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Part 2 school leaver by Tony

Part 2 School leaver
I decided to take a walk to the nearest shop where I could buy some brylcream, this is what the barber used on my hair and if I was to meet up with Peter the next day I wanted my hair to look it's best.
I got back home and went to the bathroom to make sure I could comb my hair the same as the barber did for me, I found it quite easy and practiced a little more to get the parting perfect and the slicked back fringe just right.
It was nearly six pm and Mum arrived home, she looked at me and said in a very surprised voice, Daniel, I have never seen your hair so short, when I said about a haircut I thought you would just have your usual trim up. I said I wanted to look smart for job interviews, also I needed to get some white shirts ironed ready, Mum said bring them down and I will do them for you.
The next morning I woke up early and felt really horny and excited, I really wanted to get to know Peter better, after Mum left for work, I showered and dried my hair in seconds, I rubbed some brylcream into my hair and styled it perfectly, looking at myself in the mirror, I was getting hard again, running my fingers up my shaved neck it felt so awesome, I dressed with white shirt and grey trousers again and put my school tie on, I just slipped on a light jacket to cover my school tie, then made my way to the library.
As I arrived I went in and picked a couple of books and sat at the table, I started reading, but could not concentrate, I just kept thinking of Peter and my trip to the barber shop the day before, I found my self getting hard again. It wasn't long before Peter arrived and sat right next to me, he said in a very quiet voice, Daniel, you look so smart this morning, lovely haircut, I smiled and said, all thanks to "Uncle Peter" he made me have this haircut !
Peter smiled, he was such a hot guy, so perfect in every way, he dressed and looked like a fifty year old man, but he was only early thirties, this turned me on hugely. He said, let's get a coffee, we can't really talk in here.
I followed him to get a coffee, we talked a lot and he said, I like you Daniel, I want to help you get started with your working career, let me speak to a friend of mine who runs a large company, he may have a position in the accounts office if you like that idea, I said, thank you, that's great, I love working with figures. He said I am away for ten days myself, but when I get back I will arrange to take you there.
Ten days seemed like an eternity, but true to his word, Peter contacted me and said, tomorrow morning I will pick you up at the library car park and take you to meet your new employer, be there for nine am sharp.
Nine am I was there waiting , Peter pulled into the car park, I jumped in the car and he said, first stop Daniel is the barber shop, we need to get you cleaned up and looking perfect, I was hard straight away, being taken to the barber shop for another haircut was so exciting, we pulled up right outside the shop, in we went, Peter said to the barber, my nephew Daniel has a job interview this morning, can you make sure he is shaved nice and close today please, the barber sat me in the chair, cape on in a flash, the clippers were switched on and running up my neck in no time at all, the feel of the metal blades vibrating against my skin was so satisfying, he did the sides too, and trimming the top very slightly, he lathered up the back and sides like before, then razored me smooth, that feeling was also very hot too, he dried me with a towel then applied a generous amount of cream and combed my hair perfectly, as like last time he removed the cape and spun the chair to face the front, this time I could see the white skin of my scalp shaved even higher at the sides than before, he showed me the mirror at the back, that was the same, shaved probably another inch higher than last time, I could feel myself getting even harder and had trouble hiding it, he looked across and said, how's that for him"Uncle Peter" ? He smiled and said, he will do nicely thanks.Peter paid the barber and we left.
It was about fifteen minutes drive to the company, an engineering works, but quite large, Peter sat there for a few minutes before saying to me, you are meeting the accounts manager today, you will be working under his supervision, this is an important position , but first I have something to tell you, I own this company, I just wanted you to know me first before offering you a job. With that he took me in and introduced me to Alan the accounts manager, this was an informal chat really, Peter had already offered me the job in a round about way, the salary was amazing for a trainee, but I just felt very lucky.
We left the company and Peter said, let's go to my place and chat more, when we arrived at Peters house, it was enormous, we went in and he said, just relax, I am going to ask you something, I feel very sure you like me as much as I like you, is that right? Yes I said, from the first day I met you, I really like older guys, he said good, I like younger guys, but you obviously know I have a real fetish for short traditional styled hair, it's a fetish I have had for a long time, but have never found a partner into the same until meeting you. I immediately felt my bulge getting bigger again, I said, this is something I have been interested in too.
Peter said, that's good, when I decide you need a haircut, I will take you and inform the barber the haircut I want for you, just like the last two haircuts, is that ok for you, I smiled and said,"Uncle Peter" that's perfect for me. I knew that my short back and sides was a permanent haircut from now on.

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