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BLACKMAILED by Buzzedgreg

What a year this has been. If you had told me at the start of my senior year, I'd be here, now, looking the way I do, well, I would have laughed in your face. It would have been ludicrous to me. I mean, I was 21, pretty well built, with dense body hair and the greatest jet black wavy hair you'd ever see. People often assumed I was that famous Polo model, which I guess made sense in the circles I run in. As a senior on the USC football team, I pretty much had my run of Los Angeles. Booze, partying, an endless stream of ladies, parties, beach houses....you name it. But with everything going so well, there was still something not quite right. I guess that's why sometimes when I'd party with my crew on the Sunset Strip, every so often, I'd split off and ditch them and head down a block to the homo bars. I never considered myself gay or even bi but back then, I just got curious. It was definitely strange to be just another guy, an anonymous one at that and I think that's what I found most appealing.

It was the weekend before our first game against Oregon. My guys and me were up at Saddleranch, horsing around and getting pretty blitzed. There was the usual harem of sorority skanks hanging around our section when I peeled off to go to the john. Before I knew it, I was sneaking down the street just to check out what was happening with the gays. I was sitting at the bar, having a Bud Light when Jack approached me. Now, I don't usually make it a habit of chatting with too many guys when I head out but there was something different about Jack. My first impression of Jack was that he actually reminded me of a younger version of my dad. Tall, imposing, dark, and serious. Except my dad wasn't bald and my dad didn't have a neck, arms, and hands covered in tattoos. Perhaps that's why he had my attention from the get-go. This wasn't a guy you wanted to ignore.

"I'm buying you a drink," Jack led with. I tried to defer and tell him I was all set but Jack was already ordering for us. In the interim, Jack turned to me, with his elbow leaning on the bar and just eyeballed me. For once, I was shy and uneasy. I was certainly out of my comfort zone. The drinks arrived and without breaking his gaze, Jack grabbed the two bourbons.

"I'm Jack. Who are you?"

"Uhh, Bob." I don't know why I lied.

"You're telling me your name is Bob?? You sure, kid?" Jack quizzed me. Instantly, I knew this guy had my number. After all, my name is Zachary Kidd.

I just stuttered and stammered.

Jack smirked, his first sign of any levity. "Come on, kid. Drink up. We're going for a walk."

Jack chugged his full bourbon and watched me expectantly. I felt like I had to do as his did and did the best I could to finish the drink quickly. He gave me a firm pat and nudged me toward the door. My mind started to race. Where were we going? Why was I going??? Am I nuts?

I became even more nervous walking with his macho tattooed hunk in the middle of a gay neighborhood. I felt like the eyes of every homo were on me as we walked several blocks in near silence.

"We're here," Jack announced. We stood at the doorway of a tattoo shop. "This is my place. A little more private and quiet, don't ya think?"

"Yeah, sure. It's cool."

Now, I'm a pretty clean cut guy. In fact, I get confused with that Polo model quite often. So, being around Jack and then going in this shop made me even more nervous. What did he have planned, I thought.

But as we walked in, I checked out the surroundings and noticed how masculine and comfortable the space looked. Jack walked over to the back where he had a minibar constructed and began to pour us both more drinks.

"You're that tight end."

I said nothing.

"Come on, kid. You can't expect to go out in West Hollywood and not be noticed. Not every guy in this town watches Glee and wears tights."

Backed in a corner, I had to confirm that it was in fact me and my whole situation began to just pour out of my mouth. Jack and I sat across from each other and I started to feel more and more at ease. I had never really talked to anyone about my thoughts and my recent little outings and talking to him was easy. He was attentive and reassuring. I stopped feeling intimidated and began to look at him more as a concerned big brother type.

"Kid, you need to slow your roll. You ain't just some average Joe. Word's gonna get out about you...in a town like this...." he trailed off while finishing off his drink.

"But I'm not..."

"I know you ain't," he interjected while winking. "Don't worry about it. You just need to find a good set of people. People who'll take care of ya. People who'll hook you up. People who can make you a real man. Secret's safe with me. You want all that" he asked. I told him that sounded fantastic.

From then on, all my anxiety vanished and Jack and I talked for what seemed like hours. I even let him pat me on the thigh here and there, not that I had a choice. He seemed like a well rounded guy. A Marine Corps vet, he fell in with a rough set after being discharged and only turned to tattooing after bouncing from job to job. We talked until the sun started to rise and I started to make mention that I needed to get some rest. He was even kind enough to give me a lift back towards campus but I was too paranoid to let him drive me all the way, so I asked to walk the last mile back to my place.

"Kid, come by the shop tomorrow night. 10pm. We're hanging again," he shouted as I left the car.

"Uhh, yeah. I'd like that."

All day long, all I could do was think of was Jack. I couldn't wait to see him again. In fact, I was anxious to put the moves on him. Something that made me rock hard to think of. I made it to the shop early and walked in and watched him finish the neck tattoo of an older biker guy.

"Like it?" he shouted back.

"It's cool. Hardcore for sure," I said.

"Takes a man with some balls to pull it off."

Soon, he finished up with his client and sent him on his way and flipped the closed sign. When he turned back around, I was right there. Right in his face. And kissed him full on. My first gay kiss. He seemed to be hesitant but I just went in harder.

"Sorry. I had to," I apologized.

Instead, he lifted up all 240lbs of me, carried me to the back office, and slammed me down on the couch. He ripped off my clothes before removing all of his and then put all of his weight on me. I frantically started sloppily licking and kissing his inked torso. Reacting to that, Jack took my head, slammed it back, and whispered into my ear, "shhhhhh." With our heads side by side, he reached down to gently massage my crotch. After several minutes, I was calm and relaxed.

"Turn over," he demanded. I did so quickly. He arranged me as he sought fit, face down in the cushions and ass up in the air. Then, I could hear him getting up and walking around the room. He came back and I felt cold liquid in my asscrack. I knew exactly what was about to happen. I was petrified. But also completely rigid.

"Kiddo, this is gonna hurt a bit. But I want you to keep talking. Tell me what you want. Understood?" he stated.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Jack."

"Nope. It's 'Yes, SIR'. Understood?"

"Yes SIR!"

With that, began the experience of a lifetime. I had never known pleasure and pain quite like that. I was howling. At points, near tears. But I wanted to make Jack proud and held strong. I did as he wished and cried out everything I felt and everything I wanted. Every time he felt me getting close, he'd pull back and punch me or slap my balls. No sorority sister or groupie had ever measured up to anything as sadistic or sexual as Jack. Finally, Jack seemed to be hitting his stride and was relentless with his pounding. Just when his grunts and moans reached a critical mass, he pulled out, leaving me wanting. He stroked his member standing over my face and unleashed a torrent of his spunk like an exploding water ballon. It rained down, soaking my wavy dark hair.

"I love this! I love your cum all over me!" I volunteered with excitement.

"Hold tight, kid. I'm going to get this stuff off of you." With that, he reached down and handcuffed me quicker than I knew what was happening.

"What the f***, Jack? I don't know about this!"

"Settle down. Didn't I tell you I'd take care of you? This is part of that. I know what's best."

I started to freak. I writhed and wrestled but my hands were cuffed to two bars above the couch. I was stuck.

After a moment, Jack returned, still erect, carrying a small black leather bag. He pulled out a roll of masking tape and pulled off a strip and made way towards my face and firmly put it over my eyes. I was literally in the dark now.

"I'm gonna take care of you, kid. You're a handsome guy. Thought so ever since your sophomore year. But you need to find the real you. I think we need to shake things up," Jack rambled.

Just then, I felt my hair being wet and massaged. Thank god, he really was going to clean me up after all.

"Listen, Jack...Sir....I really like you but I need to take things a....what is that?" the smell that filled the room was strange. Was he shampooing me on the couch? Odd.

"Don't you worry," he said. He continued lathering and massaging. "Just shut your mouth or I will shut it for you."

I didn't dare say anything more.

Next, I heard him rummaging through the bag while drops of water and lathered dripped down my face.

Jack came closer and gripped my head close to his crotch.

"Now, you figure out what to do with this and you DO. NOT. STOP. SUCKING," he demanded.

He rammed himself down my throat and I was forced to work on his tool. Damn, he is making me so gay!

But what happened next slowed me down considerably. At the crown of my head, I felt a sharp scraping from back to my forehead. He was scraping my head clean razor f***ing bald. My eyes would have jumped out of my skull if they hadn't been taped shut. I moaned in fear but didn't dare stop sucking. I could feel the straight blade scrape all over the top of my skull, raining down thick chunks of clumped hair down my torso and into my crotch. Everything was coming off. My perfect hair. Gone. After a few minutes, the shop's ceiling fan made it quite evident that everything was gone. I could feel every breeze. Every touch. Jack finished and began to massage a cream onto my scalp. It was very cold. As he massaged, I could feel his body tense through his dick in my mouth and all of the sudden, I was swallowing him as he rammed my head closer to him. Forced.

"There, kid. This is much better, " he said coyly. He then ripped off the duct tape, taking with his chunks of my eyebrows. I yelped in pain. "You wanna see?"

He walked over to the desk and grabbed a video camera and hit play. I watched as I begged him to f*** him and as I sucked him dry while forcibly shaved my head clean. Getting first sight of my shaved head, I noticed I went from Polo model to UFC fighter. A goon.

"Dude. DUDE. Let me go. This is not cool. You can't f***ing do this! Delete that right away!" I was freaking but Jack just chuckled.

"Now before I let you up, kiddo, we need to have an agreement. I've got this video here. And what I'm doing right now is uploading it do my private Xtube account....and a few buddies of mine. Well, the account is private for now anyway. See, it'll stay private as long as you keep your end of the bargain. The bargain is....this little hairdo I just gave you? It stays. Every day. For one year. If you don't, or you miss a day, well, I guess my little account goes public. Anything happens to me or my s***, my buddies will make sure it gets out. And it'll spread well, I think. Would be a shame to risk your reputation for a little haircut, don't you think?"

I felt like I was kicked in the gut. "F*** you, dude!" I was angry.

"F*** you, SIR! The other thing, kiddo, is that you're mine. We're gonna have more of these dates. Once a week, at least. And there's one more thing...." Jack grinned and poured something onto a cloth and put it towards my mouth. Within seconds I became drowsy and passed out.

I'm not sure how much time passed but when I woke up, I had the biggest sharp pain jabbing me in the neck.

"WOAH! There there, kiddo! Careful! We don't want you f***ing up this masterpiece I'm inking on you! Settle down." Jack said laughing.

I squirmed and squirmed but after feeling seering hot pain on my neck and knuckles, I knew you had down plenty of damage already.

"Jesus Christ! Why are you doing this to me? What are you putting on me??" I pleaded to know.

"I told you I'd take care of you and make you a man. You said you wanted that. Didn't you?"

"I didn't mean all this. I didn't know you were going to basically RAPE me!" I declared.

"Easy kiddo. That's a big word. In fact, I've got some video proving quite the contrary, remember? I don't think ANYONE looking at that video can call what we did anything but consensual."

I was definitely in a corner. I had no choice but to relent and let me do his work on me.

I sat silent for the remainder, wincing frequently, rushing with pain but silent.

"We're just about finished, kiddo. With this session anyway." He wiped me and applied some ointment which cooled the burning.

"I shouldn't even let you see this but I'm feeling generous," he said while walking over to grab a mirror.

The reflection made my heart leap up in my throat. Staring back at me was the shaved head goon, shop lights reflecting on the virgin white scalp. On my neck, was a giant eagle that's wingspan extended from the back of one ear to another. It covered every inch of skin.

"HOLY F***! This is...I can't believe you did this to me!"

While I couldn't believe my eyes, I also felt strangely turned on.

"Awesome right? You're a totally different MAN now, and will you look at that...your little kiddo likes it too. I f***ing knew you'd love this," he said pointing to my growing erection.

"So I want you to look me in the eye, here and now, and tell me you're on board. This is the man you'll be and you'll stick with me. If so, you won't regret it. If not...you most certainly will.

"F***. I...I can't believe this. My life is so totally f***ed." But then I smiled. "But I think I need to be f***ed."

That week was the most tumultuous of my life. I didn't want to go out or people to see me. But there was no avoiding it. This was my life now. Friends and family were floored. My coaches and teammates thought I had flipped out. Tons of girls wouldn't give me the time of day anymore. I started making the rounds on ESPN and Deadspin for my radical new look at practice. But for every negative comment I got, I found myself getting really defensive and defiant. It was growing on me. I grew curious about what else Jack had planned for me.

The weeks grew on and my football season was never better. I was finding an edge to my game and my training. My season ended and I was named All-League, something I couldn't have imagined earlier. Jack started more work on me after that, working down my arms and across my chest. He also punched my ears and started to stretch those large. My thick body was also turning into solid muscle too, thanks to the large doses of steroids he injected into me. I was turning into a tough mother f***er. But best of all, I was shaving my head with enthusiasm every morning, sometimes twice a day. I lived with removing every trace of stubble as to not disappoint Jack.

I couldn't help but think Jack was the sole cause for it all. I was devoted and endowed to him like a little puppy. My friends started to fall to the wayside and I was spending more and more time at the shop. I didn't care who saw me anymore and what I did. I had gotten an offer to play in the European League in the fall. As the year drew to a close, I was hoping this didn't mark the end of mine and Jack's arrangement and agreement though. I needed to be with him.

The night before the end of the one year agreement, I sat Jack down.

"I've been thinking. This has been the best year of my life, Sir. And actually, I have a plan. We have a plan."

I pulled out a piece of paper from my back pocket and handed it to him.

"This....is an enrollment agreement? Barber school?? You're going to throw your football career away?" Jack wondered.

"Nope, that's all short lived anyway. I'm not throwing that away. I'm agreeing to you. For the long haul. The way I see it, I can go to school and open up shop right here with you. We'll be full service life-f***er-uppers! This is what I want."

"From USC to barber school? Man, you are crazy. But I gotta say, it sounds badass. I'm proud of you man. You're a real man now and you've held up your end of the bargain beyond my expectations." he said while handing me his phone. "Go ahead. The video is all yours. Go ahead and delete it."

I looked at it with nostalgia. Instead, I hit the publish button, sending it out for anyone to see.

"No turning back now, Sir!"

From then on, Jack & Zack's has been pounding out bitching haircuts, tattoos, and the occasional asshole for some wayward lucky new homo. And I couldn't be happier.

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