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Mean barber by Uk barbershop memories

As a child upto the age of about 9 my farther who i think might of had of a liking for boys with or receiving very short unwanted haircuts , i on the other hand hated barbershops and severely clipped short back and sides long hair was all the fashion no boy wanted short hairthis changed when i was13 and got a saturday job in a barbershop this unfortunate incident happened when i was about 10- 11 years old summer holls before starting seniors yr 8 i think now i had been getting my own way after making such a fuss about my short haircuts before and after my haircuts moreso with my mother if my dad was working he would still tell her several times " Now remember dear scraces barbershop wait for the older one not the son like last time(my one leinient haircut without the clippers) you want a really good short back and sides razored back and sides for him and thats what i got or leave him there and do your shopping if you leave him tell the barber to take a very firm hand with him as he moves his head a lot this was rubbish during a haircut once caped in the berbers chair i was very quiet and obeidiently followed every instruction given by the barber this is why i think my farther shared the same fetish as me ( is it possible its hereditory on this particular saturday morning i was back in scraices i had started going on my own to a younger barbermy dad got his cut not even with the clippes i got up when young scraice called next your dads cutting his hair so a lad a bit younger than me went come now chritopher mr scraice snr was renouned for being heavy handed and forcefull with young ladshe caped me , whats it to be... part 2 next

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