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Strict rules at the village boarding sch by Tony

Strict rules at the village boarding school
The start of the new school year was here again, Mr Wakefield the head master was a stickler for the rules and always was on hand to oversee the day went without any hitches.
The staff at the school were ruled with the same discipline that the boys were, anyone stepping out of line would be in for it, all the teachers were among those that had been here for years apart from three new members of staff who had joined this new year, they had all been drilled about all school rules and were expected to uphold them, the head always used to say, how do you expect the boys to be disciplined if your not disciplined yourselves ?
The first day of the new term was always the same, the original boys from the last term were all sent to the respective form masters and the new intake of boys to the school hall. The resident barber was also on hand as this was a busy day for him. The school had a very strict rule for haircuts and basically it was a severe short back and sides for all boys and staff alike, the staff were all expected to have been to the barber the previous day so it left the barber to deal with the boys on a busy day.
Mr Wakefield was the one you had to please, if you didn't then it was back to the barber for a re cut
The steady line of boys was now under way to the barber, all the new boys first then the older boys in order of year, two of the original staff members had to oversee this , on arrival at the barber, the boys were ushered in one at a time, Mr Copeland was the dreaded barber, a man in his sixties known for his severe haircuts, he would strip a boy of his hair in about five minutes, shaved to the skin back and sides with a short fringe , all boys had the compulsory hair oil too, just like something from the 1930s.
Two of the members of staff were summoned to the head masters office and asked why their hair had not been cut to regulation length as stated in the school rules, they were both sent to the barber straight from the heads office with a note from him for the barber, on arrival they both produced the note and were ushered in one at a time. The first one Mr Jones a young science teacher was seated in the chair, caped up and given his regulation haircut, but because he had not conformed to his haircut for the start of term, he was subjected to an even more severe cut, the look on his face was that of utter dismay as he looked in the mirror, the second master was also a younger member of the English department who also received the same, this was a reminder to them for next start of term.
The last member of staff to receive a summons from the head was the only female member of the teaching staff, this was Miss Cambell, she was in the PE department, a games mistress, she was sent to the secretaries office. The secretary, Mrs Johnson had been with the school for years, she was a middle aged woman with a short butch type haircut , she was almost part of the furniture, so to speak, Miss Cambell, it has been noted that you are breaking all the rules with regard to your hair, have you not read the requirement for all staff, male and female ? No Mrs Johnson, I was not aware of this, you will report to the school barber immediately, off you go.
Miss Cambell was shocked by this, she thought, how could I have missed something as important as this, I can't be dismissed on my first day, I will never get another post. She had quite long dark hair to her shoulders, but neatly put up in a tight bun, she had never had short hair before in her life before. walking through the school to see the barber was so humiliating , but she could not afford to lose this job, she kept thinking to herself what am I going to look like. Finally she arrived at the barbers room, knocked on the door and was called in, ah, Miss Cambell I presume, take a seat, she slowly took a seat in the barber chair, before the barber could do anything he told her to untie her hair, he said, I can't cut it while it's tied up Miss. She untied her long hair and it fell just past her shoulders, she asked what he was going to cut her hair like as she did not realise it had to be cut when she joined the staff here, he replied just a regulation cut Miss, same as all the staff. She sat there in utter dismay, her stomach churning over, in a few seconds the cape was on her and the clippers fired up ready, head forward Miss, the barbers firm hand pushing her head forward even more and lifting the hair covering her neck, the clippers were touching the base of her neck and in seconds running up the back of her neck stripping the long hair to stubble, she sat there totally in shock of this , the barber relentlessly stripping her long hair to a regulation boyish cut, he moved to the side and stripped that too, the remaining side next, clippers finished and scissors poised, the top being cut to blend in with the sides, combing her fringe forward, the scissors cut a short straight fringe above her eyes, with that the cut was finished when the barber asked which side do you want the parting, she said on my left, with that a good portion of brylcream was applied and a sharp left hand parting combed, the fringe combed back off the forehead and she was finished, utterly devastated, she looked at herself in the mirror, absolutely unrecognisable, she had a tear in her eye as the barber removed the cape, he said to her, every four weeks you will need to return here.
Being the only female member of teaching staff, she was the talking point of the whole school. She felt totally humiliated, and felt the rest of the staff were busy talking about her boyish haircut all apart from one guy, Mr Stevens, he was the junior member of the maths department and just about the same age too, at the end of a very hard day, Mr Stevens spoke to Miss Cambell and asked if she wanted to have a drink with him one evening, she said thanks, but to be honest she would not want to show her face in public, he said to her that he thought she looked cute, he loved her new boyish look, and short hair on girls really turned him on, he asked her when she had to go for the next haircut she said, the barber told me four weeks, Mr Stevens said, when you go, I will come with you so I can watch the barber cut your hair and I will have mine cut again at the same time.She said, ok, that's fine, I will need some moral support. Come to my room later and we can have a drink there, he knocked on her door later that evening, she let him in to find him absolutely over the moon with her haircut, he asked if he could run his fingers up her neck, she shuddered as he did this, kissing and getting undressed, they had a very sexy evening, she thought, well if this is a bad haircut, at least someone likes it.
All the kids were talking about her haircut too, she just wanted to hide away. The next day in class, there was a lot of whispering going on, but soon it stopped when everyone was used to her boyish look.
After four weeks she and John Stevens went back to the barber, John went first and got his short back and sides, then Jenifer was summoned to the chair, John was in heaven watching and getting really turned on too, when the barber was finished, John jumped up and said to the barber, I think you cut the back shorter last time, don't you think it would look better shorter this time too ? He agreed and shaved it another inch higher. On the way back to her room, Jenifer said to him, why did you say that, now my hair is even shorter, he pushed her inside and shut the door, he was so turned on by it they enjoyed the evening so much and could not keep their hands off each other.

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