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A reason for everything by My barbershop memories

My first four stories are pretty much true .1 barber chooses
2 barber chooses part 2
3 Saturday job
Saturday job 1st day.
However, if you have read them, I'm pretty sure that you won't believe me as their are a lot of inconsistencies like one minute he is the barber from hell , then it starts looking and sounding like some weirdo barber with a forced haircuting schoolboys in uniform thing going on and ends up with him just one step away from being a saint but that's exactly how it all panned out , so here we go. He really was a barber called Mr. Short, and I really did work in his barbershop . The last story ended with me just about to get another very short but have to admit, very smart haircut, but their were a couple of things that were really bothering me, nothing to do with my haircut.I really loved my new look, i loved the feel of the bristles when I ran my hand up the back of my head and how happy it had made my Dad . Mr Short had realised that there's something very wrong ." Are you OK, Christopher he asked. Do I really have to wear the school uniform , especially the short trousers? I mean , what if a boy from my school comes in here for a haircut? It'll be so embarrassing. I'll probably never hear the last of it. But it was something else that really bothered me; it will all start making sense. You'll see, what did I say was the most important thing, do you h envelopes happy while I'm working here. That's right, but it's something more than that, isn't it ?Now come on, tell me what's really wrong. There's something that I really just don't understand because you're always so nice. OK Christopher, just tell what it is. That's bothering you so much .It was last week, sir, when you shaved that boys' head. I mean, all he did was get his friends Mum to cut his hair and bought a few chocolates with the money. I mean,that's not so terrible, is it, but what you did to him was. I was now sobbing uncontrollably .he knelt down on the floor next to me at the foot of the barbers chair, oh Christopher. I am so so sorry .What must you think of me, but I really can explain he said. I looked him straight in the eyes.I can remember that he was the boy whose dad was really strict from Sunday school. If his dad had, sent him
Here, to get his hair cut, he would never have disobeyed him, so what was he so scared of what terrified him so much about coming here , You don't mind if I get bullied and ridiculed at school for being in short trousers, but you shaved that poor lads' head instead of being brave enough to stand up to his dad .I think the nicest person I've ever met . I would have worked here for nothing for what you've done for me and my dad, oh Christopher. I really should have explained why I did what I did, you see. his dad's not just strict, but he drinks too much and would have just gotten angrier and angrier, and God knows what he might have done to him for what he classed stealing when he got home. You see, I knew if he thought the punishment was harsh enough, he would be satisfied and leave him alone. Here, let me show you this:we raised the money at the church your old Sunday school he got a plastic envelope out of a drawer,it had details of a house and keys, the top sheet had the boy and his mum's name details on it we are taking them both to this new house where they'll be safe today while he's away drinking. . Next, stories will be 100 per cent haircut stories. And how did he dealt with 1 or 2 bullies for me who came in the barbershop one Saturday for a trim

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