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John Cuts His Own Hair by Shant

At the end of May, John was going to be celebrating the big 40. He didn’t mind turning 40 because he was in great physical shape, due to having worked out almost his entire life.

He weighed exactly what he did when he finished college, so it didn’t really seem to be all that big a deal. Maybe turning 50 would be traumatic, but he had no problems with being 40.

He was also really lucky to still have a full head of hair that had not receeded or thinned at all, and had not yet started turning gray. His hair was jet black, with a slight wave to it, and it looked exactly the same way it did when he was in college.

He once said that if he had to chose between having a great body or a great head of hair, it would be a tough decision to make. He said he knew he could always work out and build his body back into better shape again, but once the hair was gone, it’s gone, so he said if he had to chose one over the other, he would want to keep his hair.

His friends threw a party for him, and to say he was overserved was an understatement. It was a great evening and he ended up being so wasted that we all knew he could never make it home on his own.

We drove him home and watched as he stumbled his way into the house. We all knew that he certainly wouldn’t be getting up early anytime tomorrow. None of us could ever remember seeing him this intoxicated before.

As he got undressed and ready for bed, he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he said to himself, "Man, I really am in great shape. My body is awesome."

John had been working out with a guy for over fifteen years that was a professional bodybuilder. They worked out a minimum of four days a week and Bob really worked John hard.

All that hard work had paid off and John was proud of the fact that he had built such a good body, especially for someone his age. His chest was 10 inches larger than his waist, and his arms were almost 16 inches. He really had great definition, especially his triceps.

As he continued brushing his teeth, and looking at himself in the mirror, he said to himself, "Man, I really do have a great body, but I worked hard to get it."

He then looked at his hair, which was definitely his other best feature. "Look how lucky I am to have such great hair, and I didn’t have to do anything to get it! My hair really is beautiful," he said, as he started running his fingers through it and brushing it.

John had told us that at about the age of thirteen, he first realized that he was fascinated by a guy with great hair. He didn’t know what it was that made him so infatuated with awesome hair, but he said he couldn’t ever remember not always being on the lookout for a guy with a great mane.

It was several years later before John realized that he was gay and then came out, but in the beginning, it was the hair that had attracted him more than anything else.

He cut all his friends hair throughout high school, and then all his frat brothers in college. During that time period, he probably cut over 200 guy’s hair for them. He loved getting his hands in so many really great manes without anyone knowing how much it turned him on.

John knew that his hair attracted a lot of attention because so many people made comments to him about how wonderful it looked. He knew a lot of guys were really envious of his hair because they told him how much they wished they had hair as fantastic as his was.

John had never had anyone other than a barber cut his hair. He had gone to the same barber for years because he really liked the barber and enjoyed how much time he spent on his hair.

Secretly, he had thought about having someone other than a barber cut his hair for him. His hair was thick, long, and he really loved it. The thought of some guy cutting it all off was a real turn on, but was too terrifying for him to ever really considering doing.

He said he asked his barber once to give him a really short haircut, but he absolutely refused. "Your hair is way too beautiful to cut off! You need to keep it long, so that everyone can see what awesome hair you have," he said.

Actually John was relieved that his barber refused to cut his hair short. He knew that just the thought of getting his hair cut short was more tempting, than actually going through with it.

He loved his barber pampering his hair so much and always telling him how wonderful it looked. John knew how much his barber loved cutting his hair. John also knew that he loved his hair way too much to really ever go ahead and get it all cut off. The thought was really exciting, but he knew there was no way that he would ever do it.

Yet there were times that he would imagine someone taking a pair of scissors or even clippers and giving him a short haircut. Being so wasted, he sat down in a chair facing the mirror and continued brushing his hair. "Man, I have gorgeous hair! No one has hair that is anywhere near as nice as mine. I don’t know a single guy that has a better head of hair than I do, no matter what age they are!"

"I love my hair so much," he said as he ran his hands through it. "I get turned on just brushing it all into place and seeing how good I can make it look. I think it looks really hot when I run my hands through it and it stands up so high," he thought to himself.

There was a part of him that had always wondered what he would look like with short hair. He hadn’t had short hair since his teenage years, which was over twenty years ago.

In his drunken stupor, he thought to himself that maybe he should go ahead and cut his hair himself? If he couldn’t find someone to cut it for him, why didn’t he just go ahead and do it? He had worn his hair long for several years. Maybe it was time to try a new look, but did he really have the nerve to cut his own hair?

He sat back down, being way too plastered to continue standing up, and faced the mirror and brushed all his hair straight back. It was currently about five inches long on top and about three on the sides. The sides were tapered to above his ears and then the rest was brushed back. His hair had great body and the sides looked really full.

You’ve seen the comic strip where the angelic version of you is on one shoulder and the devilish version is on the other. Both are trying to convince you to do what they want you to do.

John’s angelic side was saying to him, "Why would you ever want to cut your beautiful hair? You love it so much! You love it more than anything else. You’re always running your fingers through it and playing with it. You can never get enough of it. You think about your hair all the time."

"Think of all the ways you’ve worn your hair over the years. You love brushing it more and more as you let it grow longer and longer. The color is so beautiful and it’s so thick. Everyone is envious of your glorious locks. If you cut them off, you’ll look just like everyone else. You’ll really regret it, if you do cut off your awesome hair!"

His devilish side, however, was saying, "What’s the big deal? Yeah, you’ve got awesome hair, but so what? It’s only hair and it will grow back out before you know it. It’s probably about five inches long on top right now. If you cut it down a couple inches, it really wouldn’t take all that long a time to get it back to this length if you wanted."

"Just think about all the different ways you can comb it while you’re growing it out again? You’ve had your hair the same way for a long time now. You know you’ll enjoy all the things you can do with it while it is growing out."

"You’ve secretly always wanted to cut your hair down short. Think how often you have fantastized about doing it! You don’t have to take it all off at once, just cut off a little at a time, and see how you like it."

"Think how many times you have wanted to get a flattop? You know that you have always wanted one more than anything, but have just been too afraid to do it. Why not have Frank give you one? I bet that it would look outstanding if you cut your hair into a flattop."

"If you ended up not liking it, it would probably only take a month for it to be long enough that Frank could blend in the sides with the top, which would still really show off how thick your hair is!"

"You’ve waited forever for someone to cut your hair, and so far, it’s never happened. I bet that you’d really get turned on cutting it yourself. Wouldn’t you love to see that thick, beautiful, black hair of yours falling to the floor? You know it’s something that you have always wanted to do at least one time in your life."

John continued brushing his hair, loving how soft and thick it was. He kept going back and forth, trying to decide what he should do. He was really torn trying to make up his mind. If he had been sober, this conversation would never even be happening.

His devilish side seemed to be winning the battle. He thought to himself that with summer coming, he certainly did not want his hair to be any longer than it was now. Frank was going to have to cut it anyway, and he thought that it would be great working outdoors all day and not having to be dealing with all this hair all the time. Why not try it?

He slightly wet his hair and then took a comb and parted it on each side, combing the sides straight down, instead of back. He then took the top and using a brush and blowdryer, brushed it all up and back to make it stand as high as he could get it.

He thought to myself, "Why not just cut a little off the top and see how it looks? It wouldn’t do any real harm if I took so little off. I bet it would hardly look any different. It would be a real rush to do it. He took a comb and then combed his forelock straight up and cut off a little over half an inch.

That wasn’t all that much, but it was a rush cutting his own hair for the very first time. He then combed a section at a time and cut the same amount off all the way from the front to the crown. He got more and more stoked the more hair he saw falling to his shoulders.

When he finished the top, he thought it looked fine, but then decided that he wanted to cut it shorter. He was so turned on by what he had done that he cut the top again, but this time took off about one and a half inches, which still left it almost three inches long on top.

His hair still stood straight up and looked really full. There was now so much hair in his lap that he found himself getting more and more turned on by the thought of cutting it even shorter. He was having such a great time, and he still thought that his hair looked really good, so why not keep cutting it?

He then trimmed the sides and back. They were now as long as the top and it really did look out of proportion. He wet the sides and back again, and then combed them straight down like he had done before. The top he left dry and just brushed it all up and back. He thought it looked really wild, but awesome, too!

John took his comb and started at his left temple. He placed the comb about an inch back from the front, lifted up a section of hair and cut off two inches. That was actually a bigger rush than cutting the top, because the top was still three inches long, but the sides were now only about an inch long.

Working towards the back, he kept lifting up a lock of hair and cutting two inches off. He cut both sides down like that, leaving the back to tackle next.

The back he had to take down shorter than the sides in order to blend it in. It was a lot harder cutting the back than he thought it would be, but he had already thought of a way to solve that problem.

If John had not been so drunk, he would have never done what he was doing to his hair. He was really having a lot of fun though, and just kept on cutting. At that moment in time, he didn’t care what he did. He had always wanted to do this, and was excited that he had finally gotten up the nerve to do it!

He went into his bedroom closet and dug around until he found his old hair cutting set. He had not used them in years and hoped they still worked.

He made myself another drink and sat down in front of the mirror for awhile, deciding what he was going to do. He liked going a little early when it was time for him to get his haircut, hoping that he might get to see some guy getting an awesome haircut. He hated it when he saw a guy getting all his hair buzzed off and the barber started by placing the clippers at the center of his forehead and then buzzed his hair all off.

John decided that he wanted to buzz each side down first and then decide what to do with the top. Because Frank had tapered his hair above his ears, he figured if he used the right guard, he could just run the clippers from front to back and still have all his hair left on top.

He decided that he should take this slowly and not start out too aggressively. He put the #8 guard on and ran them along the sides. Very little hair, if any came off, so he decided to take the guard down shorter.

He kept taking them down a number at a time until he was using the #3 guard. By that time, a lot of his hair had been cut. A #3 guard left his hair on the sides, 3/8 of an inch long. He figured that was as short as he dared cut it himself.

He still had about three inches of thick black hair standing nearly straight up on top. He’d seen younger guys with haircuts like that, but felt he was a little too old to try that look.

He put the guard on the clippers that left his hair about 3/4 of an inch long on top, figuring he would want the top a bit longer than the sides. He started on the right side and ran the clippers from front to back.

Talk about a rush! John thought he was going to explode right then and there. More than two inches of the hair that he loved so much was coming off as he ran the clippers over his head.

He would run the clippers down the right side one time and then take them and run them down the left side, working his way back and forth towards the middle. He couldn’t believe that there was so much hair falling onto his shoulders!

He kept cutting from one side to the other until all he had left was about an inch of hair right down the center of his head. "This is it!" he said, as he ran the clippers one final time down the center, taking off all the remaining long hair.

He couldn’t believe what he had done, but he didn’t care at all. He left everything right where it was and went to bed and crashed.

John woke up in the middle of the afternoon, and was surprised that he did not have a hangover. He thought he was going to feel like hell, but he actually felt pretty good.

He had momentarily forgotten about last night, until he went into the bathroom and saw that there was hair everywhere! He looked in the mirror and then it all came flooding back to him that he had actually cut off almost all his hair!

He couldn’t believe that he had actually done it. He definitely thought he looked better with longer hair, but told himself there was no point in whining or being upset about what he had done, because he had always wanted to do it. He said to himself, "I guess that turning 40 was the push I needed to go ahead and get up my nerve to do this!"

Actually, it really didn’t look all that bad. With his hair being so black and more than half an inch long, he didn’t look bald at all. He could see that towards the back it was a little uneven. He wondered if Frank, his barber, had any openings this afternoon, and if he did, he’d go in and have him clean it up for him.

The thought of going into Frank’s barbershop with most of his hair cut off was going to be a wild experience. He couldn’t wait to see what his reaction was going to be, because he was the one that had always told John that he should never cut his hair short because he had such fantastic looking hair.

He called and asked Frank if he had any openings that afternoon. "You’re in luck. My last appointment at the end of the day just called and cancelled, so come on in. You know how much I enjoy cutting your hair," he said.

For the remainder of the afternoon, all John could think about was what Frank’s reaction was going to be. When he pulled up in his parking lot, he could see Frank’s last customer was just getting into his car. This was going to be perfect. No one would be there but Frank. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his face!

When he opened the door to the shop, Frank had his back to him and was cleaning up his work area. When he turned around, it was such a rush seeing how stunned he was.

"What the hell have you done?" he said. "I can’t believe you cut off all your beautiful hair! I’ve told you for years that you should never cut your hair short because it is so great looking, and now, you’ve not only cut it short, but you’ve nearly cut it all off!"

"I’d been wanting to cut my hair really short at the beginning of summer for as long as I can remember," John said. "It’s just so hot and humid working outside all day, and the only time my hair looks good is when I brush it in the morning. I guess that turning 40 was the excuse I needed to go ahead and do it."

"I really couldn’t get the back as even as it should be, so I thought I’d come in and have you clean it up for me. I think I’ll keep it short over the next three months and then start growing it out again, because I really do like my hair."

"Just think, eventually you’ll get to give me a flattop, which I remember you saying was one of your favorite haircuts to do. You always said that I should never cut my hair short, but I bet you’ve thought about how much you would like to give me a flattop, haven’t you?"

"Why wait?" Frank said with a smile on his face. Whatever haircut I give you is not going to take very much hair off. Instead of just having me cut your hair down short all over, why not let me give you a short military flattop right now? You’ve got enough hair that I could buzz down the sides and back and then flatten out your hair on top."

"Seeing that you have gone this far already, why not get a haircut that will really stand out? Your hair will still stand up great. The next time I cut your hair, I’ll still keep the sides short, but let the top get longer so that you will have a thick, plush pile of hair on top. It’ll look great!"

"Let’s do it!" John said. "I’m actually excited to see how it will look and then getting to see all the different ways you can cut it as I start growing it out again. I decided it would be fun to change it up, after having worn it the same way for so long."

"Well, sit yourself in that chair and let’s see if you have done any damage that I can’t fix. This will definitely end up being a short haircut!"

Frank took his clippers with the #1 guard on them and ran them all the way up the sides and back to the crown. "You think the sides are short enough now?" he said.

"Yes, I have always wanted to feel the bristle up the sides and back. I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair this short before. If I’m going to do this, let’s really cut it short and see what it will look like."

"No problem," Frank said with a smile on his face. After he finished the sides and back, John could see a little skin showing, and in contrast with his black hair, he loved it."

Frank then went to work on the remaining hair on top of John’s head. He wet it down and then aggressively used his blowdryer and brushed back what hair was left. He then took his wide tooth comb and clippers and flattened out the top.

When he finished, John’s hair was just slightly over half an inch long, but it stood up perfectly flat. He thought that it really looked great. He hardly recognized himself without all his hair.

John loved that he could just take his hands and run them back through his hair and it would stand up, or he could just brush it all forward and it would all lie down. It was going to be totally maintenance free.

"Well, that’s about the best I can do. I’m amazed that you really did cut off all your hair, but I think it looks good. It will be a lot of fun to cut it several different ways when you start growing it out again, but no more cutting it yourself!" Frank said.

"It will only take you about six weeks to have over an inch of hair on top, and that will be perfect to give you a longer, square, boxy, flattop. I really am going to enjoy doing that. With your hair so thick, the top will stand up great and I think it will look fantastic!" Frank said.

As John got out of the chair and reached for his wallet, Frank said, "This haircut is on the house. I never expected you to ever do this, but now I’m actually glad that you did. I’m looking forward to all the different haircuts I’m going to give you. It’s going to be a lot of fun cutting your hair each month."

As John got in his car and looked in the mirror, he said to himself, "I can’t believe what I actually went ahead and finally did. Man, this is a totalbly different look for me, but I’m glad I did it. Wait till me friends see what I’ve done!"

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