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Kevin and the Cyclist by Gator

This story was recovered from the Wayback Site. I do not remember who the author is/was.

Kevin and the Cyclist

Kevin Connelly sat slouched as low as he could get at his desk in the back of the room. His long legs stretched out across the aisle between rows of desks. Normally, Kevin would take a desk near the front of the class. But, in algebra, he took the back row " not to duck the professor’s attention, though. Algebra was the only class Kevin shared with Sean Dent, and by sitting in the back, Kevin was able to surreptitiously stare at Sean’s beautiful mane of thick blond hair. Sean’s hair was that beautiful white blond with just the right tint of golden highlights that had Kevin wondering if it was natural or augmented in a salon.
Kevin absently rubbed a hand over the crown of his head, taking pleasure in the way the buzzed hair felt under his palm. He kept his dark brown hair cut short " usually favoring an Ivy League style with just enough length at the front to gel and comb over to the side or push up in a fashionable bumper. Waiting for Sean to show up for class, Kevin wondered whether Sean had ever experienced the feel of clippers running over his head. He doubted it. Sean Dent had probably worn his hair long all his life. Kevin was willing to bet that Sean didn’t have a father who dragged him to a barbershop and informed the barber to "buzz that mop off." He was certain Sean’s dad never sat him on a stool on the back porch on the last day of school to run the bare bladed clippers over his head for a summer buzz.
Kevin remembered those back porch shearings " sitting there on the tall stool and watching tufts of his dark hair falling all around him. He remembered the feel of the bare blades over his head, knowing from experience that when he was finally allowed to slip down from the stool that his hair wasn’t going to be long enough to pinch between his finger and thumb. He remembered the good-natured taunts and teasing he’d have to endure from his friends when they saw his freshly buzzed head. He hated those haircuts.

Then, something remarkable happened. Right after his annual shearing when he was 14, his best friend Johnny Philips, ran his hand over Kevin’s stubbly scalp sending tingles of excitement down Kevin’s spine. He remembered how all that tingling seemed to concentrate in his groin as he got an erection. He remembered how Johnny’s hand began to slow down and caress his head instead of briskly rubbing it. And then, both of Johnny’s hands were slowly, tenderly caressing his head as Johnny admitted how much he loved feeling the soft fuzz on Kevin’s scalp. Suddenly, the two of them were locked in each other’s arms. At that moment, Kevin fell in love with having a buzzed head.

Two weeks later, Kevin sat on the stool again. This time, Johnny was the one with the clippers in his hand. For the first time in his life, Kevin loved hearing the cheap discount store clippers chatter into life moments before they circumnavigated his scalp. Kevin was thrilled to watch the little tufts of his hair fall around him. After that day, Kevin casually announced that he was going to pay for his own haircuts out of his allowance and that he was old enough to go to the barbershop by himself. At first, his Dad wasn’t sure that Kevin could be trusted to keep his hair short enough to meet his standards. But, he finally gave Kevin a chance to take charge of his own haircuts " adding that if his son let his hair get too long, he’d soon fix that.

Of course, Kevin didn’t go to a barbershop. At least once a month, Johnny ran the clippers over Kevin’s head and kept his dark brown hair buzzed short. As he gained more experience with the clippers, Johnny experimented with different short styles on his friend. At first, he simply let the hair at Kevin’s forehead grow a little longer to form a bumper. Eventually, the bumper was transformed into a short Ivy League style with bangs long enough to comb over that surprisingly met with Kevin’s dad’s approval. Kevin had kept the style ever since.

Though they weren’t in a committed relationship anymore " Johnny had chosen to attend another university where he had found a boyfriend " they were still close friends. Johnny periodically visited Kevin and still gave him fresh haircuts when his visits were long enough. Kevin’s childhood boyfriend had come out of the closet on his campus and urged Kevin to find a partner of his own.

Kevin’s daydreams were interrupted by the musical sound of Sean’s laughter as he bounced into the classroom. Perking up, Kevin watched Sean cross the room to take his usual seat one row over and a few seats ahead of him. Shorter than average height " Kevin figured Sean couldn’t be more than 5’5" or 5’6" at most " Sean always seemed to be full of energy and good humor. Taking his seat, Sean ran his hands though his thick, shoulder-length locks, pushing his hair back behind his ears. For the first time, Kevin caught the glint of a gold hoop in Sean’s right ear. He wondered whether Sean had both ears pierced, or just the one. He wouldn’t mind finding out.

Kevin also wouldn’t mind finding out what was beneath the loose jerseys and pleated slacks Sean normally wore. He was slender, that much was evident. But, Kevin couldn’t help wondering what kind of build Sean had under those stylish clothes. He sighed; he didn’t see any way for him to find out and reminded himself that Sean would just have to remain a very pleasant " and probably unattainable " daydream.

For the rest of the Fall Term, Kevin indulged in staring at Sean from a distance and dreaming of being the one to introduce him to the joys of a short haircut " and the fun that could follow. To his mixed joy and disappointment when he returned to campus for the Spring Term, he discovered that Sean was in four of his classes. He had more opportunity to admire Sean and his golden mane from afar and more opportunity for his frustration to grow.
Kevin couldn’t bring himself to try to strike up a friendship with his classmate. Until he got to know someone, Kevin tended to be shy about making new friends. So far, aside from a couple of non-committal dazzling smiles in greeting neither had really spoken.

Things changed about a month into the semester. Kevin had left his small off-campus apartment one morning to find that someone had backed a big car or truck into his bike. He figured the trash truck probably ran over the bike without ever knowing they had done so. His apartment " just a few rooms and a deck over an old carriage house, was one of the places where the trash truck had to turn around on pickup days. He swore as he glanced at the damage. The front tire was mangled beyond hope of repair and he doubted the forks could be salvaged, either. He didn’t have time to carefully examine the damage without being late for classes. For the first time since he first saw Sean, Kevin hardly paid any attention to his classmate. As soon as his last class was over, Kevin dashed back to his apartment and loaded his bike into the back of his jeep. He hoped the guys at The Bike Stop could give him good news that they could repair his bike.

Leaving his bike in the back of the jeep, Kevin trudged into the shop wondering what it was going to cost him to repair the bike. He really didn’t know much about bikes. He had bought the bike from another student who had been strapped for cash and had used the bike to travel from his apartment to campus and avoid the crowded parking lots. The guy he had bought the bike from had assured him that it was a top-notch bike. For Kevin, the price was right and it solved his on-campus parking problems.
Kevin was weaving his way around the floor displays when he heard a familiar musical laugh. Coming around a rack, he saw Sean leaning on the counter laughing at something the clerk had said. Kevin was shocked to see Sean there. The small blond was dressed in baggy shorts that fell to his knees and a loose-fitting long-sleeved T-shirt. Kevin couldn’t help noticing that Sean’s legs were smooth. Before he could say anything, Sean turned and flashed a friendly, dimpled smile. Kevin had never realized the deep dimples when Sean smiled.

"Hey, how’s it going?" Sean paused as he searched his mind. "It’s Kevin … right?"

"Yeah, yeah it is." Kevin was surprised that Sean even knew his name. The two had never really spoken before " at best, they had exchanged friendly nods and that was it. "It’s going okay … well, it will be if I can get my bike fixed."

"I didn’t know you were a cyclist," Sean exclaimed, his vivid blue eyes flashing with interest.

"I’m not really," Kevin admitted ruefully. "I just use it to get back and forth to campus."
"Cool," Sean grinned. "That’s a start to serious biking. What’re you riding?"

"Um, to tell you the truth, I don’t really know what make it is," Kevin said, feeling like a fool. "I bought it second hand." He waved in the general direction of the front of the shop. "It’s out in the back of my jeep."

Before he could say anything else, Sean hurried out to the parking lot. Kevin and the guy behind the counter trailed after him. By the time they reached the parking lot, Sean was already lifting the bike from the back of the jeep.

"Ooof," Sean grunted in surprise. "This thing weighs a ton." Despite his words, Kevin noticed that Sean easily lifted the bike from the back of the jeep, even though he had to stand on his toes to get the bike over the back end of the jeep. "So, whatta think, Dude?"

"I was hoping the guys here would know," Kevin said uncertainly.

Sean laughed again. "No, I was asking Dude what he thought. He’s called Dude," Sean said indicating the store clerk.

"I think the front end’s pretty much a write off," Dude said, shaking his head sadly. "Wheel’s beyond all hope … same with the forks." He crouched down to examine the rest of the bike. "Looks like this left pedal got pressed between whatever whacked this thing and a wall or something. I’d suggest tearing down the gears to make sure they’re okay." He slowly rose to his full height. "Seeing as you’re a friend of Sean’s … I’ll skip the labor charges and just charge you for parts…"
"Well, I really just know Sean from class," Kevin said. "You really couldn’t call us friends to be honest."

"Don’t listen to him," Sean scoffed. "We’re sure not enemies … we just haven’t had the chance to really get to know each other."

"Sounds good to me," Dude agreed. He turned to Kevin. "I can fix this okay … I’ll have to order the forks."

"Y’know," Sean said speculatively, "you could do a trade. This thing cost some money when it was built and it was built to take some heavy punishment " it’s really a whole lot more bike than Kevin here needs."

"You ain’t gonna get any argument there," Dude agreed. "If all he’s doing is ridin’ the streets, he sure as hell don’t need this. But, what’re you suggesting?"
"Well, you still have that graphite frame that was traded in last week, right? And, that guy from the Army base was looking for an older steel frame off-road bike right?"

Dude returned Sean’s grin. "Gotcha … it’s a perfect deal." He turned to Kevin. "Look, if you’re willin’, I’ll trade you this bike for the graphite one I got in the shop. Even trade."

"I don’t want to take advantage…"

"Bulls**t, I’ll make out on the back end " this Army dude has offered even more for something like this. He’s got some macho deal goin’ on where he only likes heavy-framed bikes. He’ll go apes**t for this thing. It’s a fair deal all around, man."

Sean disappeared into the shop and returned moments later with a beautiful midnight black bike hoisted on his shoulder. He lightly set it down next to Kevin’s battered bike and looked up grinning. "They’re both the same size, cool." He turned his brilliant eyes on Kevin. "So, is it a deal?"

Kevin could have melted under that friendly gaze. All he could do was shrug and agree to the trade. He listened as Sean explained that even though the beautiful black bike was lighter in weight, it was actually much stronger than his old one had been. He listened as Sean explained all the features of the bike, not understanding much of what he was hearing. It was clear to him that Sean was a dedicated bike rider who kept up on the latest innovations.

"Look, I guess maybe I should buy something," Kevin said, feeling like he had gotten the best part of the deal that had been made on his behalf. "I guess I could get a helmet or something."

"What’s wrong with your old one?"

Kevin almost blushed as he admitted to Sean that he didn’t wear a helmet. He was surprised when Sean gave him a friendly poke in the ribs and good-naturedly chided him for not wearing a helmet " especially since he did almost all his riding in traffic on city streets. He followed the small college student back into the shop where Sean was quickly sorting through the helmets on the rack. Finally, he handed one to Kevin and insisted he try it on.

Kevin had to admit the helmet was more comfortable than he’d expected it would be. "You really seem to know your way around bikes," Kevin observed. "You must be a pretty serious rider."

Sean shrugged. "Not really … I only do about ten miles a day. Really serious riders put on a lot more miles than that."

"Don’t let him kid you," Dude called. "That’s ten miles ONE way and ten miles back."

"It’s still no big deal on a bike," Sean shrugged. He turned to Kevin. "I’m always up for company if you’d ever like to join me."

Kevin thought his heart skipped several beats hearing those words. He’d gladly ride a hundred miles to spend time alone with Sean. Comparing schedules, Sean and Kevin discovered that they both got out of classes early on Thursdays. Kevin promised to meet Sean outside his dorm on Thursday while Sean promised to keep the trip a short one.

On Thursday, Kevin almost died of lust when Sean came out of his dorm, his bike easily lifted on his shoulder. For the first time since he first saw Sean, the small student wasn’t wearing loose clothing. He was wearing skin-tight black spandex bike shorts and a form-fitting jersey that showed that Sean had a well-developed physique. When Sean pushed his long white-blond hair back as he pulled his helmet on, Kevin noticed that only the small cyclist’s right ear was pierced and wondered if there was any significance to that fact.

"You want to go straight to get something to eat, or would you rather work up an appetite first and then get something to eat?" Sean asked.

"Let’s work up an appetite first."

"Cool, I promise the first leg won’t be more than a couple of miles," Sean assured him. "Just give a shout if you want to stop somewhere before we get down to Five Points. How’s Village Pizza sound as a place to eat?"

"Sounds good … it’s one of my favorite places," Kevin grinned.

Sean grinned his dimpled grin back and smoothly mounted his bike and took off in the opposite direction of Five Points and Village Pizza. Kevin couldn’t help grinning himself as he turned his bike around and fell in behind his new friend. He found it hard to concentrate on watching traffic as he rode behind Sean. Most of his attention was directed towards Sean’s tight ass and smooth, well-muscled legs.

Kevin enjoyed the first outing with Sean " especially sitting across from him at the pizza shop and drinking in the young bicyclist’s good looks. It didn’t take Kevin long to realize that Sean wasn’t standoffish at all " he was just remarkably shy. Kevin also discovered that Sean seemed totally unaware of just how beautiful he was and the reaction he had on others. Leaving the pizzeria, Kevin remarked that he had really enjoyed the ride. The comment resulted in another dazzling smile from Sean and an offer to join him on another ride the following Thursday.

It didn’t take long before the weekly bike rides and dinner at the Village Pizza Parlor became a regular event for the two college students. Kevin noticed Sean began making a point of speaking to him before each of their shared classes and whenever they saw each other on campus. Each Thursday, Kevin found Sean waiting patiently outside his dorm, dressed in the Spandex bike shorts, loose long-sleeved T-shirt, and helmet. One Thursday at the pizzeria after their ride, Kevin asked Sean about the Spandex shorts and his shaved legs. He wondered if the combination of the two really reduced wind resistance as he’d heard.

"Yeah, they do," Sean admitted, stretching his smooth legs out and examining them. "But, it only really matters in competition." He glanced up and grinned shyly. "There are other reasons for wearing the shorts though."

"Like what?"

"Chafing," Sean grinned. "Start riding for distance and you’ll find bike riders are prone to really bad chafing and man can that hurt like hell." He leaned down and ran a hand experimentally over one smooth calf. "As for shaving … well," Kevin noticed Sean’s face beginning to flush pinkly, "for one thing, I like the way they look and feel shaved. But, more importantly," he added, "sooner or later you’re gonna take a spill and need to apply a bandage. Just try removing the tape with hairy legs," he grinned and shook his head. "Man, that can hurt worse than the cut or scrape itself."

"So when do you take those really long rides Dude mentioned?" Kevin asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Almost every Saturday."

"How far do you go?"

"At least 50 or 60 miles," Sean said thoughtfully. "Sometimes more."

"You think I’m ready for something like that?"

"Sure," Sean said cheerfully. "You could handle it no problem. You don’t do all the mileage at once. Usually, I ride for a while and then stop for breakfast … then I do the next leg stopping here and there if I see something interesting. It’s not really as long a distance as it sounds."

Kevin wasn’t sure that Sean was right about him being ready for such a long ride, but he wasn’t about to miss out on an opportunity to spend an entire day with Sean. One way or another, he was going to keep up with the smaller cyclist.


Despite starting at 6:30 in the morning, Kevin was amazed to find he could easily keep up with his smaller classmate. Of course, he was sure Sean wasn’t really pushing himself that hard. Still, by the time they returned to campus, they had ridden 52 miles and Kevin was far from tired. He was delighted when Sean invited him on a slightly longer ride the following week. The second ride established a new pattern for the two students. During the week, they’d meet for lunch and discuss the coming Saturday ride as they examined maps to plot out a course. February became March and the rides continued.

Kevin was a little disappointed that Sean never commented on the new Spandex bike shorts he had taken to wearing on their rides and on his shaved legs. Kevin discovered that shaving his legs involved some twisting and contorting to reach everywhere on his legs. Once he had his legs smooth, he did find he liked the smooth, silky feel of his skin without their usual thick covering of hair.

It wasn’t long before their friendship extended beyond their bike rides. One day as they planned their weekly all day ride over lunch, Kevin casually complained about the trouble he was having with his computer. Kevin admitted that he didn’t know what the problem was when Sean asked him what the matter was. To his joy, Sean suggested that he should come over to Kevin’s apartment and check it out.

Kevin hurried home after class that day and jumped in the shower. As he toweled himself off, he began chuckling at the way he was behaving. Sean was only coming over to look at his computer, not pick Kevin up for a date. Forcing himself to relax, Kevin dressed casually and kicked back to await the arrival of his friend. Sean showed up a little later and went right to work on Kevin’s computer. He had barely turned the computer on when he announced that he knew wat was wrong.
"Your hard drive is about to die," Sean announced. "Did you hear the noise it made as it booted " like a coffee grinder having fits?"

"Yeah " it’s been doing that for a couple of weeks," Kevin admitted. "And sometimes, it won’t let me into a program, and then other times it works okay."
"Uh huh, when did you do your last backup?" The bewildered look on Kevin’s face was all the answer Sean needed. "Okay, let’s leave this running " cuz it might not boot up next time."

"What needs to be done to get it right?"

"You need a new hard drive," Sean said. "Can you afford to get one now?"

"Sure, that’s no problem," Kevin said.

"Cool " we can get a new hard drive and then, if you’ll stop over at my dorm, we can pick up my computer and get you fixed right up with no problem."
As Kevin followed Sean’s directions to the computer shop he always used, his blond haired friend explained that first he’d ghost Kevin’s hard drive to his computer and then replace the bad drive and return all the data from his old drive to the new one. The process seemed complicated to Kevin, but Sean assured him it was really a simple procedure.

As he leaned over Sean’s shoulder watching what he was doing, Kevin still wasn’t sure the procedure was quite as simple as Sean claimed. He knew he certainly couldn’t have done it. Looking down, he was surprised to find that he had been resting his hand on Sean’s shoulder and hadn’t realized it. Sean suddenly turned his head to tell him something and the two college students found themselves almost nose to nose. Kevin didn’t know why he did it, but before either of them could react, Kevin instinctively leaned forward and pressed his lips tightly against Sean’s.

Shocked, the two of them pulled back at almost the same instant. Sean’s brilliant blue eyes were wide with shock. Kevin flushed a bright red as he tried to think of something to say, but Sean beat him to the punch.

"You’re gay?" He asked in amazement.

"Look, I’m sorry," Kevin stammered. "I don’t know what came over me, I’m…"

Sean placed his hand over Kevin’s mouth to shut him up. "Shut up," he said his dazzling smile lighting up his face. He moved his hand from Kevin’s mouth to his neck and pulled him closer. This time, Sean initiated the kiss; his lips open and tongue exploring Kevin’s mouth. He wrapped both of his hands around the back of Kevin’s head and stroked his short hair as the two kissed.

"Me, too," Sean said softly when they finally broke their embrace to take a breath.

"You are?" Kevin asked in disbelief. "I’ve thrown out every kind of hint I could think of when we were riding together."

Sean offered Kevin an embarrassed little grin. "I’m pretty dense about picking up on things like that. I just thought you were being a nice guy. I mean, I figured you knew I was gay and just didn’t mind."

"How would I know you’re gay?"

"I’m a member of the Gay Student Union," Sean said in surprise. "I was just content to have a hunk like you as a friend, and uh, and…"

"And as a dream lover, you mean?" Kevin asked with a laugh.

"Well, that too, but I was more thinking as a jack off fantasy," Sean shot back with a dimpled grin.

"That makes two of us," Kevin admitted. Standing, he took Sean’s hand and pulled him along to the bedroom, stopping at the door to give the small, beautiful blond a meaningful look. In silent answer, Sean reached out and opened the door.

Kevin couldn’t begin to count the number of times he and Johnny had had sex and f***ed each other wildly. But, he realized that he’d never really made love to another man. Once he and Sean had stripped, Sean passionately explored every inch of Kevin’s body with his fingers " his touch gentle and curious. His blue eyes burned with an intensity Kevin had never seen as Sean watched for signs that his exploring fingers had found another of Kevin’s erogenous points. He eagerly explored every inch of Kevin’s rigid eight-inch penis, delicately licking the crystal clear precum forming on the tip of its mushroom head.

As much as Kevin wanted to feel Sean’s warm mouth surround his dick, he wanted his time with Sean to last even more. He pulled Sean up so they were face to face again and brought his hands up to touch Sean’s golden mane " the initial object of his desires. He had never dreamed he’d actually get to touch the thick, silky hair and delighted in its softness and weight. He raked his fingers through the shoulder-length locks over and over.

Kevin finally managed to pull his hands from Sean’s hair and explore the rest of his trim, well-defined body. He was delighted to discover that except for a neatly trimmed patch of thick blond pubic hair, Sean’s entire body from the neck down was totally smooth. Kevin guessed Sean’s chest was naturally smooth, but his arm pits and forearms were equally satiny smooth. The lack of almost all body hair made the young bicyclist’s body seem even more defined. His fair skin seemed almost chiseled from alabaster.

When Kevin finally couldn’t wait any longer, he flipped Sean over and straddled his new lover. Sean obligingly raised his hips, sighing in anticipation as Kevin applied KY-Jelly to his erect dick and to Sean’s inviting ass. He took his time entering Sean, pausing when he thought the gasp from beneath him was one of pain rather than excitement. Sean urged him to continue " with an almost begging tone in his voice. Once he was fully inside his new lover, Kevin got another surprise " Sean began rocking back and forth matching his movements to Kevin’s. Neither he nor Johnny had ever done that with each other and he found he liked the sensation.

His climax, when it eventually came, was the most intense he had ever experienced. Kevin felt drained not only of sperm, but of energy as well. Every muscle in his body felt rubbery and weak. He felt like he barely had the strength to trade places with Sean. To his surprise, Sean refused to f*** him " asking instead that Kevin suck his dick, which he was more than happy to do. As he took Sean’s dick in his mouth, the cyclist rubbed Kevin’s head and moaned ecstatically. After Sean’s climax, the two of them lay spent in each other’s arms.


After their first physical joining, their relationship moved to a new level " a level Kevin had only dreamed of since he first saw Sean. The two took to dropping in on each other unannounced and continuing their mutual exploration of each other. Since Kevin wasn’t openly gay on campus, Sean vigilantly protected his reputation by keeping a friendly distance in classes and around campus or any public place where their fellow students might see them.

Shortly before Spring Break, Johnny and his new boyfriend dropped in to visit Kevin. Sean was busy working on something for the campus Gay Student Union. Johnny, Michael " his boyfriend, and Kevin went out for a late lunch where Johnny chided Kevin about how shaggy his hair was getting. Returning to his apartment after lunch, Kevin got out his haircutting equipment " including a set of new Oster clippers and sat down as Johnny pulled the cape tightly around his neck. As Johnny cut his dark brown hair, Kevin rambled on about Sean. He described Sean’s mane of pale blond hair and how he still wanted to cut it, admitting that he had never even suggested the idea to Sean.

"Why not?" Michael asked, rubbing his own crewcut and pushing the bumper up. "That’s what really attracted me to Johnny. You never know Sean might like the idea. There’s something really sexy about sitting there as your lover transforms you by cutting your hair."

Johnny and Michael visited a while more after Kevin’s haircut before sadly announcing that they had to get on the road if they wanted to get back to their own campus before it got too late. Kevin walked them down to the street to their car, leaving the clippers and things sitting on the counter. Just as they were getting into the car, Sean wheeled up on his bike. Kevin made hasty introductions and was pleased to see that his friends, old and new, seemed to hit it off almost immediately. Sean immediately invited Kevin’s friends to join them for dinner as his guests and seemed genuinely disappointed when they had to refuse.
After watching Johnny and Michael pull off, Sean bounded up the stairs with Kevin. As they entered the apartment, Kevin suddenly remembered the clippers, cape, on the breakfast bar counter and shorn hair still littering the floor. Sean saw them before Kevin could slip around him and try to hide things. Sean glanced from the clippers to Kevin’s fresh haircut and then down to the clumps of hair on the floor.

"I didn’t know you cut your own hair," Sean said.

Kevin thought he detected a note of respect in Sean’s voice. "Well, I do sometimes. But, Johnny cut my hair today " it was getting pretty shaggy. He’s been cutting my hair for years."

"Do you cut his hair, too?"

"Sometimes I do, yeah," Kevin admitted. "Anytime you’d like me to give you a haircut, I’d be happy to," he added, taking a deep breath and hoping that his stiffening dick wasn’t making a noticeable bulge in his jeans.

Sean stepped closer until they were chest to chest and rubbed his hands up the back of Kevin’s head, smiling seductively. "Mmmm, feels good," he murmured, nibbling at Kevin’s neck. "Makes you look sexy, too." He slid his hands into Kevin’s jeans and sighed happily at finding Kevin already hard. It didn’t take long for the two of them to shuck their clothes and drop naked to the floor passionately making love to each other.

Their lovemaking took them from the den floor to Kevin’s bedroom. Sean had brought Kevin to climax twice by the time they reached the bedroom, and Sean managed to get Kevin erect a third time. Afterwards as Kevin searched the floor for their clothes, Sean sat cross-legged on the bed watching him with intensity.

"So, haircuts are like a real turn-on for you," Sean observed.

Kevin looked across at the cyclist in surprise. "Wh-what makes you say that?" He stammered.

Sean’s knowing grin split his face, giving him an elfin look. "When I slid my hands into your underpants, they were soaked in a major way. I could tell something got your motor running."

Blushing furiously, Kevin returned to the bed and sat down next to Sean and admitted his attraction to short hair and especially the process of haircutting. He explained how his father had always forced buzzcuts on him and how he got turned on after one of his annual shearings when Johnny rubbed his head. Sean shifted positions and reclined with his head resting in Kevin’s bare lap, his long silky hair tickling Kevin’s dick as he stared upward at his lover intently.

Kevin tried to keep his mind on explaining his hair and haircutting fetish, but the feel of Sean’s soft golden locks covering his crotch was making him erect again. To his amazement, Sean listened to him ramble on without showing any signs of disgust or disapproval. When he finally finished, Sean pulled his down until their lips met for a gentle kiss and thanked him for trusting him enough to share his interest.

As Sean was leaving to return to the dorm after showering, he paused at the door and gave Kevin a hard look. "I don’t like flattops," he announced firmly. Kevin didn’t know what to make of that announcement. He didn’t know if Sean was telling him that he was willing to let Kevin cut his hair, or whether his boyfriend was telling him that he wouldn’t like the way he looked in a flattop.

That Friday, Kevin planned a quiet night by himself " he figured he’d order a pizza be delivered and rented a couple of videos. Sean always worked on the Gay Student Union’s switchboard on Friday nights. He had just changed into a pair of loose running shorts and a T-shirt when there was a knock on the door. Opening it, he was surprised to find Sean smiling at him.

"You never said whether you were going to ride down to Florida with me over Break," Sean said, breezing into the apartment. "I need to confirm reservations at Disney World and for the train trip back."

"You never came right out and asked me to go with you," Kevin countered.

Sean shrugged. "I didn’t want you to feel pressured if you didn’t feel up to a ride that far," he said. "So, you wanna bike down there?"

"Yeah, I’d like to give it a try," Kevin admitted.

Sean nodded, biting his lower lip as he did. "I hear it’s supposed to be pretty hot down there." He looked around the room and Kevin noticed a mischievous glint appear in his vivid blue eyes. "So, unless I want to melt in the heat, I guess I’d better get a haircut."

Kevin’s mouth dropped open in shock. He wasn’t sure he had heard Sean right. "You mean you want me to cut your hair?" He asked stupidly.

"Can I trust you not to shave me bald?" Sean asked.

"Sure, you can," Kevin almost shouted. "And, no flattop for you either." He went to the cabinet and pulled out all of his barbering equipment, setting it neatly on the counter as he pulled a stool from the breakfast bar.

Sean hesitated, a playful grin on his face. "So, how did you and Johnny do this back at home? I mean, I’m sure every haircut ended in hot sex."

"I was naked under the old sheet he used to cover me in," Kevin said. Sean’s answer was to immediately strip naked. Kevin decided to keep his jeans on " otherwise, he doubted he’d be able to keep his mind on the work ahead of him. He was already fully erect and leaking like a drippy faucet. Kevin noticed that even though Sean was smiling, his dick wasn’t fully erect " meaning that his slender lover was a little scared. He guided Sean to the stool and once he was seated, efficiently wrapped his striped barber cape around the cyclist’s throat. He selected a wide-toothed comb from his equipment on the counter and began combing Sean’s shoulder-length locks. As he drew the comb through Sean’s white-gold mane, he considered the various short styles that would look good on Sean.
"How short are you going to cut my hair?" Sean asked with just a hint of trepidation in his voice.

"Shhh, I’m thinking," Kevin said absently. "What’s the shortest you’ve ever had your hair?"

Sean thought for a moment before answering: "I guess a bowlcut about halfway over my ears and cut in a wedge in the back when I was little."

"Let’s just say this haircut will be a lot shorter than that," Kevin chuckled. He picked up his 7-inch barber’s shears and lightly tapped the back of Sean’s head. "Bow your head for me."

Sean obediently tilted his head forward until his chin was resting on his chest. "If I don’t like the haircut, I’m going to let it grow back," he threatened.

"Relax will you," Kevin said, his heart thumping in his chest with excitement as he combed the long locks covering Sean’s neck one last time. "I’m going to make you look beautiful." He carefully slid the scissors into Sean’s hair along his hairline low on his neck. Taking a deep breath, Kevin closed the scissors over the first lock and smiled at the sound of his sharp blades crunching through Sean’s thick hair. He dropped the shorn clump of hair into Sean’s lap before making a second cut.

"S**t! That’s a lot of hair," Sean said softly.

"That’s just the beginning," Kevin assured him. "There’s more to come off before I’m through " a lot more." Kevin knew he was going to cut most of Sean’s hair off, but he still wasn’t sure what the final haircut would be. Personally, he thought the cyclist would look good with an old-fashioned flattop, but Sean had been adamant that he didn’t like that style. Maybe Sean would look good in an old-fashioned "Dapper Dan" boy scout taper cut " tightly tapered over the ears and at the nape and a couple of inches on top to slick down and comb over with a razor-sharp part.

He dropped the next clump of hair onto Sean’s lap and continued cutting as he thought over his options. He could just give his boyfriend a simple buzzcut like he used to get when he was a boy. Or, maybe he’d give Sean a buzzcut with just a hint of a wispy fringe at his forehead " or maybe a buzz with a bumper. There were so many possibilities open to him. He made two more snips with the scissors and dropped the last of the long hair that used to cover Sean’s neck into his lap. He couldn’t help noticing the prominent tent Sean’s erection made in the cape covering his lap.

Setting the scissors down, Kevin lifted his heavy, black-cased Oster clippers and examined the various blades he had available. He lifted the Number 4 blade and fitted it to the clippers. He figured he could always go shorter if he wanted. Turning back to Sean, Kevin suddenly remembered Sean’s comment that his new haircut made him look sexy. That’s just how he wanted Sean to look and feel with his haircut. An image of Sean with an Ivy League flashed into his mind and Kevin knew that’s what his boyfriend needed. He stepped behind Sean and switched the clippers on.

Sean flinched at the loud CLACK the clippers made when the motor engaged. Kevin stroked his neck soothingly before placing the whirring clippers low on his neck and guiding them up into the thick mass of white-blond hair waiting their first date with clipper blades. Sean’s thick mane was no match for the powerful clippers. Golden hair piled up ahead of the blades before tumbling down to the floor. Kevin guided the clippers up the back of his lover’s head and over the crown. The massive clumps of hair slid over the top of Sean’s bowed head to tumble into his lap.

"It’s too late to change your mind and back out now," Kevin announced cheerfully as he brought the clippers up the back of Sean’s head for a second pass. More thick, silky hair rained down in heavy clumps around Sean. Finishing the back of Sean’s head, Kevin paused for a moment to examine his work so far. Sean had the perfect head for a buzzed style " it was nice and round and looked beautiful with its covering of fair fuzz up the back and over the crown.

Taking his wide-toothed comb, Kevin combed all of Sean’s remaining long locks on the top of his head forward before turning the clippers back on and going to work on the long hair on the right side of Sean’s head. Kevin had never seen so much shorn hair around one person before " Sean’s lap was almost totally obliterated under the mounds of shorn white-blond locks and he still had a lot more hair to cut. Sean sat silently, giving Kevin no idea about how he was feeling as he watched his beautiful hair fill his lap. He was, however, very cooperative " all Kevin had to do was lightly touch Sean’s head and the cyclist would obediently tilt it in the direction Kevin wanted.

Kevin went to work reducing the flowing locks on the left side of Sean’s head to a thick carpet of golden fuzz. With the sides and back buzzed down, Kevin turned the clippers off and gently placed them on the counter. He took up his scissors and comb, and gently lifted Sean’s chin so that his head was once again level. He again combed the long hair on the top of Sean’s head straight down before meticulously snipping the cyclist’s heavy forelock off at eyebrow length.

Now, came the delicate part " Kevin began cutting the long hair on the top of Sean’s head with the scissors. Starting from the back, Kevin cut the flowing locks so that they were even in length with the buzzed crown. As he slowly moved forward, Kevin used the scissors to very gradually increase the length of the hair he was leaving. He knew that he’d run the clippers over the back half of Sean’s head before he finished the haircut, but he had all the time in the world and he was going to make his lover’s first short haircut perfect. He was going to make sure every hair was perfectly blended " Sean wasn’t going to have any weight lines in his new style. Reaching the front of Sean’s head, Kevin decided to cut Sean’s bangs about halfway between his eyebrows and front hairline " just a little longer than normal for an Ivy League.

Kevin stepped back and examined his nearly finished work so far. He liked what he saw so far " the short haircut exposed more of Sean’s boyish face, drawing attention to his vivid blue eyes and his dimpled smile. Kevin noticed that Sean’s newly exposed ears stuck out at a perfect angle " they weren’t set flat against his head, but they didn’t stick out at right angles, either. With his heavy blond bangs combed straight down, Sean looked a little too much like a little boy " Kevin decided his lover would look better with his bangs combed to one side.

Picking up the clippers again, Kevin ran them up the sides and back of Sean’s head once again, and over the back half of the top of his head. He stepped back and re-examined his work. He had considered blocking Sean’s neckline, but changed his mind. Sean’s first clipper cut needed to be tapered " no, he decided. He wasn’t just going to taper Sean’s white-blond hair, he was going to do a fade " like a low and tight. Smiling at his decision, he placed the 0 blade on the Oster clippers and went to work. He worked carefully, using all of his skills to perfectly blend the fade into the longer hair above it.

Finally finished with the clippers, Kevin carefully folded the cape up to trap the mass of shorn hair before unsnapping it from around Sean’s neck. Removing the cape, he discovered that Sean was fully erect. He tried to reach up to feel his head, but Kevin stopped him.

"Not yet, I want you to see it first," he reached down and wrapped his hand around Sean’s hard dick, using it as a handle to lead him towards the bathroom. At the bathroom door, Kevin placed his hand over Sean’s eyes before guiding him to the sink and placing him directly in front of the mirror. He removed his hand, letting Sean see the new him for the first time. He watched Sean’s reaction carefully.

At first, Sean just stared at his reflection as if in disbelief. His mouth hung slightly open and his bright blue eyes were big and round. He experimentally reached up and ran his hand over his head in wonder. Kevin watched Sean carefully, beginning to grow nervous. Suddenly, Sean’s eyes lit up and the corners of his mouth lifted in a big smile.

"It’s fantastic," Sean said enthusiastically.

"Not quite yet, it’s not," Kevin said. "With your bangs combed down like that, you look too much like a little boy." He reached for the jar of hair wax he used on his own Ivy League and dipped his fingers into it. He worked the wax around between his palms to soften it before working it through Sean’s hair and then combing Sean’s hair to the side. He created a razor-sharp part on the right side of Sean’s head. "There " that looks better," Kevin announced. "And, if you want something different, all you have to do is finger comb your hair forward like this," he raked his fingers through Sean’s hair bringing it all forward again, "and then, push the front up in a bumper."

Sean turned his head from side to side, his grin growing wider and nodding his head in approval. "I like it both ways," he decided. He turned to face Kevin. "There’s only one thing I don’t like."

"What’s wrong?" Kevin asked, growing worried.

Sean’s eyes lit up mischievously. "I haven’t gotten my lollipop yet and I want it now. I was a good boy during my haircut and I deserve to have my lollipop." Grinning, he unbuttoned Kevin’s jeans and sank to his knees to get his reward for behaving during his haircut.

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