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Man bun part 3 by Tony

Man bun part 3
Lots of gay content in this one, please don't read if that offends you!

Josh and I had been together now for nearly three years, it's been a very good relationship, we gel well together and there is always an exciting session of role play,It is now about a year or more since I cut his hair last time outdoors at our very private place and he keeps asking if we can do it again, but I wanted his hair to be very long again before I cut it again. After another couple of months, I finally agreed to it. I actually gave in to his constant ideas of how we could make it even more erotic than last time, but I had already got my own ideas.
We arranged to go on Sunday morning like last time, spending the whole day there in the reserve. The night before we spent time in the shower together and we both made sure we were shaved smooth as we both enjoyed that and both enjoyed the erotic fun of shaving each other.
Sunday morning we packed food and beer then left for our favourite place, it was always fun being naked outdoors, after walking for about forty minutes we arrived in among the long grass and very secluded, our tree trunk we usually sit on was a pleasant sight. Josh was quite impatient and took his t shirt off straight away, I stood behind him as he sat on the log, leaning forward and burying my head in his long tied up hair, his hair smelt gorgeous as I kissed his neck and he just shuddered with joy as I kissed him, he pulled my shirt off and we couldn't wait to get naked, I was totally hard already and we had only been here ten minutes, both naked we were ready for anything, but firstly and most importantly Josh raised his arms and pulled the band off his long blond hair, it just fell loose onto his shoulders, not as long as previously, but still long enough for me to work on. The last time I cut his hair it was short but cut in a short back and sides cut, this time I had other ideas to make sure our erotic fun was so exciting.

Josh was sitting on the log waiting for me to give him his next instruction, he was totally submissive and I was so dominant which he loved. I unpacked my bag, and had all my barbers tools ready to give him his new look, he was so hard and could not wait, he sat there looking up at me as if to say, please don't keep me waiting for my haircut! I started combing his silky straight hair, it just sat on top of his shoulders unlike before when it came down his back and was just past his shoulder blades. I made sure when I packed my bag that I brought two pairs of clippers, I did not want to run out of battery. Also I made sure I brought my straight razor with spare blades too. I combed his long top and fringe forward, it covered his lips and chin , the length was about four inches past his chin, then I pushed his head forward and switched my clippers on, with a grade two guard on them, I started pushing them up his neck, so much length fell to the ground, I pushed them up to his crown, several passes made his neck shaved to about a quarter inch long, then the sides got the same treatment, the clippers pushed up past the top of his temples both sides. I changed the guard to no guard this time, just bare blades and went up the neck first then both sides, he was now shaved to the skin all the way up. I stood in front of him now, his long top and fringe still covering his entire face, as I picked up my scissors, Josh took my hard cock in his hands and tossed his long fringe to one side and leaned towards me to take it deep into his mouth, I thought I was about to blow my load, so pulled back and reprimanded him and told him to wait. I combed his long fringe forward again and lifted it with my comb and scissors, cutting about eight inches off, it fell to the ground, then again gradually cutting it shorter and shorter almost cropping it to about half an inch long. Next I stood behind him again and with my clippers with a two guard on them, I pulled his head back , placing the clippers right at the front of his forehead, I pulled the clippers back through the top of his head all the way back to his crown, several passes later he had been cropped totally, his marine haircut was almost finished, I took a good portion of shaving cream and lathered his back and sides up, with my straight razor,I shaved the back and sides to the skin. Cleaning him up with a towel he was finished, he looked so hot, just like a proper marine, so hot and sexy. I stood in front of him now and allowed him to take my cock, he got me almost to the point of exploding, then I stopped him. I picked up my mirror and held it up for him to see his marine haircut, he was so shocked at the look, but he was also extremely hard, he whispered in my ear, thank you sir, you have made me look awesome, I love it. This was the shortest haircut I had done for Josh, also the most exciting and erotic one too, we had always had a great deal of fun from that very first day when I had no idea this was something that turned him on as much as me, the most unexpected naked haircut in the outdoors, the excitement was electric.
We enjoyed sex all day long and we're both exhausted after our day.
We returned back home and both showered, I spent so much time running my hands up his shaven neck and over his cropped top before falling into bed in each other's arms.

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