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Part 6 haircut fetish by Tony

Part 6 haircut fetish
Monday morning at college, Sam came to find me before my first lesson, he said have you seen Danny yet ? I said, no, only just got here I was a bit late, are we still going to the barber shop after college ? Sam said yes, but I haven't seen Danny yet, he was supposed to be coming too. I said, don't worry, we can catch up lunch time, Sam said, okay.
I felt really guilty knowing Danny already had a haircut yesterday, but I did not want to tell Sam I cut his hair. It was so awkward, I really liked both of them, but I knew I had to choose, Danny was so hot and we had a lot in common, but Sam had the same thoughts I did. I knew I had to catch Danny before Sam did, after the morning dragged, I rushed down to get some food and sat at the same table for lunch, to my surprise Danny and Sam both turned up, I thought to myself this is awkward, but Sam jumped in first saying, hey what do you think of Danny's haircut Chris, I said wow, Danny, you look so different without all that long hair, I thought you were going to come with Sam and I tonight after college for a haircut ? Danny said, I couldn't wait so went into town Saturday to that new shop, but I think I will still come tonight to join you two and get your barber to shorten it a bit more like your going to do. I was quite relieved to hear him say that, there was no suspicion that we had got together and that I had cut his hair. I looked across at Danny and smiled, so we are all going this afternoon then, we can meet outside college to go to the barber shop.
We met up and walked to the barber shop, I went first and told the barber to give me a nice short back and sides, but leave the fringe long enough to slick back, I was rock hard already just sitting in the barbers chair caped up, the clippers with the lovely motor roared into action, the metal blades cold on the base of my neck made me shudder, next they were pushed up the neck to a point I thought was a bit higher than before, I began to get even more hard, it didn't take long this time as most of the long hair was taken before, he took the razor and shaved the back and sides too, then the brylcream, a distinct side parting with slicked back fringe, next it was Sam who jumped in the chair, I said to the barber, the same for my friend too, Sam was done just as quickly and looked so hot as well, when he was finished, Danny jumped in the chair, the barber looked at me and said, is it the same for your friend too, I said to the barber, as he has such black hair I think he could go closer and higher at the back and sides, but still leave the fringe long enough to slick back, the barber nodded his head and caped Danny up, the clippers roared into action again and this time were taken up to the crown at the back, I watched as he was stripped even closer than both of us and that got us so hard too, Sam whispered softly to me as we sat watching with delight at the shaving, he is going really close and high! I said yes, I told the barber to. Danny was soon finished with the razor shaving the skin which was really white under the black hair, the brylcream applied and that made the black hair shine so much, the three of us walked out the shop and stopped for coffee at Starbucks, we all discussed the haircuts and agreed that next time we would all have the same close shave that Danny got.
To be continued

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