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True Story of Rob Part 2 by Tony

Part 2 True story of Rob
Rob sat there naked with the barbers cape around him, I was standing next to him while George sat there watching intently, Rob leaned forward and before I could work out what was happening, he took my hard cock in his mouth and I was in my element, just about to cut this gorgeous boys hair and getting a blow job from him first, after a few minutes, George said to Rob, best let Tony cut your hair now, we can continue after the haircut. Rob immediately stopped and sat back in the chair awaiting his short haircut.
I knew what I had to do even though I was reluctant to put Rob through the humiliation of the old fashioned haircut, but I had to follow Georges instructions, I started by flicking my clippers on in the silence of the room, pushing Robs head forward I placed the blades of the clippers at the base of his neck, pushing them up gently and removing about six inches of hair which fell heavily to the floor, again and again until the back of Robs head was reduced to mere stubble, I went to the right hand side now and did the same up almost to his temples and removing all the hair covering his ears, moving to the opposite side I did the same, now just the top to take care of, the fringe had flopped forward and was covering his eyes, sliding the scissors into the long fringe, I snipped off to just above his eyes, I then blended the rest of the top in to a very neat short back and sides haircut, just as I was cleaning up around the edges with the razor and making sure the sideburns were shaved to the skin, George had got up off his seat to give a closer inspection, he said to me, a little shorter up the neck at the back please Tony while I get you some brylcream to comb the hair neatly, I did what I was told and shaved Robs neck higher still, this was now a very short haircut, but strangely enough, it didn't look too bad on him, he was such a good looking guy, George returned and passed me the tub of cream which I applied liberally and making a very sharp side parting I combed the fringe neatly back on Robs head. I removed the cape and noticed Robs very hard cock sticking up like a flag pole, George said to me, yes you may Tony, suggesting I get on my knees and return the favor to Rob, which I did immediately, this was my first time and I remember it to this day, after Rob eventually climaxing as he sat there, George instructed him to get cleaned up and get dressed, he went to the bedroom and returned a short while later in a school uniform and sat on the chair opposite where we were standing now just cleaning up the mess from the haircut, I have to say, Rob looked so sexy, he smiled at me and sat there looking for his next instruction from George. I started putting all my things away when George said to me, can you do the same time next week please Tony, same routine please, I said, yes, no problem, with that George handed me two one pound notes, that was about four times the amount of a full haircut and blow dry, just as I left, Rob passed a piece of paper with a note on it. When I read the note, he said ring me at home on this number tomorrow evening. The next day I felt pretty good about myself, I had now realised how I was definitely gay and not ashamed of it, it was a great day at work and at the end of the day I quickly left to get home so I could ring Rob.
I had a quick shower and through a pair of shorts on then phoned Rob, he asked me if I was ok with what happened last night, I said, yes, not what I expected but it certainly put me on the right track and made me understand that I was definitely gay. He said, I knew you were, just needed a push in the right direction, George liked you too, not in that way, just said what a nice guy you were, Rob said what he had with George suited him, he liked to be controlled and dominated, he asked me what I thought when he came out with school uniform on, I said I was quite shocked, but if it was good for you two then that's all that mattered, I did say also how sexy Rob looked with it on and with his new short haircut, I asked how will you deal with the guys at work when they see your short haircut, he said, that was his last day on that job, he starts a new one on Monday, so nobody will know any different. He asked if I wanted to meet up tonight for a drink or just a chat, I agreed and later we met in town.
It turns out that George has several guys that go to him, so Rob said, when you go there Friday evening, it will be someone else, but don't worry, George is totally trustworthy and you will be doing another haircut.
But for now, we can have some fun if you fancy it, come back to my place and spend the evening with me if you like, that's if you like me, I said, like you, I think you are very nice and very sexy.

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