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Part 7 haircut fetish by Tony

Part 7 haircut fetish
I got a phone call from Danny that evening, he said he had enjoyed his trip with us to the barber shop, he asked me if making him have his cut shorter was his punishment for getting me to cut his hair, I laughed and said, it was no punishment, just me getting what I wanted.
He asked me if I was free the next weekend, it was a long weekend being Easter so Friday to Monday, he said his parents were away from Thursday, he suggested I come to stay the weekend too. He said his cousin was coming to stay as his parents were going too, he told me his cousin was just about to leave school as he was eighteen in a couple of weeks. I said that sounds great, I can bring a bag to college with me Thursday and walk home with you, he said that's okay but I have made arrangements to walk past the school and meet with Scott as he is coming with me, his parents will drop his bag at my house when they all go. I said that's fine, but we won't be able to have fun like last time, Danny said, it's okay Scott is gay too, so he will be fine, I might even get him to have a haircut, he has not seen mine yet, he thinks I still have long hair like he does.
I said, this is sounding really horny, can't wait til Thursday, I will have to tell Sam I am going away. We met at college again the next day, I told Sam I was going away for the weekend but will catch up with him during the college break.
Thursday morning came and I packed a few things in a bag and took them to college with me, in the afternoon Danny and I left college to walk to Scotts school, he was waiting outside for us when we arrived, he was a really good looking guy, long blond hair but not quite as long as Danny had, he took one look at Danny and said when did you get that done, you look so different ? Danny said, this is Chris, he was my barber, Scott said, hello Chris, nice to meet you, he actually looked so sexy with his blond hair tied back in the same pony tale Danny had, but he had school uniform on with a white shirt and school tie, we walked a short distance to Danny's place chatting all the way, I knew he was going to be fine to spend the weekend with us two. Danny ribbed him about his uniform, and he was just about to remove it when I said he looked really good in it, he smiled and said, perhaps I better keep it on then. We sat there chatting a lot and I asked a lot of questions about him, he was easy to talk to and all three of us got on well.
I said to Scott, I would like to pull the band off your hair to see the length, he said, okay, you can do that, I stood behind him, he was a little shorter than me, I put my hand on his head and slowly slipped the band off his thick straight pony tale, running my fingers through his soft silky hair I gradually pulled it all loose, it was about mid shoulder blade length, about four inches shorter than Danny's hair was before I cut it, I spent quite a lot of time feeling his hair before tying it back in a pony tale. He said, that felt nice, it's the first time a guy has been able to touch my hair and I liked it, then Danny piped up, why don't you let Chris cut your hair for you ? Scott said, I am not sure I am ready for that yet !
Maybe later when I have thought a bit more about it, it's not that I don't like both of your haircuts, I just have not thought about cutting it yet, it was a shock to see you with short hair Danny after years of it being long.
Danny said to me, what do you think Chris, I said , I think Scott is a very nice looking guy and he looks so good in his school uniform, I think short hair would look awesome on him, but don't force him to cut it Danny, if he is not sure, just leave it.
We took our bag upstairs and Danny showed to to a spare room with the bed made up ready and showed Scott his room then said I will let you get settled then we can order some take away for dinner, with that he went back downstairs, it was then Scott popped his head around the door and said, do you really think short hair will suit me ? I said, definitely, but let's just play it by ear, if you want it cut, I will do it for you, we left it at that, he said, you know I can't walk around all weekend in my uniform don't you, I smiled and said, whatever you wear will be good for me, he said, so Danny is not your boyfriend, I said no, we just enjoy fun together. To be honest Scott, I have not really had a boyfriend before and have only just been experimenting with Danny and a guy called Sam, we all share the hair fetish and all like doing anything which involves hair. He looked quite pleased about that and said, I enjoyed you running your fingers through my hair, the feeling was turning me on, to be very truthful, I felt quite aroused when you said about cutting my hair too. I smiled and said that's how it all started with us, but with me, it was when my Dad said I looked like a girl with my long hair, then I cut it and have been every two weeks since.
I told Scott, I enjoyed running my fingers through his hair too and was imagining cutting it for him at the same time, I first got involved with Danny when I told him I wanted to shave his sideburns off and have his face smooth, he looked awesome like that, I can do yours too if you want me to ? He looked at me and said, that would be nice if you would do that for me, how short would you make them ? I said there won't be any sign of them, right to the hairline, wow he said, that short ? Ok, you can do it. I said lets go down and ask Danny for the clippers and a razor.
He went to the bathroom and brought them down placing them on the kitchen table, I said to Scott take your shirt off and I will do it, he whipped his shirt off to reveal a gorgeous smooth hairless body, I felt hard already, his sideburns were like a gingery blond just below the bottom of his ear, I switched the clippers on and tilted his head to one side, I made a line right at the top of his ear into his blond hair too, just cutting a few whispy bits of his long hair before pulling the clippers down the side of his face, just leaving a little stubble, then the other side, I just wet the skin slightly and shaved it smooth with the razor both sides, he looked so hot, I knew I was hard, but noticed he was too, I ran my fingers through his long pony tale which made him groan quietly, then I leaned forward and kissed him too, he responded so well. I said, you can go and show Danny now, which he did, Danny said, you need to let Chris cut your hair before you go home Scott. He said, maybe I will ? But he said, if I do, I don't want you watching and taking the piss, Danny said, no I won't do that, I will go up and play some computer games and leave you two alone, so if you need all the stuff to do it Chris, it's on the kitchen table. Also if you want to get horny after, just go to your room, I am cool with that too.
Danny disappeared up to his room and left us to it, I untied Scotts hair and spent a long time combing it and running my fingers through it, we kissed a lot too, I could see he was enjoying this so much and he was so hard, I said, well Scott, are you ready for it yet or still thinking about it ? He said, how are you going to cut it ? I said to him, the same as Danny's, he said I was afraid of that, Danny's hair is so short, are you sure that is the way you want to do it ? Yes, I want you looking so hot, and very sexy, but will you put your shirt and tie on after I have finished, okay he said, first, please just pull your shorts down, I can see we are both hard and I want to enjoy a little time getting hot and horny with you before you start cutting my hair, with that he pulled the band off his hair and let it loose and pulled his shorts down too, he said, I can see your shaved just like me, I only shaved this morning before school, said Scott your gorgeous, but after I cut that long hair you will be perfect, with that he sat on the chair and said, I am all yours !
He sat there and ran his fingers up the back of my neck again, he said are you going to shave mine to the skin like that too or do you have something else in mind for me, I thought for a bit and said, the only other haircut that I think would look good on you is a flattop, he said I don't know what that is to be honest, I found a picture on my phone and showed him, he took a while to respond and said, that is so much shorter than yours and Danny's, are you sure it will look okay on me ? I said lets try it and see, if you don't like it I can always do like a number one all over, he said, no way are you going to shave me down that short, unless you want to be my boyfriend and insist I have that ! I could be persuaded to be your boyfriend if you feel the same about me, I have not got into a proper relationship with Sam yet, so if that's what you want, let's do it
Scott said to me, let's do the flattop first, then I will think about the other for next time you cut my hair, I told him I was going to keep his pony tale when I had cut it, which he agreed to, so very carefully I combed it perfectly again and tied it neatly, I suggested for some more fun that we do the skin fade like mine first, then next time the flattop and after that the number one all over, that way I get to do three different haircuts for you. He agreed, so first I cut the pony tale off and laid it on the table, then cut the fringe to just about eye level, then I started cutting the top down shorter with scissors, it was on my mind at this point about the flattop, but I had to resist the urge to take it that short to start, already the floor was covered in blond hair and I had not even started with the clippers yet, I fired them up and pushed his head forward, lifting up the hair at the base of the neck I pushed the clippers up with a two guard on them , then the sides, changing the guard to a grade one I did the second pass and finally no guard, I was really pleased with myself again, I felt almost like a real barber, blending in with scissors it was looking awesome, I kept thinking about him with his short and tie on after the haircut and got so hard, finally I razored the back and sides, that looked great, then the final part, the brylcream, the perfect side parting and the slicking back of the fringe, I said, Scott, your done, now get you shirt and tie on, he came down looking just like a cute boy and very hot and sexy, he said it's a great haircut Chris, thank you for being so patient, I said it's ok I have to take my time as I am not a proper barber, I have now got two pony tales to remind me of the special haircuts.
Scot and I became an item and he got his flattop haircut after a couple of weeks, next was his short buzz, maybe later next month, the others still kept up with the fortnightly trip to the barber shop doing the same haircut each time.

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