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True Story of Rob part 1 by Tony

True story of Rob.
I was seventeen and had been working in this barber shop since leaving school full time, I had already worked there after school and Saturdays for about eighteen months before , so I actually started in 1969. The boss was an eccentric guy about forty and there were five working here, he liked to call it a hair stylist rather than a barber shop, it was about the time things got modern in the men's haircuts, we started washing and doing what was called blow waves then, being a trendy shop of the times, we were all up on the latest styles, at that time it was very trendy to have long hair at the back and shorter at the sides with the top and fringe cut down to the point where it just started to stand up. The area was in the county of Essex in England, that's all I am saying.
It was late on a Friday evening, just six pm and the shop was just closing, the boss was cashing up and the four other stylists were already out the door, just as the boss was about to leave, he left me to finish cleaning up ready for the busy day Saturday, a young guy about my age walked through the door and asked if he could get a haircut and wash, the boss said we are just closing , the guy looked really disappointed, so I said, I can do it for you, the boss said, ok, if your ok with that, I said yes, he told me to make sure I cleaned up after and that the money I charged would be in my pocket, I thanked him and he left, locking the door and pulling the blind down on his way out.
The young guy said to me, thanks so much for this, you have saved my life!, I laughed and said, was it as bad as that ? He started by saying, my name is Rob, I said I am Tony, he was obviously working on a building site as he was quite dusty and had working clothes and boots on, I asked if he had time for me to have a coffee first and I made him one too.
He told me it was a long story and I might not understand his predicament, I was intrigued and said, tell me then, he looked a little flushed and said, look I am going to just come out with it, I am gay, I looked surprised, I said to him, ok, I don't know anything about that, but what has that got to do with having your hair cut ? He told me, look, I have met an older guy, which I like, but he likes to be in control of me, I must have looked stupid, and was just about to question him when he said, it's like being dominant and I am submissive, and I find it very exciting, I know if your not gay you might not understand. At that time I hadn't realised I was gay too, I was not really interested in girls, but was not sure about being gay either, he said to me, you probably have a nice girlfriend and would not understand me. I stopped him there and said, I don't have a girlfriend and to be honest don't have any interest in girls, he said to me, then you must be gay like me, I think I blushed a lot and felt quite uncomfortable as I had never thought about this before. He said, it took me a while to understand it too, but I know what I like now. We chatted a lot more and I got an insight in to the general way things worked. Anyway, he told me his boyfriend had asked him to get a haircut as it was too long, I said to him, but this is about the length of a guys hair who likes to keep up with the general trend, he said, I know, but George has asked me to get a short back and sides before I get there this evening, and I have to obey his instructions for the relationship to work. I had to admit to myself that I was actually being turned on by this and felt myself getting hard. Rob had noticed this and said, you are definitely gay Tony, maybe I will introduce you to George as he can help you and guide you, that's if you want, I said, maybe, but let's chat more again about it, now I need to cut your hair for you.
I said to Rob, are you totally sure you want a short back and sides, it's so short and will really stick out like a sore thumb with all the other guys with their long hair, he said, it's what George has told me to get, in fact he told me to go to Richardsons barber shop just down the road, but they were closed when I got there, so here I am, ok, I said, I know what type of haircut he does, and it's always really short, it's his type of customer for that haircut. As young school kids we all got taken there and always came out shorn to the wood, it was awful. Rob laughed, he said his experience was similar with the barber he used to be taken to.
I decided to wash Robs hair first as it was so dusty, his hair was thick, straight and very dark brown, it reached about four inches past his collar, an inch past the bottom of his ears and the fringe was covering his eyes, I washed and conditioned it before blow drying it with a side parting, blowing the fringe back off his face. He actually looked really nice, his hair was so thick it took ages to dry. I really liked him a lot, but was not much into the same things he was, he obviously liked an older man to dominate him. Myself, well not even come to terms with the whole being gay thing yet. I knew that I liked certain types of guys, and usually it was as far as looks, just like Rob, I told him that and he said, there are plenty of guys like me, let me introduce you to George, he will help you find what your looking for.
I made a suggestion to Rob, I said, why don't you phone George and ask if I can come to cut your hair at his place as you were too late for Richardsons, then I can meet him too, I can bring clippers and scissors with me, you can phone from the shop phone, he agreed, after getting off the phone he said, George is happy with that.
We left the shop and walked to Georges house, I was a little nervous as I had never met anyone gay before, I suppose I was a little naive about the whole situation, George answered the door, he was about thirty a well built guy, very old fashioned looking, a very neat short back and sides haircut, side parting and slicked back front with what smelt like brylcream.
I felt straight away at ease here, George was a nice guy, but I could see he was dominant with Rob, and he loved it, saying' yes sir to every order George gave him, I must admit I was quite turned on watching this happen, George sent Rob to get a shower and whispered something to him as he went, we chatted and I explained I was new to this, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, just remember, only ever do what you feel comfortable with, and then he asked me if I liked Rob, I said, yes, he is a very nice looking guy, I like the way he looks, with that, George asked if I was comfortable having some fun with both of them, but he would watch Rob and me, but only if I was happy with it, I thought for a minute and said, yes, let's try it, George said he would go and ask Rob, he left me sitting there for a few minutes, when he came back, Rob was behind him totally naked after having his shower, he smiled at me and said, do you want to shower too, I said, yes please, Rob showed me to the shower and then I came back to the lounge naked too, I was a little shy as I had shaven my pubic hair that morning and was standing there very naked, George looked at me and said, very nice Tony, can you take Rob to the bathroom and shave him too, I was immediately very hard and George said, I guess that's a yes then, Rob and I went to the bathroom and I shaved him smooth, he loved it and kissed me after, we went back into the lounge, George had placed a chair in the middle of the room, he said to me, now it's time for Robs haircut, looking at me, he said, I want it the same as mine ok, Rob sat there like a schoolboy being told to exactly what to do, he was silent as I put the cape around him, George sat himself on another chair to get the best view, off you go Tony, he piped up, nice and short for the boy. I must admit, standing there naked about to give this guy a haircut was such a turn on, I couldn't hide the fact my cock was rock hard, George said to Rob, give Tony some encouragement and with that he had my stiff cock in his hand playing with it as I started combing his hair ready for his short back and sides.
To be continued

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