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Female barber Sam by Tony

Female barber Sam.
I am a 25 year old guy originally from Nepal, I moved to London when I was just 4 years old, so basically have spent most of my life here in London, I lead a normal enjoyable life here and have had several English girlfriends, I don't tend to date Asian girls as I prefer English. I consider myself to be reasonably good looking and do spend a lot of time on my hair, I won't say I am obsessed with it, but I do enjoy a reasonable length to it, especially my fringe which reaches just past my chin. My hair is black as you would expect and straight, fairly thick and tends to be quite floppy, it's exceptionally shiny, people always say to me how lucky I am to have such nice hair. My skin is not as dark as some from Nepal, my eyes are very dark and I keep my face clean shaven always apart from my sideburns, which are to the bottom of my ear.
I always go to the same barber shop which is quite small, but only two lady barbers, it's fairly average as barber shops go, but I really like one of the girls there, I always enjoy it when I am waiting and it's my turn, I get a very warm sensation when it is the girl I like calls me to her chair. She always greets me with a smile, I tell her what I want and she cuts my hair very nicely, one thing I have noticed about her is, she does always ask me if I would like it shorter, especially my fringe, I always decline as I love my long hair.
I decided this particular time to ask her if she would like to go for a drink one evening with me, to my surprise, she told me she would after work this very evening and to meet her outside the barber shop at six pm. I got there just at six and she came out, locked the shop and said where are we going, I just said, where ever you would like. She looked absolutely gorgeous this evening, she had gorgeous long blond hair, but this evening it was put up and not just loose like she always had in the shop.
She suggested we go to the wine bar down by the river. We had a very nice evening and talked about lots of different things, I asked her if she enjoyed her work as a barber, she told me she liked it very much, then she commented on my hair, saying she had noticed I always had the same style and length, it would be nice to have a change.
I said to her I was not sure about changing it when she suggested she would like to try something new for me, I immediately felt a strange feeling in my body, and began to feel quite turned on, this had never happened to me before as an adult, although as a teenager when taken to the barber shop by my Mother I used to get this funny feeling, almost excitement in the barber chair, I think I put it down to the fact I was told what to have, usually short neat hair for school.
I asked what she had in mind for my hair, Sam said she would like to try a much shorter style as most of the guys were having now, like, skin fades and that sort of style, I felt quite excited thinking about it, but my hair was about four inches over my collar and covered my ears with my very long fringe too, I thought how would I cope with short hair like that.
Sam said to me, let's go back to the barber shop and I will cut it now for you, I thought for a minute and tried to quickly think of an excuse, but the excitement was clouding my thoughts and in the end, I agreed to let her cut it. I said, the only reason I am doing this is because I really like you, but don't make me look rediculous please. With that we walked back to the shop, she put her arm through mine and I felt very pleased and quite comfortable with her.
Sam unlocked the shop door and my heart was pumping so fast, I felt like it was jumping out my chest, I started to get very hard too, after all she was a very sexy girl, gorgeous looking with her long blond hair.
She locked the door behind me and said, let's do this in the back room, not in the main shop, I followed her into the back room, there was one barber chair in there, but not facing a mirror, she said, sit down while I get a cape for you, my heart was now pumping even faster now, I was thinking, what have I let myself in for here, I don't really want short hair, I have been in charge of my own hair since about sixteen years old, now someone else is in charge of it, the excitement grew as well as my bulge in my trousers, Sam returned with a white cape and before putting it round me, she reached up and untied her long blond hair, it fell down past her shoulders, so sexy, but her fringe fell across her face too, I looked up at her and said, have you ever had a short fringe like straight across, the girls at school had that style and I always liked it then, she said, yes, I used to have that, why ? Do you really like that, I said I had always liked that from when I was at school, before she put the cape on me, she said, wait a minute, I just need to get my other scissors, I sat waiting for a few minutes and to my surprise when she returned, she had cut her fringe perfectly straight across like a school girl, I said, oh my God, that's awesome, she said, just for you, and winked at me.
She leaned forward and kissed me, I was so hard, she was absolutely gorgeous, more so now she had a beautiful straight fringe, I had liked that style from way back when girls at school had it, she said to me do you think it's short enough, I wasn't sure if you liked it even shorter, I looked at it and it was just touching her eyelids, I said maybe a little shorter would look good, so she disappeared again to come back with it about an inch shorter just above her eyes, I looked and said, that's perfect, I really love that look on you. she whispered in my ear saying now it's your turn, slightly confused I had no idea what she meant until she stood astride my legs and snipped my glorious long fringe off to eye level the same as hers, I was so shocked to see my entire fringe laying in my lap and sliding down the cape, I wanted to turn and look in the mirror, but the chair was facing opposite, she leaned forward and kissed me again, this time for what seemed like ages, I was hard, excited and felt like exploding in my pants, then she continued cutting my hair, it felt awesome and I sat there enjoying every minute, then it hit me, how short is she cutting it ? But the sexy feeling overruled the fear, she then picked up a pair of clippers, I had not experienced them since the last time my Mum took me to the barber shop, she combed my hair at the side and before I knew it, she was shaving up the side of my head, I knew my well trimmed sideburns were gone, she worked around to the back pushing my head forward, I could feel the blades of the clippers at the base of my neck, before long she had shaved the neck really high, I felt quite bare, she was pushing herself into my body as she was cutting, I was getting so hard, the experience was mind blowing, I had never experienced a haircut so erotic as this was, she finished with the clippers and soon scissor cut the length on top, I felt the warm lather on my neck and sides above my ears, then she shaved with the straight razor, I could feel her lovely hands massaging some gel into my hair, she kept the side parting that I always had, but the fringe instead of flopping forward it was neatly slicked back, I was excited to see the finished haircut, but Sam had other ideas, she took the cape off and laid it on the side then slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, my heart was racing really heavily now as she knelt down taking my very hard cock in her mouth, she held her hair at the back in a pony tale and brought me to explosion point, making sure nothing got on her hair, she took a towel and cleaned up before spinning the chair to face the mirror, I looked and gasped with shock and saw a new me in the reflection with a skin fade that looked awesome. She looked at me and said, well, does it meet with your approval?, I said Sam, I love what you have done, I don't mind admitting I was scared. She told me the next time she saw me after a couple of days, her business partner said she loved her new fringe, Sam told me she wanted to keep it just for me.
Our relationship has grown so much and we are firmly a very devoted couple, I am so pleased I asked her out, she has kept my hair looking so good since.

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