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Tanned surfer boy gets a haircut part 2 by Tony

Tanned surfer boy gets a haircut part 2

The atmosphere in the room was electric, he sat in the barber chair looking so dam hot, he looked completely different to how he did coming through the door earlier, his long thick white blond hair tied up in a man bun, slightly damp from the sea, his beautiful tanned body looking really awesome.
Mike was definitely something else, he was gay too, he had flirted with me ever since he came through the door of my barber shop. I was just an older guy, fairly fit, but just in my early thirties, he on the other hand was a young very sexy guy who had just finished college and was about to start a new working career, he was just twenty two, had spent most of his spare time on the beach and in the sea.
And there he was,sitting in my barber chair just having gone through a major change, and I mean major. His hair was long, thick, white blond and reached to his shoulder blades, but now, he sat in the barber chair with a completely new look, gone was the long hair completely, now with a very short flattop with totally smooth shaved back and sides, also his stubble from his face had been shaved to reveal a gorgeous smooth tanned face.

Still sitting there with the cape still covering him, the temperature in the room was off the scale, I was so hard, I could not even hide it, not that I wanted to at this stage of the day, all I could think about was ripping his clothes off and enjoying the stunning body that sat beneath the barbers cape.
The new look was absolutely awesome, not that I am against long hair on a guy, I actually love the look of nice hair if it's long, but this was something he had to do for work, or should I say the interview for a job.
I asked what he thought of the new haircut, I stood at the side of the chair looking straight into his gorgeous bright blue eyes, he gazed straight at me and said, Jeff you have done an amazing job, I feel so different now and it looks awesome, I can't believe that I have actually done this, I have had long hair since my early teens and loved every minute of it, all the girls have loved it too, but I am not interested in that, I am very new to the gay lifestyle,right now I just want to enjoy a very special experience with you, I just hope you feel the same.
I took the cape off him before seeing right before my eyes a very large bulge in his shorts, I said, I feel exactly the same, you are such a handsome guy, and now, well I love your new sexy look, I ran my fingers up the back of his neck feeling the newly shaved smooth area, it felt amazing and so hot, he pulled my head towards him, kissing me so passionately, we both wanted to rip each other's clothes off right now, but there was so much hair on the floor and not the place to do this. I said, do you want to come back to my place and spend the evening having fun ?
Mike did not need any convincing, he did not even hesitate, just said yes, let's go now, I said, ok, I can clear up the mess tomorrow, we left to go back to my place. Mike asked if he could shower as he had been on the beach all day, I said, yes, no problem, we went to the bathroom and both undressed ready to shower, I noticed he was trimmed very neatly round his cock, whereas I was completely shaven smooth and funnily enough, I had only shaved that morning, so was exceptionally smooth. Mike commented on that and said he had never shaved totally and only ever trimmed, but he said he loved the look of mine, I said, I had better get a razor and do yours for you, he straight away got even harder at the thought of it, the rest of his body was smooth apart from his arm pitts which I thought I would shave at the same time. We both got in the shower and after we had washed down, I gently shaved him smooth, then I asked him to raise his arms while I shaved them too. We both were so hard and kissing passionately it wasn't long before we were enjoying each other's bodies in the bedroom, the evening was explosive and so hot, his body was awesome and the feel of his shaved neck and sides was so intensely sexy and with his extreme flattop, he looked amazing. After our night of very hot sex, we both showered in the morning and I styled his new flattop and applied a little wax to enhance his look.

Mike got his new job and we met quite a lot, I kept his flattop in perfect shape shaving the back and sides every few days to keep it smooth and he didn't even think about going back to his long hair. His skinned sides and back got the sun to them and tanned nicely, but his white blond hair looked amazing .

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