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English lesson for Abdul part 2 by Tony

English lesson for Abdul part 2
After our very successful weekend, Abdul left to go home, along with his new short haircut. I said to him, ring me and let me know how you get on at work on Monday.
Abdul rang me Monday evening, as he told me all about his day, he was so excited and very happy, his Uncle praised him for his haircut and said he could have a promotion as he was showing so much promise with his attending night classes for his English and especially his short haircut. He told me his day had been so pleasant and that was all thanks to me! I said it was a pleasure to help him and I could not wait to see him again.

Wednesday evening we met at evening class and there were a lot of tongues wagging about us and also his total transformation of long to short hair, he looked amazing he was really proud of his haircut and thanked me again. At break we went to get a drink and returned to the class after, the evening went well and we walked back home after, he stayed for a while at mine then made his way home after a very hot evening. We made arrangements for him to come over Friday after work and spend the weekend together.
Friday evening we sat in and I spent a lot of time admiring his haircut and running my fingers up his shaven neck and through the longer hair on top and his fringe, his hair was so silky soft and got me turned on so much. I asked Abdul if he would allow me to shave the back and sides again as the black stubble was beginning to appear, he smiled and said, can we do it in the shower? I said of course, we were both hard by this point and spent ages in the shower, I shaved his neck and up the sides and got it totally smooth again, it felt so awesome, he was such a gentle guy, loved to spend time kissing and enjoying our bodies together.
Saturday came and we went shopping together when Abdul got a phone call, he was talking in his native tongue for ages and then apologized to me. He told me his cousin had arrived from Nepal and wanted to stay with him, but living in a small bed sit he told him it was not possible, but he would meet him later today to discuss it. We talked about it and I suggested that his cousin stay at the bed sit and Abdul come and stay with me. He said he was embarrassed to put this on me and said there must be another way. I was more than happy for him to stay. Abdul said, let's meet him this afternoon when he arrives and discuss it with him then.
When Jabbar arrived, it was like meeting Abdul again, he looked just like him with the same long black hair and slim build, he introduced him to me and I loved it, he called me his boyfriend, I felt so proud to be called that and we chatted about what he was to do. I suggested we go to my flat and order in some food and see what we could sort out.
While we were eating and drinking, Jabbar asked Abdul what happened to his long hair and why did he have it so short now. He told him that Uncle was being really horrible to him and picking on him for having long hair, he said to Jabbar that he had asked me to cut his hair for him. He said if I come to work at uncles factory then he will expect me to have short hair too? Abdul said, yes, he probably would .
Jabbar turned to me and asked how long I had been a barber, I explained that I was not actually a barber, but offered to cut his hair for him when I heard about his incident he had back in Nepal.
A little while later after chatting with Abdul some more, Jabbar turned to me and asked if I would mind cutting his hair the same, my reply was, if Abdul does not mind, then yes I will, he looked at him and said, well, do you mind?
Abdul said , look, I don't mind, but not today, you can let him cut it tomorrow, also for now you can stay at my bed sit until you get something yourself and I will move in here for now.
The decision had been made and Abdul asked me if he could go and get him settled in then he would come back with his clothes later and stay. I was delighted and very happy, I thought after they left, not only does my boyfriend want to move in with me, but I am also going to get to do another haircut which I was very happy about. Later Abdul returned with some clothes and we had an awesome night of passion too.

The following morning Jabbar turned up ready for his haircut, his hair tied neatly back in a pony tale, the only difference between them was, he had long dark sideburns too, whereas Abdul was facially clean, he didn't really need to shave much, his facial hair was almost non existent. I sat him on the chair in the kitchen and Abdul said to me, I will go to get some shopping while you cut his hair. I started by pulling the band off his hair and combing it through for what seemed like ages, the long soft silky black hair felt exactly like Abdul's did, I tried not to get too turned on but it was almost impossible, the feel of his soft silky hair was awesome, I asked if he wanted exactly the same haircut and he said he liked it, but he asked if I could cut his hair shorter on top so he did not need to use cream and make a parting. I said, so basically you want me to give you a buzz cut like a grade four on top and shaved to the skin at the back and sides then? He said, yes, if you don't mind. I said I was happy to do that for him. I asked him if I could shave his sideburns off before doing the full haircut, he said yes that's fine, but why do you want to do that, I said I would like to take a photo of before and after the cut and I would like to tie it up in a man bun first before finally cutting it.
Jabbar said he had never had a man bun before but thought it would be nice to try before actually cutting it short, I was happy to do it as it gave me more time to work with his long hair. I started by combing it all back and gradually combing the pony tale higher and higher until it was up by his crown, I tied the band making a very tight pony tale before twisting it and coiling it around to form the bun, and place another band to hold in place, he actually looked awesome with this style, just needed to shave a few little wispy bits from the neck and shave the sideburns before getting the photos.
I took my clippers and made a straight line at the top of his ear and shaved the sideburn off completely on one side then the other, I squirted a little shaving cream in my hand and applied it to both sides of the face and his neck, very carefully I shaved until it was smooth and neat all round, I dried with a towel and said, let's do some photos, just as I did that, Abdul came back, he looked at Jabbar and said, it looks nice tied up like that, but I don't think Uncle will think the same, also I like the way Andy has shaved the sides, it looks clean and much nicer, what are you going to do Jabbar? he thought for a bit looking in the mirror before saying, I like it long and like it tied up like this, maybe I should leave it until I have spoken to Uncle.
Abdul looked at me and said, what do you think?, I said to him, I actually think it looks nice and neat in a bun, but if he wants it cut after meeting Uncle, then I will do it for him. Jabbar thanked me for doing what I did and said are you sure you don't mind cutting it if I have to have it short? Of course I don't , I actually enjoy playing about with nice hair as Abdul will tell you. With that he decided to go back to the bed sit and think about his future plans here.

When he left, Abdul said to me, was it a disappointment that you did not get to cut it? A little, I said, but I know I will get the chance again. He said, I know how much you enjoy playing with nice hair and I love it when you take such good care of mine for me. We kissed and held each other, he is such a gentle and caring guy, I was so happy to have him.

Monday morning Abdul took Jabbar to see Uncle, Jabbar made sure he did his hair exactly as I did it for him, tied up very neatly, I had also told him to make sure he shaved his face that morning to give a good impression. Abdul carried on with his work while Uncle told Jabbar what he would be doing, it wasn't long before Abdul was called in to the office to speak with Uncle, he told him that he was prepared to give him a trial and see if his work was up to standard, but he said I had to take him to the barber shop this weekend to get a haircut like mine. I told him I would do that.
At the end of the day Abdul found Jabbar and walked with him to the bed sit, he told him what his instructions were and that he could keep his long hair until Friday evening when he would come to my flat for a proper haircut according to Uncles instructions. He nodded and said ok he would be there.
When Abdul arrived home, he told me what had happened at work, so he said, you will be cutting his hair Friday evening if that's ok with you, I said, yes, of course it is ok, I am looking forward to it, you know how I enjoy playing with nice hair. I said you know he want to have a buzz cut don't you, Abdul said, no he didn't know and that was not a good idea as Uncle was very old fashioned and would not like that, so Abdul said to me cut it the same as mine, he will have to get used to it.
Friday night came and I was ready and waiting for Jabbar to arrive for his haircut, he came in with it tied up neatly in a bun and sat in the chair, started straight away, pulling the band off the bun and untying his long hair to fall on his shoulders, I spent a long time combing his shiny silky long hair before starting to cut it, I did most of the cutting with scissors to start with, to remove most of the long hair, I ignored the request he gave me last week about the buzz cut, I told him I had to give him the same cut as Abdul, he was a bit upset about that, but had to agree. I started the clippers and shaved the back up to his crown, then both sides up above his temples before cutting the long fringe short, I blended it all in and stopped to check it was looking good, there was a great pile of long hair on my kitchen floor, I lathered up his sides and neck with shaving cream before carefully shaving it to the skin, the feel was so nice, smooth and fresh looking, then I used the styling cream and created the side parting before combing the fringe back off his forehead, the cream made the black hair shine and glisten, it was another great haircut, I really surprised myself too. They both looked so good standing there together with their matching haircuts.

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