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Part 2 Stevens haircut for a job by Tony

Part 2 Stevens haircut for a job
Ian and I had got on so well together, we enjoyed each other's company and after nearly three weeks of seeing each other most nights Ian decided it was time for another haircut, I was a little reluctant to join him as I still wanted to grow my hair a little, he said no, you don't want to do that, he ran his fingers up my neck which by now was just more than stubble, I shuddered as he did that and started feeling hard again, he was quite forceful which I liked about him, he said to me, tomorrow is Friday, we finish early so we can walk to the barber shop on our way home. He said to me, come on let's go and shower together, we did just that and he had a little surprise for me, he had shaven his pubes that morning and he was so smooth , it looked so horny too, he stood there with a razor in his hand, I looked at him and said what are you doing, he said I am going to shave you smooth too, I immediately got a real hard cock, wow, he said, and before I could say anything he was shaving me down, it was the first time I had been shaved, I always used to trim, but never shave, it felt so good, and gave me a rock hard erection, he finished and we went to the bedroom to enjoy each other's bodies. Friday came and we left work to walk to the barber shop, Ian went in first and I sat and watched getting very hard as he was stripped of his hair again, I must admit, I was very turned on when the barber shaved his sides and neck with the razor, all I could think about doing was run my fingers up his shaven neck, it was now my turn, I jumped in the chair without a second thought, a totally different attitude to three weeks ago, we were both finished and went back to Ian's flat, we had such good sex, I could not be happier, a new job, a new boyfriend and now a new haircut that I really loved.
My first month at work went so quickly, Mrs Bates called me up to the office and praised me for my first month, she said how impressed she was with my haircut and she was happy to give me a full contract.
At last my life seemed to have a purpose,Ian and I got on so well, I spent a lot of time at his place too, we went for regular haircuts every three weeks and I have to say we both enjoy them very much, my long hair days have well and truly gone, I still look at guys with long hair, but have no desire to go back to that myself, my hair fetish has changed to short hair now, I couldn't be happier than I am with Ian.

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