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It started by a game of pool by Tony

It started by a game of pool
I was sitting having a drink after my usual visit to the little barber shop in town, I got my normal short back and sides. The bar was fairly empty today, it always attracts a lot of younger gay guys there, especially the evenings, but this was just after five pm.
I sat for a while before going to the bar for another beer, as I sat back down at the table, a young guy came up to me and asked if I play pool, I said, Yes I do, he asked if I wanted to play him, I agreed and we walked across to the pool table, after a couple of games, which he beat me at, we sat back at the table chatting.

He introduced himself as Andy, he was about nineteen, slim and no more than about 5-6" tall, he had fairly long dark brown hair just over his collar at the back and a couple of inches past the bottom of his ears, but the most striking part of his long straight hair was the length of his fringe, I particularly noticed this when he was playing pool and leaning over the table to take a shot, his fringe hung across his face and came way past the bottom of his chin, it was swept to one side like a side parting, each time he stood back up he would toss his head to get the long hair out of his face.

Andy was a great looking guy and very good company, he wasn't like the majority of young gay lads, he seemed a lot more grounded and quite sensible, his conversation was great and very interesting to chat with.
We spent most of the evening talking about many different topics and we got on really well, as it was getting fairly late in the evening, I said I was going to walk back home, he asked which way I was going and it turned out he lived in the same area as me. Not wanting to seem too keen, I said, when are you next at the bar? He said, let's meet up there tomorrow evening, I agreed and left it at that.

The following day, I thought quite a lot about Andy and was looking forward to meeting up again, which we did, we stayed for a couple of beers before he suggested we take a walk along by the river. I thought that was a good idea and we strolled along chatting and laughing, until we came to the lock, there were seats there and we sat for what seemed like ages. Andy was a really nice young guy and we just seemed to gel naturally. He joked a bit about how short my hair was and how long his was, and I could tell he was as interested in hair as I was. I had always had a hair fetish and always enjoyed going to the barber shop every three weeks, I just got turned on with anything to do with hair. Andy kept running his fingers up the back of my neck, it felt so awesome, I turned and ran my fingers through his long fringe pulling it back off his face, his gorgeous dark eyes seemed to gleam in the light, it was just beginning to get to dusk now and the feeling between us was hotting up considerably , I joked about getting my scissors and chopping the long fringe short as I pulled it back once again, he just smiled and said nothing, we kissed and held each other, it was so hot.
I pushed my fingers through his hair pushing it back behind his ears when I noticed his long sideburns, I could not help but say something, I hated facial hair especially long sideburns, I said, oh my God, your sideburns are so long, he looked at me and said, don't you like that? I said, sorry Andy, it's a pet hate of mine, I love a clean shaven face, no sideburns, just like mine, I always shave to the top of the ear. That was it really, nothing more was said about it and we carried on kissing passionately.
It was now dark and we started to walk back, when we got almost home, Andy said can we meet again tomorrow? I said, yes, come for dinner, I will cook and we can spend the evening in, Andy said, ok, I can get there about seven. With that we parted and both looked forward to the following evening.

At seven the door bell rang and I answered it, Andy had a bottle of wine in his hand, I closed the door behind him and in the hallway we kissed, he was running his fingers up my neck and I was running my fingers through his long fringe pulling it back as we kissed, then suddenly I noticed as I pushed his hair behind his ears, he had shaved his sideburns off completely, I was even harder now, he looked awesome, I ran my fingers up the side of his face and it was silky smooth.
He said, do you like it better? Yes I said, I love it so much, I just need to cut your fringe now, he laughed, I was quite serious, I would have loved to chop the long fringe short, then he said to me, do you prefer short hair then? I nodded and said about my hair fetish, but sometimes guys got scared by it, he replied, not me, I love someone playing with my hair like you do. I said, I am so pleased to hear that, most guys run a mile when I talk about it. I led him to the kitchen and said, sit on the chair there, he did, I went to the cloakroom to fetch a comb and a pair of scissors, I returned to find him sitting there looking up at me, I said, I think we need to cut that fringe! He looked quite excited, I could see he was getting hard too, I combed his long thick fringe forward over his face, he made no attempt to move or stop me, I was also hard and the more combed it forward the harder both of us got, I knew this was my chance to cut it, I opened the scissors and slipped them in at eye level, I noticed he tensed up a little, but I continued and closed the blades firmly, a huge amount of hair fell to the floor, I opened the scissors again and closed them on the rest of the remaining fringe, again, another huge amount dropped to the floor. I could see his large dark eyes looking up at me, not saying a word, he pulled me towards him and kissed me so passionately, totally unaware of how much hair I had just chopped off. I led him to the bedroom where we made love for ages.

When we made our way back to the kitchen, still a pile of cut hair on the floor, Andy took his first look in a mirror, he looked quite shocked, but obviously enjoyed the fun we both had and said, what should I do now?
I suggested we go to the barber shop to get him a nice short back and sides, he asked if I would go with him? I said I could ,or, if he fancied it I could get my clippers out and give him a buzz cut! I could see this was an option as he was getting hard again, I ran my fingers through his long thick hair and said, how do you like the idea of being a buzzed boy?
Before he could answer, I said, let's eat first and you can think about it.
I said let me do one thing before we eat, I fetched a tube of gel and sat Andy on the chair, I squeezed a good handful of gel and rubbed it through his hair, I maintained the side parting but combed the fringe back off his forehead and combed the long sides back behind his ears, a nice slick back while we eat I said, he looked quite sexy with his clean shaven face.

We sat and ate and chatted such a lot, I really liked Andy, he was quite mature for his age and did not act like a young gay teen, we drank the wine and really enjoyed a lovely evening. He kept bringing up the subject of hair, I knew he was a hair fetish fan, just like me, I played along and teased him too, saying I could shave it all off if he wanted!! But I knew that is not what I wanted, I was not into the bald or shaved look, my thing was an old fashioned short back and sides, or maybe a buzz cut. He was so hard as we spoke about all the options, I really just wanted to rip his clothes off right now and have some horny fun, needless to say, we ended up in bed again and the next thing we knew it was morning, we got up and enjoyed a shower together, then some coffee. I said to Andy, I am going to make a decision for you, as much as I want to cut your hair myself, I don't really want to buzz it off, so I am going to take you to the barber shop I use and get your hair cut like mine. He said, I don't really want it as short as yours, but I will agree to you taking me to get it cut, the thought of you telling the barber to cut my hair turns me on immensely. We left to walk to the barber shop.

When we arrived, I could tell Andy was nervous, this was obviously not the type of barber he was used to, more his thing was going to a modern salon and have someone just trim his hair. I was greeted by Greg, the barber, he owned the shop and had been there for years, I used to come here as a kid, so he knew exactly what to do. The shop hadn't changed in years, very old school and old fashioned, big old chair that was well worn, it always faced into the shop until he finished the cut, then it would get turned to face the mirror. He knew I had only had a haircut a few days previous, so asked Andy to take a seat, Andy looked worried but I assured him it would be ok. Greg looked at me and said, I presume you want it short , I just nodded, not to make a big thing of it, I think Andy being worried, did not really pick up on this. Greg placed the white cape over him and started to comb his long hair, he had a way of making his customers feel at ease and chatted to him before taking his clippers from the hook, Andy looked across at me one last time and I reassured him just miming, "it's ok"

Greg fired up the clippers and gently pushed his head forward, I sat there getting so hard, I could not believe how lucky I was to find a guy into hair as much as I was, the sound of the clippers running up his neck was awesome, I could see the huge amount of his hair falling to the floor at the back of the chair, Andy sat there still, with his head forward and his chin touching his chest, Greg worked the clippers up his neck until he moved to one side, tilting his head to one side, placing the clippers at his ear, he moved them up to his temple and shaved almost to the skin, he removed all the long hair that previously covered Andy's ear, then to the opposite side doing the same. I sat watching and getting so hard it was almost embarrassing, I could see the gorgeous short back and sides haircut emerging, Andy was looking so gorgeous already, Greg then tackled the top with scissors, plenty of dark brown hair from the top slipped down the cape to the floor to join the already large pile, I noticed Greg pushing the pile towards the floor at the back of the chair with his foot. Then the shaving cream applied to his sides and neck, Greg took the straight razor and shaved above the ears at the side before pushing Andy's head forward to shave the neck, then he used some hair cream to comb the side parting across before combing the fringe back, I had the most spectacular view of this handsome guy being given a beautiful short back and sides haircut, he looked awesome, true to form, Greg took the cape off and turned the chair to face the mirror. Andy stared at himself in the mirror, the look of disbelief on his face, he stepped off the chair and faced me, a smile appeared on his face, we left the barber shop to walk back to my house, I could see he was hard and ready for another round of sex. He said he loved the whole experience, it was like a dream come true.

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