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New Barber, New Haircut by Shant

It was the beginning of a new year and I had missed getting my hair cut over the holidays. It had been more than a couple months since my last hair cut and I was starting to look a little shaggy and I was really tired of always pushing my hair out of my eyes.

It was getting close for the workday to end and I thought I’d leave a little early and see if George was free to cut my hair. I had been going to the same barbershop for about five years now. It was your traditional old time barbershop with two barbers. You know how it is, once you find a barber you are happy with, you usually stay with them forever.

I had worn my hair a lot of different ways before George started cutting it. I had always enjoyed changing how it looked. I had gone from as short as a flattop, to it almost touching my shoulders. I really loved my hair, no matter how it was cut. Right now, it was over four inches long on top and about three inches long on the sides.

George cut my hair the entire time I went to their shop. It always looked pretty much the same after he finished cutting it. He never asked me if I wanted to try a different looking haircut. I think once he cut it how he thought it looked best, he was content with the result, and continued cutting it like that all the time.

I entered the shop and no one was there. I heard a voice from the back say, "I’ll be right out. Make yourself comfortable."

The person that spoke didn’t sound like either George, or the other barber, Tom. Both were from the south and were in their sixties. The voice I heard sounded a lot less southern and a lot younger.

This guy comes out of the back room, and talk about being surprised. I thought he was in his early thirties, about the same age as me. He was probably 6’ 2" tall and had a great body. He obviously spent a lot of time in the gym. His biceps were huge. He was a very good looking guy.

The thing that was so striking, however, and took me completely by surprise, was that his head was shaved totally bald. I usually don’t find a guy without any hair attractive, however, this guy really pulled off the look. Put him in black boots, jeans, a leather vest with no shirt, and he would be the perfect image of a guy you would want to meet, if you liked leather bars. I thought he was super hot.

I really enjoy getting to play with great hair and had never really paid much attention to a guy with absolutely no hair at all, but this guy really made an impression on me. All I could think about was how much I wanted to rub my hands all over his head and see how it felt.

"How you doing?" he said. "My name is Rob and I just started working here two weeks ago. I have family here and would come down almost every summer, and always knew that I wanted to move here, if I got the chance."

"George just retired and I was lucky enough to get to take over his chair. I really like the old time barbershop atmosphere, as opposed to working in a salon."

"Tom decided to take off early today. Which one of them usually cuts your hair? If it’s Tom, he’ll be back tomorrow, but if it’s George, you’ll need to be looking for a new barber."

"I remember my uncle, who is a barber," I said, "say to me that whenever I needed to find a new barber, I should try to find a guy that had a really good head of hair. He said that usually barbers with good hair will cut your hair how you ask them to cut it."

He told me, "You should be careful about barbers that have really short haircuts, and especially one’s that are going bald. If the barber thought you might be a one time only customer, he might be more aggressive and cut your hair a lot shorter than you wanted, knowing he probably would never see you again."

"My uncle said he knew a few barbers that enjoyed cutting a guy’s hair really short, despite the guy’s instructions. He said they were jealous of the guy’s great hair and they could tell how much he loved his hair, which really made them want to cut most of it off."

"Most of the time they wouldn’t do anything, but every once in awhile, if they figured the guy wouldn’t get angry and cause a scene, they would go ahead and give him a really short haircut. You wouldn’t do that to me would you?" I said.

Rob laughed when I told him that. "I really do enjoy cutting a good head of hair, but I would never cut a guy’s hair any other way than the way he requested. If you would like me to cut your hair, the first haircut is on the house."

"I’m positive I could give you a great looking haircut and it would really be awesome cutting your hair for you. I hope you’d like how I cut it, and would become a regular customer of mine. You’ve got an awesome head of hair, and I’d love to get to cut it for you on a regular basis."

"Well, I definitely need to find another barber, so why not give you a try?" I said. "Don’t tell Tom, but I’m glad he was not here, and I got to talk with you alone. If I had walked in and neither of you were busy, I’m certain he would have expected me to sit in his chair."

"I’ve seen him sometimes be a little too aggressive with the clippers. He’s also told me on more than one occasion that I should give him a try, because he really wanted to cut my hair, and that he would really like to cut it short."

"This way, there won’t be any awkwardness the next time I come in, because you will have already cut my hair before. Tom certainly can’t expect all of George’s customers to switch to him."

As I sat in his chair, I told him, "I can’t wait to call my uncle and tell him that I had a barber that was totally bald cut my hair and that I had never met the guy before entering his shop. He will really flip out!"

"Would you mind taking a picture of me after the haircut so that I can send it to him? Would it be okay if I took one of you, too? My uncle is only seven years older than I am, but he grew up in the hippie generation and still has his hair almost to his shoulders. He is really going to freak when he sees my new haircut."

"No problem," Rob said as he caped me up and ran a brush through my hair. "Man, you really do have a great head of hair, here. The color is unreal. You hardly ever see anyone with such dark red hair. It’s not at all orange, it’s red. You are so lucky. You’ve got it all. Great color, really thick, great body and texture. It really is awesome. I bet you get compliments all the time."

"Actually, I really hated it when I was young. Everyone always calling me Carrot Top, always making comments about my hair. In junior high there were a couple guys that were real bullies and they made my life miserable. I wished my hair could have been any other color than red, and would then not stand out so much in a crowd."

"When I got a little older, I realized how incredibly lucky I was to have it. My hair is exactly like my mom’s and I was thankful she had passed that gene along to me. My dad’s hair is light brown and already thinning."

"He hates it that I have the hair I have. When I was in high school, he was always telling me that if I didn’t get my hair cut soon, he was going to cut it all off while I was sleeping. My hair was always too long for him."

"If you’ve been wearing your hair the exact same way for over five years, I think you would be tired of having it look the same all the time," Rob said. "No offense, but you basically have a traditional, normal looking haircut."

"That’s perfectly okay for people with average hair, but with your hair being so awesome, you really should show it off more. I’d suggest a more current, trendy looking haircut, maybe something that’s even a little edgy. You’re in great shape and are a good looking guy. You should definitely get a sharp looking haircut and you will look even better."

"I think you should make up for all the time you were miserable growing up and trying not to stand out in a crowd. You now have the confidence to go ahead and really show off your hair."

"Your hair is so wonderful that you should be flaunting it and enjoy being noticed, instead of not wanting to attract attention. I’m sure anyone that sees you, must notice how fantastic your hair is."

"How did you wear your hair before George started cutting it?" Rob asked.

"I had it fairly long all through college. When I graduated and got a job, I had it cut shorter, and over the years, wore it a lot of different ways. Once I found a barber that I liked going to, I really looked forward to getting my hair cut and seeing the different ways I could look."

"I have a nursery and landscaping business and I’m outside almost every minute you can be during the work season. Summer is pretty hot and humid, even in the mountains. The first year, all throughout the summer, my hair would be soaking wet and sweat would always be running down my face."

"I decided after that summer that the following spring, I would cut my hair short and keep it like that all summer long. The guy that cut my hair would give me two or three different looking short haircuts during that time. I learned that as little as an inch of hair can really change how you look, that’s if you have a great barber."

"My favorite haircut for the summer was a flattop. I had never had one until I started working. I loved it. With my hair being so thick, it would stand up over an inch high on top and never even move. My barber would square up the back and sides and when he finished the top, he would take a ruler and place it on top of my head so I could see how perfectly flat it was."

"Probably the shortest my hair was ever cut was when my barber talked me into getting a really short military looking flattop. Halfway up the sides skin showed and the top was less than an inch long. He even convinced me to get a landing strip, which is something I had never considered."

"My barber retired, and that’s when I started having George cut my hair. He told me that he really didn’t like to cut flattops. He said they were too much work and that I had such great hair that I should never even think about cutting it really short. I guess that’s how I have ended up with the same haircut for so long."

"You know, I’m glad how this is turning out. I really like George, but you’re right, I have worn my hair the same way now for too many years. What kind of haircut would you like to give me?" I asked.

Rob smiled and said, "How about letting me give you the same haircut I have? I bet you’ve never experienced that before, have you?"

"I don’t think I’m ready for that drastic a change, but I am willing to get a short haircut. Any chance you like to cut flattops? It’s been years since I’ve had one and I think it would be fun to get one again."

"What do you think? How about a square boxy flattop, with no skin showing on the sides and back, and the front just long enough to brush back? The top I’d like to see shorter as it goes back to the crown and have it stand up perfectly flat, squared up with the sides and back. Do you think you could cut my hair like that? It would be a rush to see you do it!"

"Cutting a flattop is my favorite haircut to do," Rob said, "especially if the guy has good hair. Really, your hair is so awesome that I would love to give you a flattop more than anything. You’re going to have a lot of hair coming off and that will be really fun to see."

"I am so glad you came in when you did. I would have hated it if you had become Tom’s customer, instead of mine. It’s going to be mind blowing cutting your hair. With it being so thick and the color such an awesome red, you are going to look spectacular. So few people have red hair, and you have really beautiful red hair. You are going to look striking. I can’t wait to do this and see how you look."

"If you do become a regular customer of mine, maybe I’ll eventually talk you into letting me shave you bald," he smiled. "You said your barber gave you a short, military flattop with a landing strip? That’s really not all that much longer than shaving it all off. Hair grows about half an inch a month and in less than two months, you’d have enough hair to cut back into a short flattop."

I knew that he was trying to encourage me to let him shave my head, but there was no way that I was going to let him do that. "I’d have to think about that a lot before ever going ahead and doing something so extreme. You’re right, though, all we’re talking about is less than an inch of hair."

"I’m the boss where I work, and if I decided I wanted to do it, I would. If I hated it, I imagine I would wear some type of hat while working outdoors anyway, so I didn’t burn my head. It probably really wouldn’t be all that big a deal. Maybe I’ll get up my nerve sometime and let you do it."

"I’m curious. How long have you shaved your head? Whatever caused you to do it? I’d like to see a picture of you when you had hair and see how you looked."

Rob pulled out his wallet and showed me his picture on his driver’s license. He had a really nice head of thick, dark brown hair. He looked so completely different from the way he did now. He looked handsome with a full head of hair, but he looked hot with no hair at all. He looked even more masculine, if that were possible. He was the ultimate definition of a hot looking man.

"I’m not going bald at all," he said. "Actually, my hair was probably just about as long as your hair is now when I decided to shave it off. After I did it, I realized the fear of cutting off my hair, and having people notice it, was worse than actually going ahead and cutting it."

"I had fantasized about shaving my head for years. One night, on the spur of the moment, I decided that I had always wanted to shave my head and that I was going to do it right then."

"After I did it, it was like, why had I made this be such a big deal? For a few days, everyone was really surprised, and I did get tired of explaining why I did it. After that though, no one really said anything about it. People had more important things on their mind than my hair."

"It’s just about closing time, but that’s no problem. I don’t have anything I need to do, and there is no way I am going to pass up the chance to cut your hair."

How about if I close up shop and I take you in back and wash your hair and then dry it and brush it all straight back? I want it to stand up as high as it possibly can so that I can give you the most perfect flattop you’ve ever had. This is going to be awesome for me to do."

"Sounds fine with me. I"m really excited about this, especially because I never even thought about cutting my hair short. I’m going to enjoy watching you do it. Do you think my hair will still look good cut into a flattop?"

"You don’t have anything to worry about. You are going to look awesome. I think it’s probably going to be one of the most striking haircuts I have ever cut."

"You have no idea how much I’m going to love doing this. Not having any hair for over a year and getting my hands in yours is going to be fantastic. I may even have to start growing my hair out again. I forgot how great it feels running my hands through thick hair."

As I leaned back in the chair where Rob was going to wash my hair, I felt pretty sure that he and I might both be feeling a sexual attraction towards each other. It was exciting for me, wondering if anything other just a haircut was going to happen.

"You have such wonderful hair," Rob said. "Honestly, it is one of the best heads of hair that I have ever cut. It really is beautiful."

When we returned to the front room, Rob caped me up and turned me facing the mirror. I really wanted to watch this transformation. I was so used to George just taking off about half an inch that I never really paid any attention while he cut my hair.

"This is unreal," I said. "What a great way to end my day. Wait until Tom sees me the next time I come in. I wonder what his reaction is going to be? I bet he’ll be pissed off that he was not here to cut my hair."

I saw Rob put the #2 guard on his clippers. I had often had my hair cut that short, but it had been a long time. He placed the clippers at the bottom of my left sideburn. "Are you ready to do this? I don’t want you to have any regrets after. I really think you are going to look fantastic, and it’s going to be a blast cutting it!"

"Go ahead and do it! I can’t wait to watch it happen," I said. I sat mesmerized, watching almost all my hair being cut off. Rob made a point of making certain my hair fell into my lap so I could see how much hair I was losing. Each time he ran the clippers up the side of my head, a large amount came off and landed in my lap. It was a turn on for me, and I knew it was a turn on for him, too.

After finishing squaring up the sides and back, he took his wide tooth comb and starting at the front, lifted up a section of hair and with the clippers, buzzed off about three inches. Watching my thick, long hair being cut off was so intense. I couldn’t believe how much hair I was losing!

"So what do you think? How do you like the haircut so far?" Rob asked.

"I love the haircut. It really looks sharp being cut so square on the sides and back. I can’t believe how different I look after having looked the same way for so long. I can’t wait to see my friends and see what their reactions are going to be. You are definitely going to be my new barber from now on!"

"I just need to clean up a little more around the back and sides and we’ll be done," Rob said. I knew enough about clippers and saw him switch the #2 guard and replace it with the #1. I thought to myself, this is going to make me explode! This haircut was definitely going to be a big change!

Rob took the #1 clippers and did just like before, starting at my left sideburn and buzzed up the sides and back. He didn’t go completely to the top, but blended it in with the remaining hair on the top and sides. I could see that there was a little skin showing, but it really did make a bigger contrast between the top and sides. It was definitely the most striking looking flattop that I had ever had.

"There," Rob said. "Now it’s finished. I thought you looked so hot, that it made me want to cut the sides a little shorter, so there would be an even greater contrast with the top. I hope you like it as much as I do. I think you look incredible."

"You walked in here with a typical haircut and you’re going to be walking out with an entirely different look. You look like a hot stud. You just don’t get to see red flattops like yours, especially one’s that are so thick, and stand up so straight."

"No more worrying about blending into a crowd and being noticed, because that’s not going to happen anymore. You are really going to stand out! Your hair looks awesome and you should enjoy it, instead of worrying about attracting attention."

"I bet it won’t take long before you wonder why you kept it the same way all the time. Think how many ways you can now cut it, if you decide to grow it out again. Maybe I’ll even be able to convince you to let me shave you down like me?" Rob said.

"I definitely want to wear my hair like this for awhile because I really like the way it looks, but I think there may be a chance that I let you shave it all off sometime down the road," I said with a smile. I knew that I was teasing him, but I was having a lot of fun doing it.

I decided to be a little more forward and asked him, "Would you mind if I ran my hands over the top of your head? I’d really like to see what it feels like. I have never done that before, and who knows, it might encourage me to let you shave my head even sooner."

Rob smiled, sat down in the barber chair, and said, "Go for it!" It was such a rush, feeling a head that was totally smooth. It surprised me. I thought it was as big a turn on running my hands over his head, as it was manhandling a full head of hair.

"This was so great! I look so different that I hardly recognize myself! I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out."

"This was a great time for me too," Rob said. "I always want to have a guy with great hair let me cut his hair entirely different than it was, when he sat down in the chair. I never thought the guy would be anyone with hair as fantastic as yours, though. This was definitely one of the greatest times I have ever had cutting someone’s hair."

"Let me take a picture of you now so you can send it to your uncle. I would really love to be there when he first sees it."

"If you don’t have any plans now, how would you like to go out for a drink? I don’t know many people here yet, and I think you and I are definitely off to a great start. Let’s go out and celebrate your new look and let me see if I can convince you to let me cut the rest of your hair off," he said with a laugh.

"Sounds good to me," I said, as we headed out the door of the shop, both feeling awesome, after just doing something we both had always wanted to do. "Maybe instead of you talking me into cutting off the rest of my hair, I can convince you to grow yours out again. From your picture, you really look like you have a great head of hair and I would love getting my hands in it."

The bar was just at the end of the street. Seeing that it was only five o’clock, the place was not very crowded. We grabbed a couple of beers and found a booth in back where it was more private.

We were having such a good time that before we realized it, over two hours had flown by. We really did have a lot of things in common and it’s always great to make a new friend, especially if he is hot looking, and you think he wants to take you home.

"Do you feel like getting some dinner and then coming back to my place?" Rob asked.

"Sure. I’d like to take you to my favorite restaurant and keep on celebrating," I said.

We had a great time at dinner and then I went home with Rob. It just felt so comfortable being around him and I have to admit, I really wanted to rub my hands all over his head.

After about four months had passed, the two of us had become really good friends. We’d usually spend a couple nights a week together. We enjoyed taking things slowly, realizing that we were developing feelings for each other and we were not in a hurry to rush things. Relationships never seemed to last if they moved too fast.

As it got closer to the end of May, I knew that without a word being said that Rob was thinking about shaving my head. After having the flattop, I really wasn’t nervous about letting him do it. Like he said, if I hated it, it would be only take eight weeks to be as long as it was now.

It was a Saturday night and we were just staying in and having a good time. I asked Rob if he would clean up my flattop a little. The sides were getting a little too long.

"No problem. Have a seat and I’ll take care of your beautiful hair for you," he said. I already knew what was going to happen. Without saying another word, he took the guard off the clippers and pushed my head forward, so that my chin was almost touching my chest.

"I know that you have been wanting me to do this for quite awhile. I’ve been looking forward to doing this for months. Summer is coming, so now is the perfect time to do it!" he said. "Tell me to stop now if you don’t want me to do it!"

I didn’t object at all. Actually, I was really excited about seeing it happen. I also knew how much Rob was going to enjoy doing this and I knew how much it was going to make him happy.

"I tell you what," I said. "I’ll let you shave my head, but only if you promise me that in the fall, we will both start growing our hair out. I want us to grow our hair until the beginning of next summer and then we can shave each other down again. I really want to bury my hands in your hair and play with it, and would love you to do the same to me."

"I’ll agree to that," he said, as he turned on the clippers and ran them all over my head. When he finished with the clippers, there was just a little stubble showing. "Don’t worry about that," Rob said. "I’ll clean you up real good!" He proceeded to then use a razor and shaving cream and removed what little hair I had left.

Once I got used to it, I actually liked the haircut and I loved running my hands all over my head. It really was a major turn on. It was great not having to deal with my hair during the summer months and I thought that I might just do this all the time.

I hoped Rob and I would end up being in a permanent relationship. We were both in about the same place in our lives and were ready for a serious commitment. It certainly didn’t hurt to think about all the great haircut times we would have if we stayed together.

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