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True Story of Rob Final by Tony

Final part of Rob
This is the final part because after this it got more about the sex and less of the haircuts, Rob called me and told me there would be no Friday night at Georges this week, but he had an interesting one for next week, I was intrigued, Rob told me he was spending a night with George on his own this week.
The following Friday, Rob met me after work and walked with me to Georges, Robs hair had grown considerably as it was now four weeks since his first cut, so as we arrived, George had his usual chair in the middle of the room, he instructed Rob and I to undress, which we did, both were both hard already and George ordered Rob to sit in the chair, I caped him ready, wondering what was going to be different tonight. George instructed me, Tony, a little shorter this time please, same style but shorter please, Rob just sat there still, I thought for a minute, the only way I was going to get this shorter to satisfy George was to razor shave the sides and back, so I started the clippers, Robs hair had a good amount of brylcream in it with the side parting, I made a line in the hair just below the temples all around to the back and the same from the other side, I could not use lather so just made use of the existing brylcream, I put a new blade in my razor and carefully shaved from my line downwards, George was looking on as usual, I was a little nervous, but carried on all the way around to the opposite temple, Robs skin was totally visible and quite white, I now started the clippers and started to blend into the sharp line, it started to look awesome, I picked up the scissors and trimmed the top slightly and the fringe before applying a little more brylcream, I was thinking, well George won't be able to say a little shorter up the back this time, I finished and George said, perfect Tony, now Rob will go to the bathroom and shave himself smooth while you have another task.
George called out, come in now Jason, I looked up and a naked guy walked in from the hallway, he was absolutely gorgeous, his long dark brown hair shone under the light in the room, long and straight, the hair swung as he walked to the chair, he sat down, with a flick of his head, his hair tossed back behind his shoulders and hung over the back of the chair, I immediately caped this boy up ready for Georges instructions, I could not resist running my fingers through this long silky hair wondering what I was going to be told to do, George was watching me running my comb through his long hair letting my fingers caress it too, I was rock hard already, George ordered Jason to kneel on the floor facing my hard cock, he instructed me to keep running my fingers through his long hair while Jason pleasures me immensely, enough called George, we don't want a mess on the floor do we, with that Jason sat back in the chair.
George proceeded to give me instructions, he said, well , Jason does not like hair cream, so I want a buzz cut for him, put a grade two on your clippers and shave the top, then sides can be shaved with the razor like Robs, that way we won't need cream. I was actually devastated that I had to buzz this gorgeous hair, I wanted to keep it long and run my fingers through it some more, but that would spoil what George had in mind for this submissive boy.
So,without any delay, I did what I was instructed to do, feeling Jason's hair and spending more time than I should running my fingers through this silky long hair and pulling it back from his forehead, I clipped a grade two guard on the clippers and plunged them through the long hair at the forehead right through to the crown, the clippers labored quit a lot under the strain of the long thick hair, several passes more and my bare feet were covered in a mountain of hair, Jason just sat there expressionless as his cut hair slid down the cape to the floor, his hair gone from about eighteen inches in length to a mere quarter of an inch, I continued with the sides this time and finally the back until the whole head was buzzed.
I took the guard from the clippers and made a line all around from temple to temple, then lathered up below that line, putting a new blade in the razor I shaved to the skin, this was so severe, at least Rob had the length on top, as I had finished I was instructed to sit in the armchair while Jason pleasured me to completion this time, Jason was ordered to receive a few slaps on his backside from George as he was bent over Georges knee, this was all total humiliation for the guys in question, Rob was called back into the room to clear up the mess, this time George gave me four pounds for my trouble and I was sent on my way.
The following day I called Rob when I got in from work, we met up and talked a lot about what had happened, he told me later that evening, both of them had been dismissed from Georges house, they chatted on the way home and Jason had realised this was not the sort of thing he wanted to continue with, he asked Rob if he could meet me again, I told Rob, yes without a doubt, I thought he was gorgeous, we were together for about two years and he grew his hair long again.

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