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Barber chooses part 2 by Uk barbershop memories

So there i was so shocked at how exited i felt by this whole situation , all i could say was erm no sir . Do as your told William , its for your own good , even this boy agrees , should a boy who lies and steals be rewarded , or punished added the barber WELL! Lad.. Punished ,i mean punished sir , ok now , ask me ,
politely . Please clip and shave my head sir he blubbed the barber stood behind him held the clippers in front of him saying you've always been such a good lad . A good sharp shock really is the best thing for you so lets stop that silly crying nonsense , then he held the boy under his chin , very still now , he said in a much calmer voice . Would you do me a favour lad the and get that oil can off the shelf for me , oh mt God he's talking to me again , so with my heart pounding i got the 3 in 1 oil can "take the cap off" . Holding the manual clippers in front of me , squeeze a little oil along the teeth for me please with trembling hands i did as he said , now the other side , ther's a good lad he said as he turned them over i heard a rapid clicky clacking noise wich i recognised from my earlier years (another story) as i returned to my seat he then lowered the boys head a little by pulling down on his chin then with the hand clippers under his fringe he ran them right across the top off his head , front to back rapidly again and again until the top of his head was bald well nearly bald then the sides , with a sense of urgency he went about his buisness constantly talking to and asking the poor boy questions . Stop those tears lad its for your own good after all isn't it,.
Isn't it , he asked again . Yes sir. Eventually his ordeal was over part off me felt so sorry for him , this helped me to control my exitement and heavy breathing a little . Turning to his dad the barber says if these tears persist during his shaving i'll have him here every saturday 3pm . I thought clipping and shaving where the same thing , s**t he's only half way throuh his ordeal .part 3 next The shavig

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