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Boy next door by Tony

Boy next door
Not you usual haircut story
I had noticed the flat next to mine had been empty for some time, I knew the rent was expensive as it was a desirable area next to the river, it was handy for me as my barber shop was just ten minutes walk from here, I left for work this particular morning and strolled along by the river, it was just a half day for me today, I always closed a one pm on a Wednesday.
I returned home after and wanted a relaxing afternoon on my balcony in the sun, as I came through the main entrance by the lifts, there were some guys moving boxes and bits of furniture into one of the lifts, I got in the other lift to the fourth floor, sure enough as I stepped out of the lift, the door to the empty flat was open and there were people in and out with boxes and stuff. I opened the door to my flat when I heard a young guy say hello, I am your new neighbour, Justin, I said nice to meet you Justin, I am Tony, welcome to the block, anything you need ,just give me a knock, he smiled and said thanks, so you not working then ? I said oh, yes, just my half day today, I run my own barber shop in town. Justin said, oh nice, I must come and see you, winking at me, he was about twenty five and good looking, but he had long blond hair tied up quite messily in a man bun, not really my thing, but he seemed nice enough.
I said , yes no problem, if you don't want to go to the shop, you can always pop in and I can sort your hair for you. With that I went in and got some lunch, a glass of wine and sat on the balcony in the sun.
Later in the afternoon I was just topping up my wine when the door bell went, I just had shorts on and a glass in my hand, I opened the door and it was Justin, he smiled and said, I am sorry to bother you, but I felt I wanted to ask you about cutting my hair, is that ok ? I said, look, come in and have a glass of wine and we can talk about it.
Justin had already untied his hair and obviously brushed it out, because it was no longer messy, he came in and I poured him a glass of wine, we sat on the balcony chatting about his hair, I didn't want to be nosey, but he kept referring to his X and I got the impression he was newly single.
He said his partner had cheated on him and he decided it was time to move on and get a flat of his own, so it's just you then living here, he said yes, my Dad is paying the rent until I get some work around here.
I was about five or more years older than Justin, but I had been single for quite a long while now after a very long relationship that turned sour, I tended to go for guys my own age or older, when he asked me about my situation, I was honest with him and he said that he always went for older grounded guys especially after the last relationship.
We sat chatting a lot and I realised he was no young immature jerk that just jumped into bed with anyone , he was actually growing on me the longer the afternoon went on, I suggested he stay for some food and I ordered in some take away, he straight away offered to pay for it, which I thought was great, at least he had principals too, but I said, no, my treat.
The food was great and we had some more wine, eventually he brought up the subject of his hair, he asked me what I would do with it, straight away, I said without thinking, cut it off! Silence from Justin for a few moments, he said, is that your preference then, I nodded and looked at him, he had beautiful bright blue eyes that just were mesmerizing , I jumped in with this, I said, Justin, there is no getting away from the fact your a very good looking boy, but for me the long blond hair is too girly for my tast, but please don't take it the wrong way, your hair is very nice, it's straight, got good body and in perfect condition, I bust think a short cut would suit you better, but please ask for someone else's opinion before you decide.
He said, actually, I have been thinking of a change, but could not bring myself to cut it all in one go, but maybe in this situation, not sitting in a salon or barber shop, I feel more comfortable. I said, look , I am not going to cut it right now as we have both had a few glasses of wine, but if you sit on the chair there I will get a comb and try some different looks to get the feel of your hair, before I had got up myself to get a comb, he was sitting on the chair waiting. I stood behind him running my comb through his hair' it felt good, his hair was in perfect condition, no split ends and was very long, it just reached to the bottom of his shoulder blades, I could see he loved someone touching his hair, he sat with eyes closed, silent and breathing slightly heavily, I asked if he always parted to the centre, he said usually, but sometimes to the side, if the fringe was cut I would part to the side always, I tried the side parting and his hair was perfect for that, I said, it parts just right to the side and your right in what you say, cut the fringe and it's just perfect. I combed the hair back behind the ears both sides, he had gorgeous ears, but long sideburns, I ran my fingers through his hair pulling it back even more, I said, one thing that needs to go whether you have long or short hair is the sideburns, he looked up at me and said, can you shave them now, then I will think about what you said and make a firm day to do the cut.
I said, you want me to shave them right now ? He said, if you don't mind, of course I don't mind I said, I fetched a small pair of clippers and a razor, I placed a towel over his shoulder on one side and tilted his head, I put a straight line into the sideburn at the hairline and shaved down to remove the first sideburn, then shaved smooth with the razor, it looked so much better, long hair with no sideburns is a much nicer look, I did the other side too, he got up and looked in the mirror, he smiled at me and said, that's awesome, I told him it's a great look with a neat man bun, not a messy one like he had earlier, he said, it usually is neat, I was just in a hurry before, with that he spent about ten minutes tying it up into a super neat bun, it did look so much nicer.
He was definitely growing on me more as the evening went on, just goes to show, first impressions are not always right.
The next day I went to work and returned in the evening to find a bottle of wine on the doorstep with a little note, just said, thanks, Justin xx
How sweet was that, at the weekend I had the usual busy Saturday and got home after work, there was a note on the Matt as I opened the door, it was Justin, all it said was, I am ready !
I just had a quick shower then knocked on his door, he opened the door, standing there with absolutely nothing on, oh wow, sorry I said, with that he pulled me into his flat and shut the door, I said jokingly, is that what you meant by being ready ? He grabbed me again, this time he was all over me, kissing and really very hot and horny, his hair tied up in a tight bun, not a bit out of place and a very clean shaven face, it wasn't long before I was naked too and we were on the floor in his lounge, he was super hot and very sexy, we had a great evening and I said to him, that was totally unexpected, he just smiled.
He poured a glass of wine and we sat there just chatting, he then said, when are you going to cut my hair Tony ? I looked at him and said, how about tomorrow morning, come round at ten, he said ok, I asked if he knew what he wanted and he just said, do what you want with it, I looked so surprised, saying are you sure ? I trust you Tony.
The next morning at ten, Justin arrived, hair loose and nicely brushed to one side, he came in and sat straight on the chair I had set up in the lounge, I put the cape around him and tucked the back in under his long hair, I started by sectioning off the hair, and pinning the top up out of the way, I had decided I was going to cut a short undercut with shaved back and sides, I just checked he was ok with me going quite short before firing up my clippers, he told me he was ready for a short haircut.
I lifted the long hair at the back and placed the clippers at the base of his neck with a grade two guard on, I pushed the clippers up slowly about four inches high, this I continued at the sides as well, there was a huge amount of long blond hair covering the floor, I switched the clippers off and unpinned all the top now and cut the rest with scissors blending down nicely to the undercut, he was looking so hot, the long fringe hanging over his face was the last bit to cut, I wanted it cut short enough to blend with the rest, but also to be able to have a side parting, I applied a little light wax to the fringe and blow dried it to shape so it didn't flop forward, he looked so good and was a perfect model, I took the cape off and told him to look in the long mirror in the hall, he came back in the lounge and said, Tony, I was so scared when I felt the clippers, but you have done a really great haircut, I love it.

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