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Mean barber part 2 by Uk barbershop memories

Whats he having i must add that in the past my father had even told him to take it easy with me , just a trim i told him , not today son we both think you need to make a good impression nobody takes any notice of boys hair now i pleaded i do boy the barber said right in my ear my dad then said he was going to the bank then to my pleasant surprise ho said oh , and no clipper he really doesn't like the noise they make one of the excuses i had made up to end my short haircut regime so hows he having it well the school rules say short , how short i'll leave up to you but no electric buzzing his mother insisted have him wait here if he's done i might be a while in the bank usually about 50 mins he'll have to stand in the corner , ok fine as my dad left oh and take a firm hand with him if you feel he needs it and then left he then pulled the cape tight around my neck and then tucked a towel in , i could hardly swaLlow as he pumped the chair up right christoper banks as well as a firm hand , your father thinks you need to be taught a lesson in obeidience now not a word from you unless you are spoken to do we understand i want hear , yes please sir, loud and clear, and i want to see you smiling when you answer me , is that clear disobey ne and i may sneeze and slip with the razor and have to shave you bald , yes please sir ,or thankyou sir , loud clear and confident i want you to agree to anything i suggest or i might just happen to find head lice and we both know what that means don't we , yes sir , " smooth headshave " look up at at me when you're answering me, ready boy i noded nervously after commbing through my hair , you prefere your back to the mirror dont you christopher you like to chat to the waiting customers would you like that , i looked him in the eye yes please sir i tried my best smile and thankyou sir , may i say thankyou i had worked out this horribe game my dad had concocted with the barber if im a really good boy he might show me some leiniency at that point i didn't know he wasnt the only one involved , your going to blue caps aren' you , no no sir brunelles blue caps was used to be brunelles nickname because of the blue blazers and blue caps the boys wore , your in look that gentleman facing you is the new head off york house , thats my house sir , that means im your registration and form teacher a lot of schools are letting stadards slip the new school head however came accross the 1952 school regulations everything is being reintroduced corporal punishment uniforms , haircuts have you been for your school clothes yet just answer normally for now mr scraice said quitly i asked you a question boy i expect an answer or are you buisy trying to think up asuitable lie , oh crap i thought my form teacher for the next 3 years and he already hates me sorry sir i didn't hear you because of the noisy scissors erm no sir i havn't got my school clothes yet , scotts outfitters will have the new uniform in by last week of the holls don't turn up in non uniform climing as i'm sure most boys will that their new clothes where purchased early on somehow news of this special dispensation got out and is being use by boys to avoid wearing the new uniform for the first year now your full name boy , christopher banks sir i want to see in my office first thing monday morning befere assembly i will now assign you a sunday fortnightly 6 minuet time slot 4.54 to 5.00 pm you will be given a severely razored short back and sides i don't like to see any hair below a boys schoolcap . Mr scraice is now the schools official barber if you are late and yout haircut is not completed by 4.59 pm on the dot you swap chairs and you will be finished off by his new apprentice he will only be clipping and wet shaving boys heads in his 1st year if you find yourself in his char due to lateness he will be your barber and you will shaved for the rest of your 1st year we think this is an ideal way of encouraging prompt nes . No excuse for lateness will be accepted , short or long trousers thats your choice what you wear on youre 1st you stay in for whole year at that the gentleman sat next to him said i have a simple question for the lad , one thing i cannot stand is boys who tell lies and i beleive we have a deceitful little liar sitting in front of us the barber had stopped cutting my hair his hands gripping the tops of my mshoulders you claimed not to have heard your form teachers question due to noisy scissors but the barber has stopped using them , quick as a flash and thinking i was so clever yes sir but he was using them when sir asked me the questoin isn't that right sir looking up at the barber , yes i definately was he confirmed , phew . And what question was that again remind me would you have you been for your school clothes yet , when he pressed you for an answer and after saying sorry sir you then said what exactly , i didn't hear you because ofthe noisy scissors , which is true mr Graice just confirmed it then please sir i never tell lies oh i see will you accept my appollogy , off couse sir appology accepted , unfortunailly for you boy my whole point has nothing with wether or not the scissors were being used its about you being a discusting little liar , you accept me appology i never tell lies you say , so answer me this memory boy if you didn't hear the question due noisy scissors, i mean , you have clearly proved they were being used .. well tell me , and this is my whole point , now listen carefully how did you answer a question perfectly , that you bid not hear well you have even repeated the question to all of us word for word to be continued

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