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Stevens haircut for his job by Tony

Stevens haircut for his job
I loved my long hair, shiny, smooth and very straight, I loved the way it flopped forward and hung over my face, my fringe was so long it came about four inches past my chin, I had been nurturing this for a long time now, the back was about six inches past my collar now too. My Mum put up with me , I use the best shampoo I can but and a top conditioner. I never use a hairdryer, always let it dry naturally,sometimes I have a centre parting and sometimes a side parting according to my feelings on the day. I left school but so far not found a job, my Dad keeps telling me to cut my hair as he thinks that's the reason I can't get a job, it's getting tedious listening to him keeping on about it. I am gay and he doesn't like that either, Mum is ok with it, this difference of opinion often causes arguments between them. As a young lad, I was always dragged to Dad's barber shop with him, he always got the barber to give me a short haircut, it wasn't until I went to senior school I was able to take myself to the barber, I started getting feelings then too, I had a fetish for long hair on guys and love any stories involving that.
Recently my Dad has been threatening me with being dragged to the barber shop to have it forcefully cut if I don't get a job soon, I am dreading the mere thought of that, I tend to have nightmares about this too, the thought of it makes me go cold. I finally got an interview for a job which I did go and have a little trim for, only a very small amount cut off the length, needless to say, when offered a position in the company, the lady interviewing me said, you will need to get your hair cut to a short style in order to work here. She was a very prim and proper lady wearing an old fashioned tweed suit, she obviously ran a very strict workforce here. My heart sank, I thought I am not going to get this job if I refuse, but on the other hand, if I refuse and my Dad finds out, he will surely drag me to the barber shop himself and make the barber give me a short haircut. Oh what a dilemma, I kept thinking about my gorgeous long hair, I always enjoyed running my fingers through the soft silky hair, it always got me hard just doing that, what will I do without my sexy long hair. I had to make a decision quickly, so I said to the lady interviewer, I would be willing to cut my hair as long as it wasn't really short, she raised her eyebrows at that remark and said, if I wasn't willing to have it short then she couldn't offer me the job, they had a strict policy for all the male staff, so in the end, I just said ok.
She said, wise choice, I didn't let you know, but we here know your Father and I don't think he would be impressed if you didn't get the job because of the length of your hair, she picked up the phone and called someone in to show me around , in walked a young guy, I was quite shocked, he was a really nice looking young man, but, his hair was short, I immediately thought of myself with that haircut, I shuddered at the thought, but what alternative did I have ?
She introduced me to Ian and told me to go with him to collect what I needed for work on Monday, she said, he will show you where your locker is and give you a tour of the place, I will see you back here in half an hour or thereabouts. Off I went with Ian, he took me to the locker room first and gave me a key for one of them, he told me this place was out of bounds after the morning siren went for start of work until lunch break. I tried the key in the locker to make sure it locked, as I stood there at the locker, Ian stood behind me, rather close, I began to feel quite hot and horny, he ran his fingers through my hair at the back, he leaned forward and softly said, it's a shame this has to be cut, I turned and said, I am going to hate it, I love my hair long, he winked at me and said, you will be fine, I will still like you even with short hair. I was really taken by surprise, I didn't think he was gay, thank you I said, he told me to follow him to the store, when we got there an older guy looked at me and passed me an overal, it was grey in colour and folded neatly, he put a tie on top and said, what size collar, I looked confused, he said for your shirts, I said, oh size fourteen, he passed me three shirts in sealed packets. We went to the canteen next where I was shown where to sit, Ian told me every department has its own area. We returned to Mrs Bates office and I thanked him. She told me that I have to be here to clock in at eight thirty Monday morning, everyone has to be on the floor at nine am and lunch break is twelve thirty, she said, don't forget to come with your short haircut. I said yes Mrs Bates and don't forget shirt and tie, yes I won't forget. I said thank you and see you Monday.
I was quite excited, at least I will be earning some money now, then the dreaded thought of having to cut my hair, I ran my fingers through it as I walked through the offices, the feel was arousing me as it usually did, but this time even more, maybe it was the thought of it changing my appearance and also what Ian had said about liking me even with short hair, was this a possibility of a boyfriend and a new job ?
I got to the exit and walked out to the car park, the sound of a horn made me jump, I looked across, it was my Dad, I thought what's he doing here ? I walked over to the car as he said, jump in, I looked confused, I looked at him and could see he had been for his usual haircut, a very severe flattop, so predictable, we drove through the town and he pulled up and parked just outside the barber shop he goes to, I froze for a minute, surely he wasn't expecting me to go in this dump to get my haircut ? He jumped put the car and walked round to the passenger door and opened it, come on Steven, I have an appointment booked for you, I said, no way am I getting my hair cut here, I looked at me sternly and said, you are, now get out of the car and inside the shop, I knew he wasn't joking by the tone of his voice, he more or less pushed me through the door and straight to the barbers chair where the old man was waiting for me, I slowly sat in the old fashioned chair and my Dad sat on the benches behind, the barber had the cape around me immediately and started pumping up the chair, I was about to say to him what I wanted, but he interrupted me saying my Dad had already told him what to do, I started shaking with fear, what the hell had he told the barber, he picked up the comb and started combing through my long hair, he spent a few moments combing the top forward and over my face combing the fringe down in front of me, then the nightmare started, as quick as a flash the scissors were slicing through my fringe about half way up my forehead, great thick clumps of my gorgeous long fringe were falling into my lap, I felt so devastated, I knew this was going to be bad, but also, I found myself getting hard, the sound of Ian's voice saying I will still like you with short hair ! I could feel the scissors ploughing through my long hair at a remarkably fast rate, before very long my hair had been reduced to a mere minimum length, my ears were showing and my fringe was about an inch long, I felt like crying, but kept thinking of Ian and getting hard.
Next came the clippers, shaving up my neck and the sides reducing my hair to stubble, then the top, out came the large flattop comb and my gorgeous long hair was reduced to a flattop like my Dads, on the way home I was silent and feeling very sad, I went straight up to my room and looked at myself in the mirror, my new flattop haircut was so horrible, it was shaved to the skin at the sides, my skin was white and looked really severe, it felt very strange especially the back, I had to keep feeling it with my fingers, but it was strange, I had an urge to keep feeling it and each time I did it made me feel hard, I had usually had this feeling with my long hair. My Mum came up to my room to talk to me, she said she was sorry that Dad did this to you, he said he was taking you for a haircut, but I had no idea he was thinking of subjecting you to this, she ran her fingers up my shaven neck saying, it won't take long to grow a little. I said thanks Mum, but the damage has been done. I know if I keep this job I will have to keep my hair short, but I will be looking all the time for something else where I can grow my hair back long again. Ok darling she said, I just want you to be happy.
Monday morning I showered and brushed what little bit of hair I had, put my new white shirt on a my tie, I had a pair of smart black trousers I used for school and to be honest when I looked in the full length mirror, I was very pleased with how professional I looked, I am not saying I like my hair, but for now it will have to do, I did relieve myself in the shower this morning after I washed my hair, feeling up my shaven neck gave me such a hard on. I arrived at work and clocked in as requested, then I an stood there with his mouth open, oh my God, Steven, you look amazing, I love your hair, it's absolutely awesome. I was really taken by surprise, nobody had ever given me a compliment like that before, people used to say they liked my hair, but that was it, I said to Ian, thanks so much, I hated it when it was cut, but to be honest, I am getting used to it a little more now, but I do prefer my hair long, he said, definitely not, you look so hot, seriously hot. I blushed a bit, he said, come with me stud, I will show you what to do, I laughed at him, surely he did not think I was that hot. I worked all morning and at twelve thirty the siren went and we went to the locker room before going to the canteen, Ian had taken it upon himself to take care of me, which, to be honest I was loving it,I could tell he really liked me, we sat and had lunch, then he said' let's go outside for some air, I followed him out to the back of the building where there was some grass with benches, surprisingly we were alone there, he said not many people came out here, he sat himself down next to me and ran his fingers up my shaven neck, wow, he said, that feels awesome, where did you get this haircut? I just love it so much, I want mine cut like this, I said, it was the crumby little barber shop on the town road, I go past that way on my way home, Ian immediately said, can you show me tonight, I said yes no problem, but are you serious about this particular haircut, it's so severe and short, he said yes, I love it, so on our way home Ian came with me and stopped at the barber shop, he said, come in with me and tell the barber what I want, I walked in and told the old guy who cut my hair what Ian wanted, exactly the same as mine. The barber patted the back of the chair and said, jump in young man, I will get you shaved down straight away, I sat on the bench watching as Ian got caped up, I could feel myself getting hard already, his hair was fairly short at the back and sides but much longer on top, the fringe he had was originally gelled back off his face being so long, he obviously got away with the length that way, as the barber combed it forward it covered his eyes and his nose, the scissors made very short work of shortening it to the top of his forehead, I was getting harder already, I liked Ian a lot so far, it wasn't long before his hair had been reduced to mere stubble at the back and sides, then the other clippers came out and shaved it to the skin, I nearly exploded in my trousers watching intensely as the barber took the flat top comb and reduced his top to almost nothing but very flat, he finished like mine with the razor, shaving the back and sides to the skin, Ian looked so hot, I thought I would never like short hair, but this guy looked amazing too, he paid the barber and said to me, come back to mine and have a drink, it's only round the corner, ok I said, when we got there it was a small flat on the top floor of an apartment block, really nice, he said what do you fancy, I said anything you want, coke alright for you, I said yes that's fine, we sat on the settee and he soon made a move on me, we were soon naked and he pulled me to the shower, we had such a hot horny session before just relaxing in each other's arms, he spent so much time running his fingers up my neck and I did the same to him, I had never been turned on so much by a haircut.

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