbershop and pulled me over to it.
I immediately became nervous because the shop looked very old fashion and my girlfriend was dragging me inside.
The first thing I saw was a woman barber in her late 40s early 50s with a short pixie cut and black apron sitting in the barber chair.
As she stood up to greet us with a smile she asked "How can I help you?"
My girlfriend smiled and told her "my boyfriend here wants a summer haircut and I might want to try a different style as well!"
The barber's smile got bigger and said "no problem, one of you take a seat and well get started!"
My girlfriend sat in the waiting chair suggesting I go first.
I walked to the barber chair and sat down.
My hair was a couple inches long and shaggy compared to my usual #4 buzzcut.
I was quickly caped and before I could say anything the barber reached into her apron pocket and pulled out a pair of clippers.
She looked at me in the mirror and asked "the lady said you want summer cut, how about a short buzz?"
Im not sure why but I became very nervous and I couldnt stop myself from saying "yeah go really short".
I couldnt believe what I had said!
The barber smiled, winked and replied "I know what you want"
I didnt know what that meant but gave a smile back.
The barber turned the clippers on, swiveled me away from the mirror, and pushed my chin to my chest.
The clippers plowed up the back of my head nipping at my skin.
I could tell I had never had this short of hair before.
She continued around the back and sides stripping tons of hair off.
My girlfriend was giving me a big smile and said "thats a lot shorter, I like it!"
That made me really nervous and as the barber ran the clippers over the top of my head she said, "then you'll like what's coming next!"
After running the clippers over my head multiple times she shut them off and set them on the counter.
I was then leaned back and put in the wash bowl where she shampooed very short hair with hot water.
I then felt something else applied and a weird pulling sensation on my head.
Then I almost exploded under the cape as I realized she was shaving my head!
I was being razor shaved bald!
Trying to relax and not show my shock I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it and make my boner disappear before I stood up.
The barber then leaned me back up my girlfriend said "damn babe! You just got shaved bald!"
All I could do was smile back my mind racing with thoughts about what just happened.
The barber ran the razor over my head multiple times getting any missed patches of hair.
Then she applied aftershave and rubbed in a heavy cream for a couple minutes before releasing me from the cape and chair.
My girlfriend reached up and ran her hands over shaved head and gave me a "I approve smile" and kiss.
Then she pulled away and sat in the chair.
I was very attached to her hair, I loved her hair.
It was long, thick, black hair and I loved running my hands through it.
I was more nervous to see what the barber would do to her hair than my own.
They had a discussion I couldnt hear but after awhile they were both nodding so a decision was made.
The scissors came out and my stomach flipped as they chopped off hair to the shoulder level.
12 inches of hair fell to the floor on top of my shorter hair already on the floor.
The cutting continued until she was left with a long shoulder length bob.
That didnt last long as hair was sectioned off and the clippers came back out.
I mentally jumped out of my chair as they ran up her neck guard less 4 inches!
Her nape was shaved high and then the clippers were put away.
But the cut continued as the bob became angled higher in the back revealing the bottom of her nape.
My girlfriend left the chair with a severely angled bob so that hair grazed her chin and revealed her shaved nape.
She gave me a self-conscious smile feeling vulnerable since her hair hadnt been this short since weve been dating.
I walked over to her and gave her a kiss finding my hand feeling her shaved nape.
I quickly paid the barber who seemed a little too happy shearing and shaving a young couple and we left the shop.
We skipped the cafe and went straight to our hotel room to capitalize on the high we were on from our shearing's.

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