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School leaver by Tony

School leaver.
I had just woke up and walked downstairs to get some breakfast, Mum was in the kitchen, she looked across at me and said, Daniel, now that you have just left school, you should try to work out what sort of job you want, but you really do need to sort your hair out before you start getting interviews!
Mum meant well, she had brought me up on her own as Dad had left when I was very young, I said yes ,ok Mum, but I have to go to the library this morning to do some research.
I had a shower and washed my hair, it was getting long now, it covered my collar by about four inches and my fringe just hung down past my chin, I dried it and just ran my fingers through it and put a hoodie on with a pair of jeans
I sat in the library thinking and dreaming really, a middle aged man was sat opposite me at the table, I had a thing for older men and kept looking across at him hoping he would notice me, he glanced across at me and said, is there a coffee shop near here, quick thinking on my part, I said, yes, not far from here, I am going there myself in a minute, he smiled and said, ok you can show me where it is then.
I introduced myself to him and we walked to Mc Donald's he said, let me buy you a coffee, ok I said and sat in the corner, he returned a few minutes later with two coffees. He said to me he goes to the library most days, but did not know the town very well yet, I told him I had just left school here and was doing some research before applying for a job.
I had noticed looking at him closer that he must have been about thirty to thirty five, with very short old fashioned hair, obviously recently cut and very well dressed with shirt tie and jacket, with trousers and very shiny well polished shoes.
Peter said to me, if your looking for a job, then surely you will need to get a haircut, I smiled and said, that's just what Mum said to me this morning.
Peter said, when I was just a bit younger than you, my uncle Peter used to collect me from school and take me to the barber shop, he always commented on how one should look smart in school uniform and have a proper haircut too. I sat there feeling quite horny, thinking how nice it would be to be taken to the barber shop, I knew that I had a hair fetish as I used to spend lots of time combing and brushing my hair. I told Peter, I never had a male figure to take me as my Dad left when I was young, Peter said, that's a shame, it's good to have a Father figure to show you the way, I had my Uncle Peter.
I said to him I needed to go as had some more research to do but would be in the library again in the morning and thanked him for the coffee and his advice.
I went straight back home, Mum had already left for work, I could not get the thought out of my mind about being taken to the barber shop, I had to go and relieve myself I was so hard, then the thought came to me, maybe if I prompted Peter in the morning at the library he might offer to take me to the barber shop, I was just fantasizing really.
The next morning I woke up feeling very hard, I jumped in the shower and washed and conditioned my hair, I dried it and spent a while combing my long hair neatly then checked to see if Mum had left for work, she had, I put on a white shirt a pair of grey trousers and a school tie before leaving for the library, Peter was already there, he looked very surprised to see me dressed that way, he said my word Daniel, you look smart today and you have combed you hair too, I think I need to take you to the barber shop, what do you think, I spluttered out a yes please, but did not want to sound too eager, Peter said I will take you to my regular barber for a proper haircut, with that he stood up, put his book back and said, let's go young Daniel.
My heart was racing, my trousers feeling slightly tight and I was hoping not showing just how hard I was getting, Peter said, my car is just in the car park, we drove for about five minutes across town then pulled up just outside a very old fashioned barber shop, it was like out of the nineteen thirties, my stomach was now churning as we walked through the door into a quite small shop, just one barber chair facing into the shop, Good morning Peter said the old barber, he was probably about sixty, hello said Peter, I have brought my young nephew for a proper haircut , this is young Daniel, as you can see very much in need of your expertise.
The barber said to me, jump in the chair, I was feeling so excited, hoping that he would not cut my hair too short, but I wanted Peter to be in control of it, that excited me more than anything, the barber flicked the white cape open and placed over me, tucking it in at the back, he had to lift my long hair up in order to do that, he kept the chair facing into the shop, so I was looking straight at "Uncle Peter", as he had introduced himself to the barber, he smiled at me and then gave a little wink, my God I was rock hard now. The barber started by combing my hair forward covering my whole face, he parted it to the side then combed it across before picking up his clippers, my heart was thumping so hard in my chest at the excitement of what was about to happen, I got my wish of being taken to the barber.
He pushed my head forward and with a strong grip on top of my head, the clippers were placed at the base of my neck, I could feel the cold metal blades on my nape, then the strange feeling of them running up the back of my neck, they seemed as though they were never going to stop going up, I thought, oh my God, this is going to be so short, again and again up the clippers went shaving my neck, then he moved to the side and placing the buzzing blades on my cheek at the side, he pushed up into my hair, way up past the top of my ear and up to what felt like my temples, all I could see was my long hair sliding down the cape and onto the floor and Peter looking on with a smile on his face. The other side was done the same, then the clippers were replaced on the hook, he carried on snipping with scissors now all around from left to right, then finally stood in front of me combing my long fringe forward, the scissors were carefully placed just above my eye and then my heart missed a beat as the blades closed on my long fringe, it dropped in my lap with a heavy feel, I thought straight away, my long fringe was gone, I was harder than ever now, the scissors were replaced in his top pocket and he took a brush to clean away all the cut hair, then he lathered up the side of my head above the ears and round to the neck, the with his razor he shaved away all the lather and felt quite naked, he placed some powder on his brush and dusted all around, he said to Peter, same cream as yours ? Peter said, oh yes please, with that his fingers dipped into the pot of hair cream and he massaged it through my hair, his comb poised he did a perfect straight line at the side combing the top of my hair across then skillfully combed the remains of my fringe back off my forehead, finally brushing me down and getting the approval of Peter, he took the cape off me and spun the chair to face the mirror, I did not recognize the boy looking at the mirror, my hair shaved to the skin at the sides and slicked back like a nineteen thirties haircut, the barber held up the hand mirror to reveal the shaven back, I thought to myself, what has just happened, but I was still hard, sheepishly I stepped down from the chair, Peter smiled at me and said, Daniel, you now look like a well turned out boy, very nice, with that he ran his fingers up my neck, several times giving his approval, he paid the barber and thanked him then we left and sat back in the car, he said to me, you enjoyed that didn't you, I could not lie, I did enjoy it and it showed in my pants. We drove back to the library and I said, thank you " Uncle Peter" and walked home.
I went upstairs and gazed at myself in the mirror, standing there in school uniform with a very short haircut and very hard cock.
Part 2 soon

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