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What the by Schoolshorts1

When my university closed for the summer break, I went straight home by train. The station was a bit full of students going home as well or going on holidays. It was a hot day so I was wearing my t-shirt, shorts, ankle souks, trainers " excuses me young man" a mans voice said behind me, I turned round and was faced with a man in his late 40s, 5'10 in height, medium built, wearing a light blue suit " yes sir" i replied back " this train going to London young man" he replied back in a old fashion tone " yes it is sir" " thank you " and walked off.

Sitting alone in my train cabin going over my laptop when the door to the cabin opened, i looked up to see who it was and it the man i met on the station " there you are my boy, i was looking for you"" me sir" i replied to him with a bit of a puzzle look on my face. He sat down in front of me and smiled " my boy, we got on so marvellous on the platform that i looked for you every where on this train, and hear we are face to face" I smiled " ok " " its going to be a bit of a journey to London, so we are going to get to know each other in the main time...i will ask you some question about yourself, you will reply to me, yes headmaster is the understood young man because I am a headmaster of a all boy school". To keep this man happy, I did what he asked of me " what is your name and your age" he asked " my name is Philip Wilson and my age is 21 headmaster" I replied " the other students at the station where not wearing shorts but only you" " i like wearing them headmaster" I replied " did you wear shorts at that place Philip"" yes headmaster" I replied.
Question after Question he asked me, I replied back " Philip you have answered all of my Question, to me Philip, you don't look happy were you are, you wear shorts all the time, they are more comfortable on you than those silly things called longs, there is no way you are 21 young man but still a boy"" headmaster I know I don't look my age and have a built of a 14 year old "" you are 14 Philip and you have to aspect it, right Philip, sit up for me" I did, he put a towel over my shoulders and took out a pair of clippers, scissors, razor," Philip I am going to give you a boys traditional 1930s short back and sides that all the boys at my school have"" wait headmaster" my prank started to back fire on me " oh s**t!" I thought.

The sound of the clippers I could hear over my head, then the scissors, I could feel the wind over my ears " almost done Philip " he got the razor " this is going to be really, really short " I thought " head forward Philip" I moved my head forward to the sides " all done Philip " he got a mirror and put it in front of my face, OMG I looked like a boy from the 1930s with this hair cut, all I needed was the long shorts a knee souks " thank you headmaster" I replied with a smile on my face " I better not say anything " the thought went threw my head. " You look tens times better with your hair cut Philip" he give me a big smile and said " time for your proper clothes for you to wear Philip?"" proper clothes headmaster" i said as my heart started to race, he opened a suit case that he had with him, he took out a pair of black shoes, dark grey knee socks, white fronts, dark grey knee length shorts, grey tank top, white short sleeve shirt, dark grey tie. when I saw him take out the clothes from the suit case, my heart skipped a bit " s**t! this can't be happing, I fantasy about this when i was wanking "" come along Philip, take off those clothes" the headmaster said to me, for some reason i did. I stood in front of him naked he put his hand over my bum " nice and soft" I stepped into the white fronts he pulled them up, I sat down he put on the knee socks, I put my hands on his shoulders, put my legs one after the other down the shorts, he slowly pulled them up and the clothe over my legs was nice next was the short sleeve s**te then the tie, tank top, shoes. " Why am I doing this? do I want this? "I thought" why do I really feel so comfortable wearing these clothes? do i want this to happen to me? why am i letting him do this to me? have to put a stop to this....but I can't...lets see how far this goes then if it does? just stop it" was the thoughts going though my mind.

" much better Philip in your proper clothes" said the headmaster to me " yes headmaster" was my reply " Philip as we were speaking your new life has began as my son, your surname is Watson now Philip Watson my 14 year old son"" what? headmaster" i replied " Philip your my son and I am your father take a look in this mirror" I did and what looked back at me was his son, it was me, i had his resembles " it can't be, I look like you" what came out of my moth next was " father" did I just say that " he put his arms round me, hands on my bum " I am your father.

Part two soon

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