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The Mullet : From Beginning to End by Claude

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Part 1
It was 1992 and I worked developing new process and procedures for a large company. I was put in charge of merging our company with a similar size company that we had just purchased so we could compete other large companies for contracts. It was grueling had basically been my life for the past 6 months of six-day to seven-day work weeks and very long hours. Now It was finally time to training everyone on the new software and release the plan. I think it even surprised me that it worked with very little tweaks needed. My boss was so impressed that he gave me a surprise cash bonus of a two-week vacation at an all- inclusive resort in Jamaica for all my hard work. I did know that he secretly had talked with my wife and made all the arrangements without me knowing. My wife and I would be leaving the next day. So, the next morning at 6:00 AM we were on a plane off to the islands.

We arrived at the Airport and it was amazing how warm it was because even living in a southern state it was still cold in February. We went to get our luggage and guess what, our bags were nowhere to be found. The Airline said they got on the wrong plane but it was a plane to Jamaica so the bags would be here later today and that the resort would pick them up and deliver them by morning. They gave us a voucher so we could get some essentials and off we go to the resort. We have met some great people on the plane and they were all staying at our resort. My wife, being as wonderful as she was, had packed a carryon with a change of clothes, so we did not have to stress out so much about the missing bags. We get to the resort and it was amazing and with everything paid for made it that much better. We had a few drinks by the pool and then went in to get ready for dinner. I got out of the shower to get ready and realized there was no hair dryer in the room. I called the front desk and they said that they did not have any, oh crap as I looked at my hair. My usual look is my hair covering the top of my ears and the top a little longer and blown dry and the back held in place with a lot of heat and products since my hair is wavy when short and curly when it gets long. And I have my pride and joy my big Magnum PI full mustache, that I have had since college completed my look. I am lucky that the hair dryer keeps my hair straighten out each morning and the back curled under to make it more professional. But now since I had not had time to get a haircut in the for months my hair was so long and such a mess it was embarrassing. Now with my curly hair and the humidity in Jamaica, there are curls and waves everywhere. My wife said you are on vacation just let it go, nobody knows you here they will think this is how your hair is all the time. So, I bushed it all straight back and let the wind do the rest. I felt my hair was a mess and everybody was just staring at me, but my wife was right nobody mentioned my hair.

The next morning, I got up took a shower and told my wife that I had to do something about this hair, that I could not deal with this for two weeks, I was going to see if there was a barber close by. She called the front desk and said that they cut men’s hair at the spa. She made me an appointment, when we got there, I made a huge mistake actually two. I let a woman cut my hair for the first time ever and let my wife be there too. I knew this was a mistake but I was trapped. My wife talked to the so-called barber, they talked about my curls and how a woman would kill for hair like mine. Oh great!! Then they decided how my hair should be cut, Honey she said which means this is what we are doing. Let’s cut the top and sides short and leave the back long to take advantage of your curls. I protested but she said try it for a few days and if you do not like it you can comeback and get a shorter cut. I knew there was no arguing. So here we go. I left with sides short and top kind of spiked up and the back with lots to curls. Told the barber I would be back in a couple of days to get this mess cut again. She laughed and said we will see.!!!

We met up with our new friends and the women were all about how great my hair looked and they loved the curls. They kept on saying how great I looked, how it made me look younger and were laying it on thick. Even the guys said it was cool. So, I started believing it myself. Over the next two weeks the mullet was pampered by my wife and I really started liking it myself. But vacation was over and I need to get back to reality. Our plane was late getting back home so again had no time for a haircut. I go into the office and all the women went wild over my new look. My boss just kind of snickered but I was going to get it cut so no big deal. I went to the barbershop to get a haircut and I was surprised how my barber was saying that is the next big hair cut trend, The Mullet. That if you look around all the young county stars were rocking this style. Business in the front and party in the back as he laughed. So, he said let me cut it correctly and see what you think. He gave me a long flattop with the back being long and curly. I even really started liking this cut too. My wife loved it so I guess the mullet was here to stay for a while.

Next thing I know we get into county line dancing and cowboy shirt and cowboy hats were becoming my style. The wife loved the curls coming out the back of my cowboy hat and now those curls were almost to my shoulders. I have gone through many changes over the years with my mullet. Spikey on the top, frosted tip of my flattop, the mullet longer and shorter. My mustache got bigger as time went by even to the point of being a handlebar at one point. But now it has been 10 year of the mullet, it has been fun but I feel I need a change. I am coming up on my 50th birthday my hair is turning grey and I think all this hair makes me look older now and my kids are actually making fun of me. So, I guess it is time for it to go. Also, I have noticed that most of the younger guys in the office are now sporting short cuts and definitely no curls in the back. So, it is time for it to go. I keep looking in the mirror at imagining me with short hair and it was almost scary. Not sure what will make me take the plunge and get this hair cut short

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