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Saturday job 1st day by My barbershop memories

10 minutes early Christopher well done Mr Short said, (Yes that really was his name) would you like a cup of tea or coffee coffee please sir do you have sugar 2 please, sir, take a he said as he handed me the coffee.

Are you looking forward to your 1st day at work .
Yes sir .
You seem very nervous is anything wrong,
no sir,
OK i tell you what, he said I'll go through a few rules and things with you but they're is one thing that is very important to me , now what do you think that is?
thinking very hard I said , doing as I'm told and working very hard sir,
not quite he said. The most important thing to me , is that you are happy and that you enjoy working here,and you really don't need to keep calling me sir when you answer me when it's just the two of us here, OK lad
yes sir I mean sorry sir ,
he laughed just don't look so worried . How did school go was your haircut as terrible as you imagined , what did your friends say about it
I got a lot of teasing and name calling,
not really friends then are they,
no, my best friend's laughed at me at first, but after a couple of days were OK about it though ,
and did anybody tell you they liked it and that it suits you?
only the teachers and other grownups ,
what about your friends mums and dad's
they all said that I Looked great ,but probably just felt sorry for me. Sounds to me like more good than bad, what about your parents
oh that was different,
how do you mean,
well, when my Dad saw me said come here son and gave me a great big hug, he said I Looked fantastic and shouted my mam in, he was crying, our son is a young man now, I'm so proud of you ,then I started crying and so did my mum,
but a good kind of crying I think said Mr Short , making your parents happy and proud of you feels quite good don't you think,
yes sir it was the best feeling I have ever had.
A good haircut isn't so bad after all is it Christopher,
no sir ,not bad at all
so would you like me to give you a tidy up before we open
yes please, my dad said it will look a lot better once I get some sun on the back and sides ,
he's right,
may I have the back and sides shaved with the razor ,
of course you may, OK hop in the chair .. TBC

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