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English lesson for Abdul part1 by Tony

English lesson for Abdul part 1
I was now twenty two and my lack of understanding of the English language was holding me back in my job, so decided to enroll in a night class to improve my skills, the class had about fifteen people of varying ages, mostly guys and just about five girls, I had sat at a table towards the back of the classroom, I did not have the confidence to sit up front, then in walked a young guy about eighteen or nineteen of Indian origin, although I am not an expert on nationality. He was quite striking, slim well dressed but had long flowing straight hair past his shoulders, he sat just at the table immediately in front of me. Quite ironic really as I had always had a hair fetish and now sitting here got the best view ever.
I was gay, but didn't broadcast this, especially to those I didn't know, I usually kept myself to myself and was fairly quiet. I had always had an interest in guys hair, especially nice hair, not really into curly or frizzy hair, but any length from fairly short to very long. I sat staring at this gorgeous long shiny hair and really had that urge to run my fingers through it. We all introduced ourselves one by one before the teacher explained where we would start our course.

I sat there finding it difficult to concentrate, I just kept looking at Abdul's hair, finding that I was getting slightly aroused by it, almost embarrassed by this, I hoped it wouldn't show. The teacher said we could take a break and get some refreshments, we all made our way to the canteen to get a drink, I sat at a table and could not believe my luck, Abdul asked if he could join me, I said yes, please do, he was very nice and I knew straight away he was gay too, it's just something you can pick up on being gay myself. He formally introduced himself and said he was a little scared about the class, he found the language hard to understand, I said to him, look, if you want any help, I am more than happy to help you, he looked at me and said, thank you so much, I knew when I saw you that you were a kind person. We chatted quite a bit until it was time to return to class. After class I asked Abdul if he wanted to go for a coffee, he said, yes, that would be lovely. We chatted as if we had known each other for years, he was so pleasant.

The rest of the evening passed so quickly and it was getting late by now, Abdul said he had to get home, I said I will see you in a couple of days for the next lesson. I made my way home and all I could think about was his amazing hair, the next two days dragged and seemed like ages, but finally the evening arrived for the class. I arrived at the college and took a seat towards the back like before, soon after Abdul arrived, but this time his hair was tied back in a neat pony tale, he walked over and sat in front of me like last time, his hair had that gorgeous sheen to it, beautiful black shiny hair glinted under the lights in the classroom , just before he turned to speak to me, he put his hand up and pulled the band from his hair, it fell loose on his shoulders and down his back, he gave his head a little shake to make sure his hair was hanging neatly behind his shoulders, as he turned to me I smiled at him, He asked how I was, I said, fine thanks, it's nice to see you again.
The lesson went without too much of a problem, we had spoken at break and had agreed to get some food after class finished. We walked to my flat and I ordered food over the phone, we chatted a lot while waiting for the food to arrive. I had plucked up the courage to ask Abdul about his hair, he told me he had been growing it for three years, not because he particularly wanted long hair, but because back in Nepal, where he came from, he had endured a bad experience with some boys who taunted him about being gay and forced him one evening , held him down and shaved his hair off, he was clearly traumatized about this awful experience.
I could see he had tears in his eyes he was still so upset about the whole experience, without really thinking I put my arm around him and held him, I immediately apologized for this, but he smiled and said its ok, I liked it.

The food arrived and we ate , we talked a lot about his life and mine, we got on so well, I said can I run my fingers through your hair, I would love to feel how soft and silky it is, he said softly, please do, I like the feel of someone touching my hair, I used to enjoy when my Mum brushed my hair before I left Nepal to start a new life in London. I stood behind him running my fingers through his long silky hair, it felt amazing and I was clearly getting very aroused by this, I said to him, if you like, I can brush or comb it for you? He turned and said, really! I would love you to do that for me. I went to my bathroom and brought back a wide tooth comb, I said to him, sit on the chair and relax. I noticed his hair had a tendency to hang more to one side instead of falling naturally into a centre parting, I liked that look quite a lot and noticed as I gently combed it back off his forehead, the long front fell back forward and across his face, he was sitting with his eyes closed, clearly enjoying every minute of having his long hair combed, I also noticed I was not the only person getting aroused by this, he had a bulge in his trousers the same as me, after quite some time I leaned forward and kissed his lips gently, he encouraged this and made no effort to stop.
We made our way to the bedroom and explored every inch of each other's bodies, he was amazing, and gorgeous, his soft skin was beautiful, no facial hair at all and a very smooth sensational body. We fell asleep in each other's arms. I n the morning, Abdul asked if he could shower and wash his hair, it was Saturday, so neither of us had to work, I said, do you want me to wash it for you, thinking he would say no, but to my surprise he said, oh yes, that would be so nice, I stood in the shower behind him massaging the shampoo through then rinsing it, then the conditioner, then rinsed that through too, we were both so hard and ended up having hot sex in the shower before drying ourselves off"
Abdul said to me, your the first man I have ever opened up to and been with and I feel so comfortable with you, I said, I feel the same about you.
He sat on the chair again and asked me to comb his hair again.

We had some coffee and talked while his hair was drying, it was about an hour and a half before it had dried properly, Abdul spoke about his work, he actually worked for an Uncle in the clothing trade, packaging T shirts and things imported from Taiwan before they were distributed to outlets around the country. He told me how his Uncle was very strict and unkind to him, always moaning about his appearance and especially his long hair, he kept telling him to go and get a short haircut so he looked more presentable, but he told me how scared he was about going to a barber shop after his bad experience in Nepal. I thought to myself, I wonder if he would trust me to cut his hair, I wasn't a barber, but had spent enough time online looking at haircuts and watching videos of haircuts, I had a real fetish for haircuts. I kept wondering if I should say anything or run the risk of spoiling what we had so far. I started running my comb through his hair again now it was dry, it felt so silky, I said to him, I can understand your Uncle wanting it cut Abdul, it's very long. He looked up at me and just said I am scared to go to the barber shop though. I thought after him saying that again, it was now or never to approach the subject of me cutting it, I said, "would you like me to cut it for you" ? I am not a barber, but I do understand how you are scared to go to a barber shop, I hope that you feel comfortable enough to trust me, I am sure I can do a good job of it for you, I continued to run my comb through it gently and just pulling it back behind his shoulders. He said to me, are you serious, really serious? I would love it if you would cut it for me, I can see how gentle and caring you have been with my hair, I hope your not just joking. I stopped combing for a moment and faced him, I leaned forward and said, Abdul, I have never felt more serious in my life, I really like you and I would be honored to cut your hair for you if you trust me to. With that he kissed me so passionately and said, yes please, definitely yes please.

I sat there for a while talking about different styles and lengths with him, but he just kept saying to me, Andy, I want to leave it to you to do your favourite style and cut, I want to leave it entirely up to you. I fetched my iPad and brought up some of my favourite styles, most of them fairly short, my favourite style of all at the moment is a skin fade with side parting and combed back fringe, I pointed this out to him and he just said, if that's what you like, then that's the haircut I will have. I said one last time, it's very short, are you sure?, he said for certain, please don't worry, I like it. I am not scared about you cutting it for me, just scared for someone I don't know like a barber to cut it, sorry, I am being stupid. I assured him he was not being stupid and I understood totally.

I went to the bathroom and fetched down a pair of clippers I use to trim my beard and a pair of scissors too, I picked up a large towel from out of the cupboard and came back to the chair where Abdul was sitting waiting for me. I must admit I was nervous, I had not cut hair before, only watched it on YouTube videos, it was cross between being nervous and being excited, I placed the towel under his long hair around his shoulders and combed his hair through again, I said, Abdul, if you get at all nervous or stressed, please tell me and I will stop, I don't want you upset in any way at all. He said, I am totally relaxed with you cutting my hair and to be honest quite excited too, I like the idea of having my hair cut the way you like it. I said, firstly I am going to tie it back in a long pony tale and cut that first, is that ok with you, he said, please, Andy, what ever you want to do it is fine with me, please don't worry, I am calm and very happy for you to cut it for me. I tied his hair in a pony tale and with my scissors started by cutting through it, eventually it was severed and in my hand, I laid it on the table next to him, he just smiled, then I combed the long top and fringe forward, it covered his chin by about six inches, I slid the open scissors into the hair just above his dark eyes and started closing the blades, the first wave of long hair fell into his lap, then the second and finally the third cut gave him a shorter fringe. He was looking awesome already. I picked up the cut hair from his lap and laid the long hair on the table next to the pony tale, I put a guard on the clippers, I decided on a grade two first, I pushed his head forward gently and placed the clippers at the base of his neck, pushing them up slowly then easing them out as I got to the top, I stepped back and looked at the strip of hair they had just made short, the continued with several more passes, making my way to the sides above the ears, I was very pleasantly surprised at the look already, but quite concerned about the large pile of hair on the floor, I carried on with scissors now blending the hair all around, it was looking really good and so different from the very long hair from before, I decided that a grade one should be used next on the clippers all around then I removed the guard altogether and did the skin fade, the white skin showing through very noticeably now, but also looking so sexy and hot on him. I wanted to use some styling cream for the top and fringe also to shave the skin with a razor, but I had no product in my flat, there was a shop just opposite me, I said to Abdul, I just need to run to the shop and be about five minutes, he said, ok, I will sit and wait. I managed to get a pack of razors and a tub of styling cream. I used so warm water and wet his neck and sides the shaved to the skin with the razor, that made me so horny, it looked amazing, then with some styling cream I combed the side parting and slicked the fringe back, I was so pleased with this look, my first ever haircut. I said, are you ready for a shock Abdul, it's so short and different, but I have to say, I love it, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror, turning from side to side the feeling his bare shaved neck, he turned to me and kissed me so passionately, he whispered, I knew I could trust you Andy, you have transformed me and I absolutely love it, Uncle will be surprised Monday at work too.

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