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Sheep Shearing (Reposted and completed) by Snifffffff

Hey Everyone! I just realized that my original posting of this story was incomplete. I had more written, but unfortunately something happened and only a portion was copied over. Here's the complete version of things.
Warning: References to nudity and maturbation
Sheep Shearing
"It is too hot to be alive," I groaned as I shoved some wool into a bag.
"Much too hot," James agreed as he waded through the bare sheep, looking for nicks on their skin.
"I kinda envy them," I said gazing at the newly shorn sheep.
"I think normally they envy you," James joked. I blushed at his joke. It wasn’t far from true. My light dirty-blonde curls clung to my head not unlike wool. It was the whole reason I was hot.
I couldn’t help but stare at James’ smile as he came out of the sheep’s pen. He was so perfect. His broad shoulders fit the shape of the wife-beater he had stripped down too with jeans and cowboy boots on his lower half making our outfits mirror one another. He wore it so much better though. He was a bit taller than me at 6 foot 3. At the top of it was a grown out short back and sides with the top at at least 4 inches.
As I gazed into his blue eyes I thanked the world for how lucky I was. Our fathers had been friends for a long time like us. His father had offered James to my dad for the summer as a helping hand on the farm. Also giving us time to bond before we went back to college together after the summer and got busy.
The only problem was how hot James was. He was oblivious to my longing stares every time he changed in front of me or how I laughed a little too much at his bad jokes. It would never work though. It was a pipe dream.
I caught my stray thoughts as he walked over to me, trying to act like I hadn’t been staring. "Probably," I laughed awkwardly, "maybe I should take a hint from them and get shorn with those shears." I cringed at the last bit. Bad joke off a bad joke didn’t make a good one. To my surprise James followed along.
"Yeah, maybe you should." He walked to where I was and picked up the shears.
Usually my dad would have done the shearing because I was too scrawny to maneuver the sheep correctly. This year my dad had given James a crash course so he could take his place, and James had proven to be a natural.
"Here sheepy," James teased as he patted the mat beneath him.
"Naw, I couldn’t. It’s too weird," I replied dismissively.
"Aww, come on!" James groaned in disappointment, "people have done way weirder stuff."
"It’s too different."
"It’ll be so freeing. Come on." He patted the mat again.
"Where would the hair go?"
"If you were a sheep I would have tackled you already and this haircut would be underway. Now come on." He patted the mat once more. I was about to refuse, but I had a revelation. If he cut my hair James would have to get close to me. Real close. Maybe he’d rub my head like my dad did when I was younger. I had to stop myself from drooling at the thought.
"Okay, fine," I groaned in exaggeration and rolled my eyes. James somehow smiled wider in pleasure as I approached him.
"Good sheep," he remarked. I sat with my legs tucked under me, and facing away from him. James began to tease me further as he played with my hair.
"My, my, look at all this overgrown wool."
I was a bit annoyed, but closed my eyes and waited for the clippers to start.
"Wonder how it will look after I harvest it. Don’t move."
Finally he started the clippers. But something was wrong. My nerves overcame my hunt for pleasure and I quickly got up and started walking away.
"Brian! I’m sorry. Come back," he begged.
I turned back around and faced him as he turned off the clippers and put them on the mat.
"Why are you being so insistent about this? It was a joke!"
James’ face dropped. He quickly took two steps so he was right in front of me. To my surprise he hugged me tightly with one hand on my ass and the other gripping hair on the nape of my neck. He nuzzled his stubbly face into my neck and kissed it. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning out loud.
"Please do this for me. You’ll look really good. I promise you’ll love it," he murmured softly into my ear. Instantly I was erect and my hesitation washed away. I let out an okay and he unwrapped me. He led me back to the clippers with a soft hand. This time he had me sit on my butt with my legs stretched out before me. He got down on the ground with me in the same position, but his body towered over me as he wrapped himself around me again from the back. He gently worked his hands under my shirt and took it off.
"Don’t want hair in there."
While one hand reached for the clippers, the other rubbed my chest and worked its way into my pants and squeezed me hardon. I let out a sigh and James took the hand out and used it to push my head onto his chest.
"Good sheep. Stay still. It’ll be over real quick."
I braced myself as he started the clippers and they neared my forehead.Suddenly the clippers stopped and he muttered something. I felt him shift behind me as he took off his shirt.
"That’s better. You like that, huh?" he pulled me head back into his bare chest.
I let out a high pitched whimper in response, causing James to laugh. Finally he fired up the clippers and drove the whirring blades into my hair. They removed my curls effortlessly. Blonde locks gathered between my legs. I moaned as I felt James’s bulge grow on my back.
He shore me like I was a sheep. The clippers flew around my head while he pulled it this way and that. He pulled my ears aside and stretched the skin to sgear off absolutely everything. As the cut progressed I developed a wet spot in my pants.As James shut off the clippers, I felt a similar problem in his pants.
"So much cooler without the wool, huh?" he asked as he rubbed my head. His rough hands on the soft bristles felt amazing. All I could do was give a vaguely affirmative moan. Thinking the haircut was done, I tried to get up. James’ arms stayed strong and kept me in place. I started to whine, but James interrupted me.
"Shh, shh, one more thing."
He raised my left arm and brought the clippers in. With one swift motion my armpit hair was gone. He quickly copied the same onto my right side. Then he brought the clippers onto my chest and shaved off what little I had grown there. To my horror he began to pull down my pants. I began to squirm and fight a bit. James calmed me with kisses to my neck and petting my head.
"It’s quick, it’s quick," he promised. It wasn’t. It was the longest part, or seemed like it. He moved the clippers toward my penis and began to shear away the bush surrounding it. My cock twitched in response to the vibrations and yielding more moans from me. In the end I managed to keep myself from exploding.
"Good job! That’s the hardest part," he praised as he kissed and rubbed my head. I now noticed how he pitched his voice slightly up as though he were talking to a puppy. As we stood up together, he asked me to strip and stay there. Surprising even myself, I obeyed him completely. I stared down at my body and felt my newly bare bits. It felt strange and forgein. What else would he shave? My legs?
James came back a minute later and picked up my clothes.
"Your dad’s gone. We can go."
He extended his hand to me and I took the hint to take it with my own. We walked the five minutes back to the house with me naked. Every once in a while James would look over my body with his eyes and mutter something to himself. If I tried to hide anything with my free hand he would shoo it away. At least I was out of the heat.
James quickly led me upstairs to the bathroom and again ordered me to stay as we arrived in the house. He brought back a wooden chair and told me to sit. For the first time since my shearing I saw myself. My face looked strange and bare without hair to line it. My blue eyes were now the center of attention on my tanned skin. My white scalp looked terrible against the brown color that I had achieved over my time in the sun. What little hair I had left covered nothing and was uneven with small patches here and there. Worse yet, clippings clung to what little hair there was left, making it look unneat and repulsive. Even still, it turned me on. To know James had done this to me was amazing. Surely he knew something I didn’t? My scalp would tan and with a little growth I would look handsome.
James rummaged through the cabinets for a minute before succeeding in his search. In his hand he held more clippers. Once again James silenced my rejection.
"I’m just cleaning up the patches. Calm down."
I sat patiently as the smaller clippers worked at what the shears could never reach. James took every chance to create friction against my head, quickly summoning a dripping erection with it. I looked again into the mirror as James cleaned the clippers and put them away. I felt my cock twitch as I became appreciative of my new look now that the patches were gone.
"Alright," James said, "shower time."
He peeled off his shirt revealing a slightly hairy chest with bulging abs. He corralled me into the shower and began to rinse me off as the cold water flowed. He rubbed my head while the water warmed, further facilitating my excitement and getting rid of the hair clippings. It was weird to feel the water run between the hairs instead of over it. To my surprise James pulled me closer to him and kissed me while he palmed my shorn skull. I came right there into the stream of water. James grinned at my orgasmic shutters and ran his hand over my body. He reached for a bar of soap and lathered up his hands before continuing. He worked fervently to avoid missing spots and getting every euphoric sigh out of me. I did the same to him. Running my hands up his muscled body. All good things must come to an end, however. He lured me from the shower with a towel and dried me off. Compared to the previous night, it took no time to dry my hair.
With my mind swimming with pleasure, the rest of the night was a blur. At dinner, my dad complimented the shearing and laughed as James fabricated a story of playful wrestling so good I almost wished it had happened. At the end of the story the clippers barely reached where he had me pinned, and after the first cut I gave in. My dad made a joke about James being a barber among many others I couldn’t remember. It was hard to focus while James rested a hand on my inner thigh the entire time. Even the most gentle movements caused me to struggle to contain gasps. James played even more games as we washed dishes, kissing my head out of the corners of my dad's eye. I couldn’t tell him no or my dad might look our way, so I accepted my wonderful fate and played along.
As I settled into bed, I moved my bristles against the pillow case for a new sound and feeling. James interrupted my exploration by opening my door. Carefully, he slipped into bed beside me. He then began to take off my clothes one by one and throw them over the bed. When he was done he positioned himself below me and pressed my head into his bare chest while my butt stuck up in the air covered by sheets.
"Good night little sheep." was all he said as my eyes grew tired with the rhythm of his breathing and rasping of my scalp as a lullaby.

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