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Part 8 haircut fetish by Tony

Part 8 haircut fetish
It was about three weeks now since any of us got a haircut, mine was definitely in need of our usual trim, it was going well with Scott, he was back at school and was due to leave when the summer break starts, then he will be at college with the rest of us, he was waiting for his next haircut. I decided that I wanted a change, since talking to Scott on his first haircut, saying I would give him a flattop next time. I decided to try a flattop myself, I did not tell the other guys what I was going to do and stopped at the barber shop on my way home from college, it was Friday afternoon and I had already worked out a plan for the other guy apart from Scott, who was going to get my special attention in private.
I told the barber I wanted a proper flattop, which he started on straight away, usual sequence, chair facing into the shop, there was a lot of work with the clippers and it all felt so good, no scissors this time, the clippers up the neck was a lot more intense and really horny, then the top, the clippers getting very close to my scalp, I was wondering if I had made the right choice, it felt so short this time and I knew there would be no brylcream, finally the razor to finish, much higher up the back and sides too this time, he faced the chair at the mirror and I looked at my new haircut, it was a big shock, but I was hard immediately, so that compensated for the initial shock.
I spoke to the barber about my two friends coming in for the same, but told him I would send them in one at a time and he was to do the same flattop on each of them, he agreed to that.
I got home and phoned Sam, I told him I would meet him at the barber shop in twenty minutes, but just go in if I wasn't there on time, the barber knew what to do for him, I planned to be late on purpose so I arrived just as he was finished,as I came in the door, Sam was just getting out of the chair, he looked at me and said, I was not expecting this, we left the shop and went for coffee, he said he was a bit shocked at what the barber had done, but also excited by it, I decided to do the same to Danny, I rang him and said the same thing, go in and get his haircut and I will meet him there, he said okay am on my way now, Sam and I had another coffee before we walked back to the barber shop, I glanced in and Danny was just getting finished, We walked in to surprise him, he was still having his neck shaved so did not realise it was us, when the barber finished he looked up and saw both of us with flattops, he immediately jumped out the chair to look at his haircut, he paid the barber and all three of us left the barber shop, when we got outside, Danny started moaning at us for tricking him into going alone for his haircut, he was not happy, he said he would never have agreed to such a short cut, he didn't think it looked good on him at all. I felt a bit guilty tricking him into it, but thought he felt the same as us. He stormed off and said nothing else, I looked at Sam and said, you look good with your new cut , are you pleased with it, he said, it was an awesome experience and he knew the barber was doing a different cut but he wasn't sure what until the end.
We both left to go home, I called Scott and asked him if he wanted to come over to my house as my Parents were away tonight, he said, that's great, I will be half an hour, I had plans for my boyfriend for tonight, I had already bought a pair of clippers and was ready for him on arrival. He looked at my new flattop and said, hey I love that on you, it looks awesome, are you going to do mine like that, I said, look Scott, you know I am not a barber, but I will have a go at doing a flattop, I have watched it on YouTube and think I can do it if I take my time, he said, that's great, I have been looking forward to my next haircut from you, I love to watch and see how hard you get when doing it, I said, if it doesn't turn out well you know I will have to take you down to a short buzz don't you ?he said, okay I hope it will work.
Let's wash it first to get all the brylcream out of it then I will start, I said, shall we both get in the shower and I will shampoo it there for you, he said, let's have some horny fun, I said, I hope you brought you shirt and tie for after, he smiled and nodded. We got in the shower and firstly shaved each other, that was so hot, then I washed his hair, we dried off and went downstairs, I got him sat in the chair in the kitchen, put my newly acquired cape over him and started up my new clippers, I had bought a large flattop comb for the job too, I worked on the long top cutting it down with clipper over comb as a barber would do and slowly his hair on top was standing up nicely, so far so good, I continued very slowly taking it down shorter and shorter getting harder and harder all the time, the top at the front was now about half inch long and standing up straight, as I worked back on the top, I shortened it to almost an eighth of an inch, seeing the scalp clearly now, it was looking so good, I now put on a grade one guard and shaved up the neck to the crown, then the same at the sides, next without the guard right to the skin up to the temples and the back to the crown, I was so excited I nearly exploded in my eagerness to get him really short, I had bought a straight razor and soaped up the skin all round, very carefully I used the razor to shave the skin smooth, finally finished, I said go look at yourself in the mirror, he looked back at me absolutely rock hard smiling at me and saying, this is so perfect, it feels awesome, I think you have cut this so well, let's go and have what we have wanted all evening.
I hope Danny gets used to his flattop and forgives me for it!!!

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