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The Mullett ; Beginning to End by Claude

Part II

One thing we always do is when one of our gang has a 50th birthday we throw a huge Fifties themed party. Everyone dresses up 50’s attire and all the guys slick their hair back with big pompadours and a good time is always had by all. I was going to lunch one day, thinking about what I was going to do for the Fifties party outfit and thinking of ordering some of the black hair wax to dying my hair black for the party and since it was for me I had to do something special. I was in line at the deli and the guy in front of me had the great flattop and the guy look looked incredible. I thought about that flattop all afternoon and made the decision that this would be an awesome way to get rid of my mullet ! I will get a flattop for the 50’s party. I decided that I would keep this a secret and no one will know, not even my wife until I get to the party. Now I need to make plans as I only have 3 weeks until the party. Then all the questions came out ! Who do I get to give me a flattop? My barber or a barber that specializes in Flattops. Exactly what style of Flattop? How will I pull this off without anybody knowing? The flattop has to be perfect for me to pull this off. I need new clothes to make this perfect I was almost in panic mode. I started looking online and found different styles of flattops that just confused me more and what was the best 50’s clothes to wear to make it complete. Now I had to decide who was going to give me this haircut. I looked on line more to see pictures of different Flattop from the 50’s and finally settled on the one. I was walking by barber shops all downtown to see if I could see any one cutting a flattop. I knew I could not make a mistake on who does my cut. Then by some luck there is the guy who got me thinking about getting the flattop in the first place. You could tell his had just been cut are it was perfect. I could not believe that I actually walked up to his table at thedeli and said I know this may sound strange but your flattop looks amazing and I was thing about getting one. So, do you mind telling me who cuts your hair? He laughed and said have a seat you would be surprised on how often men ask me about my haircut. So, a flattop you say, looking at my shaggy mess. So, I told him the story and he just shook his head you know this is going to be a shock not just to your fiends but to you. When I first got my flattop, I liked it, but I felt like everyone was staring at me and it just made me feel self-conscious. My barber Nick said just keep it for a few months and I will guarantee you will love it and after the second cut I was hooked. Easy to style and all you do is have to get it cut every two to three weeks to keep it looking great. Have you ever had short hair? I know I turned a little red when I told him when I was a kid. He just laughed, then he told me to go to Ed’s Barbershop and ask for Nick he is the flattop master. He then pulled out a card and said give him a call say I sent you and I can get a free cut for a referral. You may need to get an estimate with all the hair you have as he just kept laughing as he got up to leave.

The next week and a half crawled by. I decided to go with more of a preppy look for the 50’s party with a light plaid short-sleeve shirt, Kaki paints and penny loafers as I knew everyone else would be in leather jacket and white T-shirts and I would stand out even more. Now it was Saturday morning and my wife had a list of things for me to do. I finished off the list by 12:00 and to my surprise she said don’t you have something to go do. I stammered for a few seconds thinking how does she know about the haircut. I said yes, I can go find something to do, she said great I have a few surprises for you that I need to get ready before your party. So, go enjoy your afternoon. Wow what a break I did not even have to make up a story on where I was going. So off to lunch and to see Nick.

I arrived at the barbershop about 2:30 and just sat in the car for a little while my stomach was flip flopping and I was thinking about how scared I was to get a flattop. Then I just laughed at myself as how stupid I was acting scared to cut my hair, really!! I took a deep breath and opened the car door and just said this is it to myself. I walked into Ed’s Barbershop and there still a few guys waiting for haircuts, but when I walked in Nick just yelled out I told you he would not chicken out. Nick said take a seat and I will be with you shortly. I watched several really short haircuts being completed and one shaved high and tight. It was amazing how much someone can change their looks so much by just getting a haircut. I was now the last customer in the shop and the door was locked and the shades pulled down, I guess there was not turning back now.

Nick patted the big red leather chair and said you are up big boy and just stated laughing. I walked slowly to the chair and he said not having second thoughts, are you? I said no but this is a big deal , this is my first short haircut in 40 years and a little scary if I have to confess. Then there was laughter coming from the other barbers cleaning up the shop before they left for the day. But to my surprise, they all finished up and sat down in their chair to watch this hair cut happen. Nick caped me up combed my and said you ready for your flattop. I said that is what I am here for with a nervous laugh. Then let get started. But first a few pictures. He then turned me away from the mirror and said I and going to take the bulk off first and then we will go from there. I said let do this. He flipped these huge clippers on as I jumped a little which go a chuckle from the onlookers. I felt the cold blades on the back of my neck and the slowly went to the crown. Then Nick flipped this hug clump of hair my lap laughing well there is not turning back now as he made another pass on the back of my head. He continued around my head and I so wanted to see the results and what was happening but Nick said it would be better to see it finished as the process might scare me. He then started on the top with clipper over comb shorting the top with every pass. The next time he put some jell in my hair and took the hair dryer and go the top to stand up and attacked the top again to flatten it up. Nick said you want to see the first stage. A loud yes came out of me. Nick said this a longer flattop which I this is actually the best look for you. Not too short but still a great looking flattop and if was me I would keep this style. When the chair turned around I could not believe how great it looked but was disappointed that is was not what I was actually expecting. I said this does look great but for what I am here for this is not it. Let go for short flattop. Nick said you are the customer. But if you do not like the short version it is all on you, as this longer one is my choice. I said you are probably right but I want the shorter one. More pictures were taken and then Nick said let do this! As the other barber said well we are off Nick take a few pictures so we can see the final result as we may even want to put this one on the wall as the laughed walking out the door.

Nick turned me away from the mirror again and got to work again. I could fell that after a few passes my hair was much shorter. I could even feel the air conditioning moving air in the room. Nick went around the sides several time and cleaning up the edges around my ears and removed my sideburns to the top of my ears. All that was left was the top this time he added wax to my hair combed it straight up a few hit with the hair dryer and the clipping started again. Nick was really concentrating on getting the top just right and then he said just like the picture and I said that is want I came for. Nick then got the clippers and ran them from the back of my head to almost touching the my front hair line sending chills up my spine. But creating the perfect landing strip in the process. Nick then stood back admiring his work. Then a few more touchup and little more wax and a big smile came over his face. As once again he said just like the picture. And one again I said yes sounding a little irritated. He pickup a small set of clippers and came at my mustache. I jumped a little and said what are you doing he said making you look like that picture just want you are asking for. I said I never really thought about my mustache and shaving it off. I think I will keep it. Nick said the Mustache does not do anything for the haircut if fact if looks a little goofy as he snickered. I said no just keep it for now. He said ok let me do a few finishing touches and there!! He slowly turned me around and I was amazed what a job he had done the haircut looked just like the picture and I was amazed how different it made me look. Then Nick started taking about the mustache as saying how it just does look right with Flattop and nobody in the 50’s would have something like that especially that big of one. I examined my look again and he was right
now what you saw first was the mustache not the Flattop. I said well why do you just trim the mustache down some to see if that will look better. Nick said that is not going to help and you went this far you should go all the way. I took a deep breath and said I think you are right. Lets do to it. He laid me back in the chair and took the clipper to my stach as my heart sank a little I had this thing since college and really not sure of this as Nick said too late now to change you mind. He then wrapped a hot towel on my face for a few minutes and the shaved my face once with the grain and again against the grain. He then lifted me up and more shaving cream around the edges of the haircut and shaved a little higher than I thought he would, Nick then took out the clippers again edged around where he saved and made and couple of snips here and there with the scissors and then a slap of some after shave that made me jump it stung so much. Then he slowly turned me round.

I gasped as to what I saw. My mustache was gone and was replaced by a huge white strip of skin. That is all that I could see and then it seemed to highlight the white sides on my head. I looked horrible and Nick could see my excitement was killed. Now what is wrong. I said I never thought about the white skin under my hair and now the mustache. It looks horrible. Nick said we can fix this let me call my cousin at the tanning salon down the street she is a wiz at tan lines. She does this all the time for brides when they donot want tan lines showing on their big day. The call was made and he said you can go there now and she can fix it so you never knew you had a mustache a few minutes ago.
But let’s look at the haircut. You look amazing, I do not say this to everyone but you were made for a flattop. I think you should go with the longer version we did first but this looks amazing. As I examined it further he was right the flattop looked great on me. I looked younger and my grey hair did not slow up as much too. The landing strip was really showing up with the while skin showing. I thanked him so much for the haircut and the time he spent. I went to pay and he said this one is on me. I said no way I gave him a 100.00 and said this has been an amazing experience. Nick took a few more pictures and said I think I will go with you to my cousin’s shop to see the finished product. We took off to see Jill at the tanning salon and she was ready when I walked in the door. It did not take her long to get the color right and she even blended the sides and the back of my neck a little around the edges to make it look like I always had a flattop. I paid and she let me change into my clothes for the party. Nick then took a lot of pictures of the finished product. I could not stop looking in the mirror, I loved the way I looked and even with the mustache gone I felt I looked great. I thanked them both again and off I go heading home for my party.

I got to the house with only a few minutes to spare before the party was to start. I walk in and there is my wife with her pony tail bouncing with her poodle skirt, tight sweater and saddle oxford and as I said I am back. She said it is about time turning and where have you beeeeeeen as her eyes widen as I just smiled and said I went to get a haircut. After a few moments she finally said something. You sure did! is all she could get out. What on earth did you do? I wanted to surprise you with my costume and she said you have done that. She said I like it! A little drastic but you got rid of that ridiculous mustache, I said what I though you loved it. She said in all these years together have you ever hear me say that I liked it. I thought after a while you would get the idea I did not like it. But it never happened. Well it is gone now.

I tried to stay hidden until a lot of the guest arrived and then I made my entrance. It was incredible, for the first time everyone was speechless. The best part was my best friend finally came in and making his entrance and actually looked me straight in the eyes and just walked right by, he did not even recognize me. I said really you are not even going to say anything to the birthday boy. He turned around and just stood there with his mouth wide open. Could not believe that he had just past his best friend and not recognize him. We all got a big laugh out of it. The party was a great success we all has a great time and then my wife had a big surprise for me. We went to the garage and there was a new Chevy 4 door pickup. Life is really Good!

!The party was over and we started cleaning up. My wife came over gave me a big kiss and said how much she loved me and even more without the mustache. She then said how long will it take to grow your hair back. I looked at her with a surprised look and said I am not planning on growing my long hair back. I have decided that this will be the new me. No more fussing with all that hair and since I now know that you hate my beloved mustache that will be a thing of the past too. She just smiled back at me and said this new you is going to get some getting use too. But by the next morning she Ok with the new me!!

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