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My satuday job by Uk barbershop memories

Sitting there with thoughts and feelings i had never had before as the shaved boy left , the barber turned to me " thanks for your help son ,whats your name christopher sir do you think i'm mean christopher , no sir i answered immediately thinking about the saturday job i think he deserved it lying to his dad like that , how old are you ,13 on friday sir a lot of boys would have laughed and sniggered at young williams haircut but i watched you and you never once did , would you be interested in the saturday job oh yes sir , very interested sir , do you have a phone at home yes we , gor it 2 years ago i'll have to talk to your dad first , you can phone him now and if he agrees to my rules do you definately want the job yes please sir thankyou sir he phoned my home hi is that chritophers farther , my dad agreed to everything start time finish time etc then my hart jumped adrenalin surged through me as i heard my dad agreeing to the length of my hair and dress code being entirely up to the barber the shorter the better ha ha said my father as he put the phone down ok christopher Banks Banks is how i'll adress you go and lock the door and turn the sighn , i did as he said , you dont look to happy whats up , i like my hair long and also , what uniform do i have to wear don't you worry lad you'll soon get used to it , ill take you now to get measured and fitted and i'll tidy your hair when we get back , cheer up lad your on pay right now till 5.30 where are we going if you ask my something please remember to be polite and well mannered ok lad he had a very friendly manner but i had a bad feeling starting , here we are workwear and boys outfitters said the sighn , on entering 2 smart uniforms typical 11 and 13 year old school boys 1 longs , 1 shorts , 1 blue , 1 white , the barber said , socks sir , kneesocks , socks and ties matching stripes please , collar fit sir , snug please , iwas being measured neck waist length ect please sir , i'm 13 on fri don't worry yourself christopher , sat mornings junior boys club so its short trousers afternoon teens hence longs ,well have him in the short pants to go let him get used to them i felt sick to my stomache , stand up straight son as an assistant tunned a full length mirror round oh , very smart sir the assistant beamed , well appart from his hair that is , next on the agenda , gulp.. straight in the chair lad he said locking the door when we gor back tissued and caped , please sir not to short i said hoping my good manners would appeal to him i'm sure youll be very pleased when ive finished , i know your father will be . Your'e the new barbershop boy , a smart haircut is an absolute must after 30 years i think i know what will suit you best . Clack head down he ordered pushing my head even further he proceeded to give me most severely short but have to admit very very smart haircut and again part of me hateing the whole thing but that warm tingling sensations i felt even when he buffed his straight razor on the leather belt hanging from the chair thes feelings got stronger over the following weeks boys with a strict parent especially a mother ordering or instrucing the barber to take a very firm hand with her boy and by 3 months i to couldn't stop thinking about my free manditory clipping and shaving every saturday boys club.

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