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Very true story of a Filipino by Tony

Very true story of a Filipino
As a single gay guy, I was trawling some dating web sites just looking for a casual hookup when I came across an ad that intrigued me, it said , nineteen year old gay Filipino boy looking for fun with older guy. When I looked at the profile photos I was very confused, they were of , what I thought was a young girl, really stunning looking girl, long straight black hair, nice make up and very shapely body, I sent a message say I was a thirty year old guy who worked as a barber and was looking for some fun. To my surprise I got a message back almost immediately, saying, very interested in meeting, like your profile and photos. So to cut a long story short, we agreed to meet.

He explained to me what we call gay in the uk defines a gay man, but in the Philippines gay can mean a guy who dresses as a female too, I said ok, I think I understand, I asked a bit more about him, he told me that recently he had arrived in London, his parents had secured work here and he was not given much choice other than to come here, his younger brother had to stay until he finished his college course in the Philippines, he told me both him and his brother were gay and had both been feminine gays. His parents both supported them and never tried to change them, he explained it was very normal for this in his country. He was permanently dressed as a girl and to be honest, I would not have known any different. He said it was difficult leading this life in London and he was seriously wanting to change back to being a boy. I joked saying he would need to cut his exceptionally long hair, he agreed that he would have to do that.

We arranged to meet and that I would pick him up from the end of the road where they lived and we would go back to my house to see how we got on, as I waited in my car, I could see a person walking towards me, dressed in a short skirt and high heels with long flowing black hair, I knew it was him, he was carrying a small over night bag, opening the car door he got in and introduced himself as Carly, he said his name was actually Carl. It wasn't far to my house from there and we exchanged a lot of conversation on the way, as we arrived, I parked in the drive and we both went in. Carly said to me, I have brought a change of clothes, I just wanted you to see me as I am in my everyday life as a girl first, now, can I go and change? I said, of course, the bathroom is upstairs straight ahead. About ten minutes passed and I had made some coffee, then I heard someone coming down the stairs, I could not believe my eyes, gone was the makeup, the short skirt and high heels, it was replaced by a guy with a plain white shirt, a tie, a pair of jeans and men's shoes, but , no long flowing black hair, but neatly tied back in a long pony tale, he looked really gorgeous, I could feel myself getting extremely hard at this stage, he walked straight up to me and kissed me for what seemed like ages, he then whispered in my ear, now can you cut my hair so I look more like a boy? I knew that was my ultimate goal, I was not one that was into men with really long hair, my thing was a good short back and sides. I knew that this was a relatively new trend with guys, it was now 2014 and the fade and shorter cuts were coming into trend more and more now.

I said to Carl, you had better sit on a chair there, I will cut your hair short now, I went to get my barbers bag and came back to see him sitting ready, I took out my cape and placed it around him, I placed all the rest of my tools on the table and plugged my clippers into the socket, I said to Carl, are you sure about this? He assured me he had wanted this for ages and now was the right time, I told him I was going to cut it into a short back and sides haircut and it would be a big change, but I for one would like that, he said ok, let's do it now. I pulled the tight band on his pony tale very slightly down so I could get my scissors in above it, without any delay I started cutting through the thick long hair, it took ages to cut through, it was so thick, but eventually it was cut and in my hand, I placed it on the table, I cut the fringe next, leaving it about an inch over the eyes, then combing it to one side, I picked up my clippers and placed a grade two guard on, pushing Carl's head forward, I placed the clippers at the base of his neck and started pushing them slowly up the back of his neck stopping about three quarters of the way up, I repeated this until the whole neck was visible and short, then I moved to the side doing the same, pushing the clippers up almost to the temples, I cleaned around his ears and met with the short hair at the back, next the opposite side the same, then changing guards to a grade one, I tapered the rest in and finally taking the guard off completely, I shaved to the skin up about an inch or more to blend in nicely. Now for the scissors, taking the rest of the long hair from the top and blending that to the rest of the sides, the cut was almost complete, just had to razor around the ears and back of the neck, as with most Asian guys, the sideburns are quite noticeable, I shaved them completely down the side of the face too. Now with some wet look hair gel, I massaged quite a lot into the hair and combed a nice sharp side parting, combing across and the finally combing the longer fringe back off the forehead, this looked awesome, a total transformation from girly boy to handsome teen boy.
The huge amount of hair on the floor was quite scary, I removed the cape and took him by the hand to my hallway where I had a full length mirror, he stood looking at himself, running his fingers up his shaved neck and feeling the side of his face that was shaved smooth too, eventually saying to me, this is so different, it's years since I looked like a boy, do you like me better now?

I said, if I wasn't sure, I would never have cut it, but definitely a great improvement for me, I love the new boyish look, I love the style and you look so horny. He turned to me and pushed his body against mine, our lips touched and we kissed , he was so hot and horny, I loved his new look, it wasn't long before our clothes were off and exploring each other's bodies, his was completely hairless and smooth, just the way I like it, our night of sex was so memorable, he certainly knew how to make a guy feel so special . We continued seeing each other for a few months. I met his brother when he came over after finishing college in the Philippines, he unfortunately decided to stay as a girl and seemed to enjoy life in London.

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