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The Bet part II by Claude

The Bet - Part II

The next morning, Will was still snoring away when I came in to fix breakfast and Steve was coming in from his morning run. Will, finally started to move when he smelled the coffee " bacon " sausage cooking. He sat up and stretched and then the moment came, he scratched his chin and with a puzzled look on his face he ran to the bathroom. Then the yelling started What the F@#k did you guys do to me !!! he just kept yelling and then finally can in the room to confront us. Steve spoke up and said we just did what you asked for. Will said I know that I did not ask for this !! Steve said yes you did. After the card game ended you said that you would take me up on the haircut offer, that you could not take the long hair in your eyes any longer. You even helped me get everything ready. At the beginning we were just doing a good trim, then the liquor must have kicked in as you kept saying a little shorter until there was really nothing left on the sides or top and then you were so aggravated you said just finish it up, that you did not care what I did. So, I gave you one of my specialties. Then when we finished your haircut, James and Bill talked you into a shaving the sides and your goatee. I had to leave my trademark mustache just for fun as Steve said with an evil laugh!! That’s just how it all happen, you sat there the whole time enjoying every minute of it, isn’t that right boys. As both of us said that is exactly how it happen. Will again blew up, you are all lying I would have never let you do this to me, you got me drunk and forced me to do this, believe me I will get even with all of you. you mark my word if it takes forever I will get even as he went to his room slamming the door.

Will, refused to come out of his room so we went on a hike for most of the day. When we returned we were surprised to see the Tahoe was gone. The big question now was had Will just left us up here to find our own way home or was he coming back??? After a couple of hours, we started getting concerned he had left us for good. But then we heard the sound of a car coming up the long driveway and sure enough there was the Tahoe. Will got out and yelled can’t a guy get a little help out here. We went out there was Will in new straw hat cowboy hat and was opening the back of the Tahoe. It was loaded with groceries and beer. He seemed way too happy. I said I thought you left us for dead out here. Will laughed saying that was the first thought that I had and while at the bar I thought about that several more time. But I could never stay mad at you guys very long and it is only hair and it will grow back and I can just keep wearing this hat until it does. Still I felt something was up he was taking this too well. I cooked everyone a great steak dinner with all the trimmings and we all had way too much to drink again and went to bed early.

The next morning, I am up cooking as usual and Steve came in from his morning run. I was surprise to see that he had shaved his head, not a big surprise because he usually shaves it all off several time a year, but it still is always a surprise. I asked what happen to you and he said I was hoping this would make Will feel better, if I had less hair than he did. I just shook my head as Will came in and just laughed at Steve’s shave head saying, this is not making up for what you did. A few minutes later there was a scream from the back of the house. James come running in and tackled Will bring him to the floor. The yelling and screaming went on for a few minutes with them rolling on the floor. It then dawned on us what had happened, James now had an old man haircut, the top of his head was slick with the curly sides left in all of their glory. If his hair was red he would look like Bozo the clown. We pull them apart and calmed James down and everyone started laughing at the site as we finally got a look at his hair. Will kept denning that it was not him that cut his hair but we all knew this was revenge. It did not help when Steve said you will not have to worry about your hair falling out now, laughing away. We all laughed but James just stormed back to the bedroom. He finally came out after we finished breakfast with a bucket hat pulled way down to cover any sign of his new hair style. He just sat there glaring at Will. We kept laughing at him and he just kept get mad all over again.

Looking around all I could think about was that I was the only one with my hair intact. I knew that this was not good for me. The rest of the day and night I was jumpy as a cat. Morning came and nothing had changed. I kept think that everyone was starring at me and making plans to do something to my hair. Here again, another day passed and nothing. Then I was waking up and looked at the clock and it was 9:00. I had not slept that late in years. I got up and went to the bathroom and then there is was my hair and part of my stubble beard was green and red. All I could do was yell out son of a bitch, then I heard snickers from the kitchen. I came walked into the kitchen and the laughter started. Will, this is not funny, I have a business to run and cook in front of the customers. I cannot look like this as they all kept laughing. What is this in my hair I demanded, they all denied that they knew anything about how I now have red and green hair. I rummaged through the trash and then just said noooooo. You use food coloring on my hair. That will dye everything including my skin. Then they all just laughed even harder. You do know when this get wet it will tint everything it touches and they kept laughing. I went to the bathroom and pulled off my black boxes to get in the shower and then I saw. They even dyed my dick, my balls red and all the hair green and walked back in the kitchen and Will had just taken a big gulp of orange juice and spewed it all over the counter when he saw me, orange juice was even coming out of his nose. Then they were all on the floor laughing.

I went back to the shower and tried to wash out the food coloring without making a
mess in the bathroom or on me. thank goodness the tile was slate with black grout. But I was not so lucky my hair was still green and red and you could see my scalp was discolored and where it ran I had streak in my beard and of course down my legs. When I finally came out of the bedroom more laughs as my hands were even this kind of grey- green color from the dye. All I said was this better come out before we leave next Sunday. The whole day I was washing my hands and face trying to get the color out, but only lighten it a little.

After dinner, we started playing cards again and this pot kept getting bigger as everyone must have thought they would be the winner on this one. James ran out of chips form his daily allotment. He said I will call and asked Will to spot him the chips he needed. Will just laughed and then Steve said since you are so sure you have the winning hand, how about we make a side bet. I will give you the chips and you bet the rest of that nappy hair you have left. James looked at his cards again and what if I win, Steve said I will shave off my mustache. You could hear a pin drop, Steve again looked at his cards, shook his head and finally said yes if this is not the winning had you can shave my mustache, but if I win I get to shave your head. With confidence James laid down his cards and said 3 jacks over a pair of 10s !! beat that!! I only had two pair and Will had already folded. Then with a big smile Steve said we I only have a pair of Aces then silence and James started laughing, but them Steve said oh yes and 3 Kings, read them and weep my friend. I guess you have a date with my clippers. James just started cussing again feeling he had been setup.

Steve got out everything he needed to complete James Haircut. After putting on the cape he slowly started taking off all of James’ hair. James looked like he was about to cry, but we all started laughing to lighten the mood. When he finished with the clipper James started to get up and Steve just pushed him down saying we are not through yet. James protested but it was not going to do any good. Steve lathered him up and shaved his head very slowly, I think so he could enjoy the suffering James was going through. Steve said just a little more and he put shaving cream on James’ face and began to shave off his weeks beard and said because you like my mustache so much, I think you need one just like mine. Steve, finished up the shave and just smiled as James got out of the chair just cussing looking at himself in the mirror. He knew right then that is was not a good look for him, a fat bald guy with a wonky shaped head.

Steve started cleaning up and I said how about one more shave this color is not coming out of my hair and I cannot go back home looking like this. With a big smile Steve said step up and let’s get started. Will said are you sure you want to do this I am sure this color will come out soon. I said I know food coloring and will not be coming out before we leave. So, Steve let’s get going. Steve started with the clippers removing all my hair, it felt strange feeling the breeze from the ceiling fan. Then the shaving cream and the shaving started. It gave me chills as he ran the blade across the top of my head but I loved it. I had to shift a few times to keep the guys from noticing how much I was enjoying this shave. He then lathered my face and started shaving say how about a nice mustache, I just said why not. He finally finished and hand me the mirror and I could not believe that I was seeing a completely different person in the mirror. I could not believe how different I looked not just me with no hair but a much better-looking guy and looked much younger looking too. I really did not know that my white hair aged me that much. The complete opposite of Will who looked older with short hair but both of us looked much better. I could not keep my hands off my head I just felt wonderful. Steve said to Will you ready to pay up!! Will shook head and sat down while Steve shave the rest of his hair off and said that will be $500.00 sir laughing hysterically.

James and myself sat there just looking puzzled. Then Steve said to us that you two were all part of a bet. I bet Will that before we left the cabin to go home,
I would have the two of you letting me shave your heads. Will said it would never happen and so if I get you two to shave your heads before we left, Will was going to pay him $500.00 plus have his own head shaved. As an extra bonus for loosing he must keep only a mustache for 6 months with no trimming and keep a high and tight Flattop for the same period. If Steve lost he would lose his mustache for 6 months, not be able to get a haircut for 6 months and pay up the $500.00 to Will. James and I were in shock as we are part of a bet that would have never been in our favor. Then to think we had blamed Will for all of this and it was Steve all the time.

There was nothing else to do but laugh as we all looked in the large mirror over the fireplace. Four Bald mustached men with one with a glowing white head, one head with red and green splotches and the other two with a slight tan.

I had to asked Steve how he pull it all off without us knowing a thing. He said that he had to first give Will a haircut to move the blame on him, so the two of you would not be looking at what I was doing. All it took was a little sedative in Will’s drink and I could have done anything to him and he would not have woken up. I had no plans for his cut just something short. But the more I cut Will’s hair the shorter, the more I wanted to cut. I did not plan on the flattop but it was too much fun not to do it, just to see your faces as the hair kept coming off. After Will’s rant the next day saying he was getting even with all of us. You were all watching him, not me. So, I had free reigns to do anything I wanted. Another little sedative in James’ beer, the old man cut was a breeze and of course he blamed Will as I acted shocked at his haircut. Then there was Bill, I really did not have a plan but when we went to the store and I saw the food coloring, I knew that was the ticket. So, after your cocktail I made for you the process started. It was surprising how easy it was. A few drops on the comb and it just combed right in with little mess, but I did not think about it dying your scalp. Sorry about that. HA HA HA!! The pubes were an after-thought but it was just so damn funny, I just had to do it. Will could not say anything because if he tipped you off he would automatically loose the bet and have to pay up. We all just sat there think what dopes we must be to let this happen and neither of us having a clue what was going on.

Over the next two day my head finally started to get back to the correct color and get a little tan, but it lost the great feeling it had when I first got shaved. So, the next morning, I found Steve shaving Will’s head leaving the top, so he could begin his 6 month Flattop bet payoff. When Steve finished I asked him if he would shave my head for me again. When I came out of the bathroom, Will and James could not believe I shaved my head again. I really could not either but the feeling was wonderful. I could not keep my hands off my head. The rest of the week flew by and I go a really good tan on my head and I thought it looked great. Then unfortunately it was time to go home. Even to my surprise I asked Steve if he would shave my head one more time before we left. He said I cannot come over every day and shave your head, come in here and I will show you how to do it yourself. Steve said you are not ready for the straight razor so here use this Mach III, he showed me how to shave with the grain and against the grain and how to find the missed spots. Then that feeling was back and I love it all over again. Then I said to Steve that I thought I was hooked on being bald. Steve just laughed and said I am going to make a marine out of you yet. HA HA HA!! Unlike James my head was nice and round with no dips or scares. I felt like I looked amazing. Steve then said you ready to go all the way? Looking puzzled. All the way where? Steve dropped his pants to show me that his whole crouch was saved clean. I stammered a bit and said you shave everything! Steve said everything and if Susan had her way I would not have a hair on my body ever. Steve said that basically, most women hate pubic hair, have you ever noticed how short their hair is down there. I said now that you mention it, yes. Steve said that is not because it does not grow, your wife keep it nice and trimmed for you my friend. All I could say is that I never really thought about it. Well what do you say you go all the way or go home red and green stripped? I decided to not to go all the way as I was not sure what Jill would say.

We got home and started dropping everyone off and letting our wives see what we did on Summer Vacation. James and Will’s wives just laughed and shook their head. While Steve’s wife just asked if I was Steve’s new twin. When I got home, I just sat in the car for a few minutes staring at myself in the visor mirror almost scared to walk in the door. I walked in and called to Jill Homey I'm home. I heard her coming out of the Kitchen saying it is about time I missed you sooooo much then just stopped dead in her tracks, not a word was said just a long stare it seemed forever. Mind was racing then the what ifs stated what if she hates it? what if she refuse to look at me? what it ? What if? Then her it comes the dreaded comment, what the hell did you do? I panicked did not know what to say so I just said "I shaved my head" ending up with a goofy grin on my face. She screamed as she started walking towards me saying you sure did and I love it!! Relief came over me as she ran to me giving me a big kiss and rubbing my head and I said I so glad as I love it too. But the stash has to go. I just said maybe. A few more kisses and head rubs and there was a definite stir in my pants and Jill just said well I see someone is happy to see me as she gave me a nice firm squeeze.

Jill then ask what made you do this. Steve had to be in this story somewhere. I said it is a long story how about lets get a beer let me tell you about our vacation. Then I told her the whole story on how this all happened, she just laughed and said boys will be boys!! So, all of you are now bald. I said not exact ally , Will has the beginnings of a flattop and a mustache that he has to keep for 6 months and James has a week stubble on his head thank goodness because he looks horrible with no hair,but me and Steve are bald. I then said Oh I forgot I have one more surprise to show her of what else had happen. I dropped my pants and said Steve also dyed this too. She just busted out laughing, After, she tried to stopped laughing so hard she cried, she said that is going to have to be fixed tonight! Then I told her how Steve was trying to get me to go ahead and shave it all off at the cabin but I was not sure what you would say if all the hair was gone when I got home. Then I told her Steve was telling me that women did not pubic hair and that I should shave it off and you would be happy about it. But I was not sure how you would feel about that? She said you know Steve is a doctor and he is always right well most of the time, but none of us women like all that bush men never take care of. She said I would be surprised at the conversation we have about this subject at our girls night out. So that night she led me to the shower and took care of my red and green pubs. After a great long shower together the rest of the night seemed magical, not sure if she just missed me or it was my newly shaved head and pubes, but it was unbelievable.

It has now been six months since our trip ended. James has let his grow back thank goodness as he looked horrible with no hair and has kept a long buzzcut that actually looks good on him. We tried to get him to keep the mustache but his wife said no way period end. Will had to keep his mustache and flattop for the six months to fulfill the bet which Steve was not going to let him out of. But the time has ended and he still has his flattop and now has a hug handlebar mustache. To all of our surprise Will has really run with this new look. He had a new cartoon image of himself done with his flattop and handlebar mustache that he uses on all his marketing materials and on his business cards, so it seems that this look is here to stay and to all of our surprise his wife loves his new look. Steve has his Flattop back and of course his trademark mustache. I have kept the shaved head. I still love it and to this day cannot keep my hands off my head or looking at myself when i pass a mirror. I love this look on me. My wife loves my shaved head and dares me to grow my hair back. She is always giving me a little head rub at work which still gives me a tingle though out my body. I have tried the mustache for a while then a stubble beard with a mustache but Jill really likes me shaved clean and if that makes her happy, I am all in. I must say that not having all that white hair and beard does make me look a lot younger. I am also spending more with Steve in his gym and lost a few pounds and now have a six pack that I have not had in years. Jill loves this new me. Jill has gotten more aggressive with my package shaving over the past few months by not just stopped with my junk. I think she is discussing this with the girls as all of them are having us shave more and more body parts. It started slowly with my back then my chest. Then one night while I was sleeping she put wax strips on my legs, now that hurt like hell when she yanked them off as I was sound asleep. She thought that was hilarious, me not so much. So now my legs are part of the shaving process. I know my arms will be next on her list so the only hair that will be left soon on my body will be my eyebrows. But I love it and I of course return the favor by keeping her nice and smooth. I cannot tell you how this have ramped up our alone time. We also now have a monthly ritual, we send the kids to go stay at grandmas for the weekend and we have some time to ourselves giving us time for our very own monthly shave party. So if you have not done the shave thing you need to give it a try, you will be surprised how it will spice up your life.

This guy’s trip was incredible and exactly what we needed. After the two years we had it was so great to know you have great fiends that you will have forever. No matter how crazy the world gets you have them to count on and to make experiences we will never be forgotten and stories we will have forever. This trip was life changing for at least two of us and maybe all of us and I cannot wait for our next adventure and what mischief we can get into….

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