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True Story of Rob part 3 by Tony

Part 3 True story of Rob
Friday evening came again and George was expecting me after work, I ran home and had a quick shower before walking around to Georges, I knocked on the door and the same looking guy opened the door and asked me in, the chair again was in the middle of the room ready for the haircut, I put my bag down on the table and took out all that I needed, George asked me if I was ready to do the same routine as last week, I smiled and said, definitely, he called out to Philip, who was waiting for his instructions in the bathroom. George asked me to get naked ready to receive Philip, he said to me, a little more work on this one Tony, so I will give you three pounds tonight, I will be grateful if you don't repeat what happens here to anyone, I agreed and could not believe he was paying me so much to do this.
He called to Philip to come out to the lounge, I nearly gasped when I saw this young guy come into the lounge and sit straight on the chair, he was naked, shaved and very hard already, he had really long hair just past his shoulder blades, it was blond and straight, this reacted on me too and I found myself rock hard too, George said, Tony, this is Philip, he needs the same haircut you did for Rob last week, a proper short back and sides, before you put the cape on, Philip will show you how appreciative he is for you taking time to do this for him, George sat back and watched as Philip leaned forward, tossing his long hair back and taking my rock hard cock in his mouth, he was so experienced at this, then George said, ok sit back Philip , he immediately sat back and waited for his next instruction, I placed the cape over him and started combing his silky long hair, it felt so silky and soft, I looked across at George, he just said, exactly the same as last week please Tony.
I pulled all Philips hair back into a pony tale, taking my scissors and slicing off the entire tale, it dropped to the floor with a thud, the long thick heavy hair was going to be shaved so short, I parted the remaining long hair into a side parting, then with my clippers in hand, placed them at the base of his neck and pushed them up gently, several more passes up the back reduced it to just stubble, I remembered what George said last week, a bit shorter up the back Tony please, so this time I took it higher the first time, it was shorter than Robs hair at the back, I did both sides and then the fringe, as I combed it forward, it came about three inches past the bottom of his chin, placing the scissors in at eye level I snipped straight across, about eight inches or more of hair dropped in Philips lap and slid down the cape to the floor, the rest was blended in nicely and his short back and sides was almost complete, I just razored round the edges when George came to inspect, a little shorter up the back please Tony, I was surprised as I had already taken it shorter, but I obeyed my instructions and shaved it even higher, then I applied a generous amount of Georges Brylcream making the perfect side parting with the fringe slicked back neatly, I removed the cape and could see Philip sitting very hard , George called to me to come and sit in the armchair while Philip got changed, he returned to the room dressed exactly as Rob was, school uniform, George instructed him to show his appreciation for his excellent haircut, Philip kneeled in front of the armchair and took my hard cock in his mouth until I exploded , time to clean up Philip, George said
With that Philip started cleaning up and I packed my things, George paid me the three pounds he said and I left, he said to me, if you want, next week, you can come here, but at the moment I don't have anybody lined up yet, George said he would let Rob know.

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