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Duncan's Fresh Start by BuzzcutBoy23

Duncan finally felt so liberated. He had just graduated college and he was moving out of his cursed, backwoods down and moving out west to Denver where he had a new job and apartment all ready for him. All this considered, everything took quite a lot of planning to make all of this happen. And there was one plan Duncan had been waiting to do since he first conceived of it. He was going to cut off his hair. All of it.

Duncan had kept the same, longish shag type cut throughout all of his teenage and college years and he was finally ready to get rid of it. Duncan had it shorter sometimes and even had it cut into an undercut type of hairstyle a few times but now he wanted it only two things; short and gone. This move was the opportunity for him to finally shed all of the past trauma and attachment to his hair that he held onto for so long. Without the judgment of his peers and a town of new faces that wouldn’t recognize him, he knew it was perfect.

The night before his move the anticipation was so rampant he could hardly sleep. He finally accepted this notion and lied awake all night until the sun rose to create the day he had been waiting for. At the ass crack of dawn he jumped out of bed, ripe with eagerness and got some last minute items together along with his cat, Gray Kitty, who he was bringing with him. He said goodbye to his family and hopped inside of his hatchback with a small, enclosed trailer attached to the back of it and started driving to his destination. The first day of driving was surprisingly the most eventful. He passed his state line and knew full well that it would be the last time he would ever have to be in it. Never in his life would he ever want to return to his hometown, he was onto bigger and better things now. Duncan also had passed by the hometown of his ex boyfriend where he had been to once before. It brought up a lot of painful and bitter memories of how horribly he had been mistreated with that relationship; but Duncan saw it as an opportunity and as a big middle finger to his ex because he was able to drive right past it with the confidence that he would never have to see the man or that town ever again as well. He stopped for a break in the St. Louis suburb of St. Charles and enjoyed the lore of it as that was where one of his favorite fictional characters was from. He got back in his car and drove across the Ozarks until he finally reached Kansas City in the evening and slept quite soundly in his hotel.

The next morning Duncan had woken up even earlier than the previous morning and got back in his car once again. This time, he had to drive across the entire state of Kansas. Longways. He passed the time by listening to music, talking to Gray Kitty and thinking about what his new life held for him that was just beyond the horizon. The early summer sun was hovering over the green fields and on Duncan as well, shining on his lengthy chocolate-colored locks that he hadn’t trimmed since Christmas time. He ran his fingers through his hair in the rearview mirror knowing its days were numbered. His hair had become a little heavy and greasy too which only added to the young man’s disdain for it. This had been a long time coming and he was more than ready for it. By late afternoon of that day Duncan had arrived in the metro area and his excitement had grown tenfold along with his desire to cut off his mop of hair. He pulled into the office of his new apartment and picked up his keys; then immediately went up to see his new pad. To say he was ecstatic with joy was an understatement. It truly sunk in in that moment that he had made it; all those years of waiting and sleepless nights dreaming of this very moment had finally arrived. The 22 year old had defied all expectations of his haters who were praying on his downfall and conspired tactfully to make sure that he would never thrive. He unloaded his belongings rather quickly since he only brought his clothing and a few pieces of furniture as he planned on buying all new art deco themed furniture for his new place. After a few trips to various grocery stores to stock his fridge and pantry everything was complete.

Now came the second part Duncan had been waiting for. On the next evening after a night of catching up on several nights of much needed sleep, he entered his bathroom ready to execute his plan. He looked at himself in the mirror with butterflies in his stomach. Even though he had planned this for sometime, it was still something to get a little nervous about. Duncan has never cut his hair this short before but he had the confidence of knowing it would look good on him. Ironically enough he was having a good hair day as is typical of folks right before they have a haircut; but it was in vain as the hair was coming off, point blank period. He pulled out his clippers that he had brought with him from home and opened the lid of the plastic case that held them. He plugged it into the outlet by the sink even though they were wireless but it was better safe than sorry to attach the charger so it wouldn’t die on him mid-haircut. Duncan figured for the haircut he better take off his shirt since he knew for a fact that hair would be getting everywhere. And he meant everywhere. Duncan’s hair was so thick he swore he had enough hair on his head for two people and it was always the talk plus envy of his friends and hairstylists who would always compliment him on his dense mane. Once his shirt was off revealing his abs and slim but toned arms, he started sectioning off the hair on the top of his head with some pins, leaving the hair on the sides and back hanging down just past his ear and the back a little longer, flaring out a little behind his ears. This was the moment Duncan had been waiting for. Right before he turned on the clippers, he thought of one more thing to take care of. His underwear. He was starting to get a little tight down there as Duncan had developed a short haircutting fetish early in high school, and didn’t want to be constrained. After stripping down to his bare body, he got to work.

He placed a number 1 guard on the clippers and turned them on, roaring to life with their signature buzzing sound. When Duncan was thinking about how he should cut his hair, he thought a nice, short crew cut would do the trick with a number 1 on the sides and a number 8 on top. He had highly considered a number 1 buzz cut all over, but feared he would come out looking like a tennis ball and ten years older at that. With the clippers on, Duncan placed them up to the beginning of his sideburn and brought it up through his hair and up to the crown of his head where the top began. He stopped for a moment to see what it looked like, thought it wasn’t much as most of it was the finer hairs near the hairline. He continued with another pass and another one to follow until the ear on the right side was completely uncovered. Duncan moved his hand to feel the patch of shorn hair and loved how it felt. His fingers were cool to the touch as they were able to touch his scalp with only 1/8th of an inch of hair in its way. Duncan started buzzing the back of his head, taking off the flair that stuck out and transformed it into an even coat of stubble. Locks of hair were falling down with each pass of the clippers landing on his shoulders, back, sink and the floor. He finished up the rest of the back with a mirror and then worked his way over to the left side of his head where he repeated the same motions he had done on the opposite side just moments prior. Duncan squared off the hairline on the nape of his neck and sideburns and turned off the clippers to admire his handiwork. He ran his hand over the shaved portion of his head and was enthralled with how it felt. He had always thought hair shaved with a number 1 guard always felt like a mixture of sandpaper and velvet. Though Duncan was far from over, he currently looked like a hipster in a recently gentrified neighborhood with his sides shaved and his long hair pinned up top. But he knew it would be gone soon enough.

Duncan exchanged the number 1 guard for the number 8 guard and snapped it on. He placed the clippers up to the front his hairline on his forehead and with one last breath of oxygen, plunged the clippers into his nearly six inch long hair and drug it all the way back until it reached the back. Similar to before, Duncan went to check it out. The number 8 guard had left the hair on top of his head exactly one inch long and was foriegn to the touch of his finger. He placed the tool back on his forehead and made another pass directly beside the first. After diligently running the number 8 all over the top of his head, all of the long hair that was present there just a few moments ago lied all over just about every surface in the bathroom, including Duncan. He stared at himself in the mirror and instantly fell in love with the look. He had little bangs hanging down and the hair on top was short enough to be buzzed but long enough to still be styled with some product if he chose to do so. The sides stood there proudly, buzzed with the shortest guard and allowing the slight draft in the room to be felt on the back of his head and by his ears. Duncan looked like he was being shipped off to military school; and he thought the look was perfect.

He modeled various poses in the mirror and ran his hands over his head many, many times, absorbing the feeling each time. While Duncan was looking down, he noticed he could also use some trimming up down there and since he already had the clippers out, he figured why not. He grabbed them once again and with a few swipes above his manhood, Duncan was all cleaned up and cut close. Some broom sweeping and rag wiping followed to clean up the enormous mess Duncan had made with his haircut and decided it would be best to hop in the shower to get all the hair clippings off of his back and shoulders. Once the water was warm, he stepped in and was bombasted with the sensation of the water running over his buzzed head. He knew for sure he would only need a tiny drop of shampoo. Since Duncan was already in the shower, he thought he might as well take care of himself since he was incredibly pent up throughout the process of cutting his hair. So after a few moments with his hand and some conditioner, he was more than satisfied. He stepped out of the shower and ran a towel over his head only a few times before it was already completely dry, Guess he wouldn’t be needing a hair dryer either he supposed. Duncan threw on some pajamas and slipped into bed; enjoying the friction of his shaved hair on the cool pillow and rested assured that he had finally gotten his fresh start.

Author’s note: Hey y’all! I’ve been a longtime lurker on this site for a while now and decided since I’m a college student with summer break freetime, I’m going to start writing my own stories on here. This is my first story so I would love any feedback y’all have for me! I hope you like this one and I’ve been on this site long enough to know that many of you are thinking "Duncan needs to take it all off down to the wood!!!!!" So fear not because I’m going to write a sequel where Duncan takes it down shorter ;)
I also have several other stories planned too so stay tuned for those!

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