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Barber chooses by Uk barbershop memories

This is my firsrt story , its probably the reason i developed such an interest in boys, reluctant , unwanted even forced short haircut stories ( true or fanasy ) It was a saturday morning, i noticed a boy walking along i front of me , he was getting quite a telling off by his dad "you won't think you're so clever when he's finnished with you " i heard his dad say and at that he stopped at the barbershop his dad opened door " Now get in there . I was so curious after a minuets hesitation i walked in and took a seat next to the boy who i now recognised he was a year below me at my school i didn't need a haicut and this particular barber was known for giving boys very severe short haircuts often against their wishes he would do this by cleverly manipulating whoever was in charge ie mum or dad , i'll just ask for a trim and not let him convince me otherwise i thought . I was 12 and since leaving junior school and starting seniors and after a lot of protesting from me , with my mum taking my side i was allowed to have my hair longer as was the fashion (1975 uk) my own unwanted short back and sides haircut memories i will cover in future stories . A man was paying for his haircut , as he left " who's next said the barber looking at the father of the boy who was sat leaning forward with his head down looking very sorry for himself . Go on ,get in the chair his farther ordered , as the barber caped him . Good morning captain the farther said i sent him here this morning on his own with the money to pay for his regular short back and sides as i had some other buisness and couldn't take him myself, he hasn't been here this morning the barber replied , i didn't think so "The truth now , i want the truth who cut your hair his Dad demanded . Davids mum cut it for me , what happened to the money i gave you w we sp sp spent it on sweets the boy spluttered thats just the same as stealing , what is stealing his Dad asked , its a sin the boy replied tears where now welling up in his eyes . Yes just as lying and deciet are , and it dawned on me who he was , i had seen him a few times walking to church with his mum and dad and a few other boys and girls with their parents all dressed in their savation army uniforms , as a kid i had also gone to the same sunday school and knew the barber was the salvation army captain there but i was never a member of the salvation army , it just got us out of mums way while she cooked sunday dinner . I sat mesmerized by what was going on , i knew the boy was in for it which gave me an odd feeling in my stomache . Do you think your clever now his dad asked , answer your farther the barber demanded , no sir no i don't think i'm clever . All the other boys at church like having their hair clipped short, they like looking smart they know it pleases their parents and sets a good example for our church , the barber went on , do you like looking smart like a well behaved boy or do you like to look scruffy and untidy like a delinquent , the cever manipulation had started . Smart , smart what his father interjected
, Smart Sir the boy replied , and what is smarter , a boy with a short haircut or a boys hair left long and uncut , not sure sir, well what do you think your farther would say . The boy with the short haircut sir thats right lad as would i and any other deicent person don't you think , yes sir . Are you a good boy , yes sir . YES SIR , the barber exclaimed , do good boys steal money from their parents,not do as they're told , do they lie and show total disrespect , would a good boy do any of these . The caped boy was silent , Well? , are you a good boy or a bad boy , a bad boy , William show some manners when you answer the captain his farther said . I'm a bad boy Sir . You want to be a good boy don't you , yes sir , well i think you need to be tought a lesson , a lesson you won't forget in a hurry , something that will help you remember that telling lies and stealing especially from your parents is very wrong indeed . The barber turned to the farther saying i have something very appropriate in mind ,with your permission Charles , carry on sir the farther replied . Pumping the chair up and with his hands on the boys shoulders ." I'm going to tell you whats happening and why , and if i ask You something i want answering fully and respectfuly now is that understood , yes sir replied the boy. The boy had his back to the mirror, the barber took something out of a drawer You don't deserve a nice smart short back and sides and as seen as you don't like to look smart i'm not going to give you one . As punishment for your lies and theiving i am going to manually clip you then i'm going to shave you bald then hopefully you will realise just how smart and what a treat a short back and sides haircut is for a boy .The barber came and sat where the boy had sat , between me and the farther , Now before i start i want you to tell your father how sorry you are and then tell him what you want me to do , don't worry ill help you if you're not sure what to say. i sat glued to my seat watching my heart beating so fast , why was i finding this so exiting . Go on now , . Dad i'm sorry for lying and spending the money on sweets , now ask me to clip and shave your head the barber added ,please dad i dont want my head shaved , then to my astonishment the barber looked at me " Davison , my God , he remembered me from sunday school , Davison do you think i'm being unfair

Part 2 to follow

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