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Pre- tied up headshave by Jamie

Set on a distant planet inhabited by humoniads
In the 2656
Where the average lifespan is 400 years old

Ryan is the third son of a middle class family. He gt the letter telling him that he was picked out for enlistment in the army, people was picked randomly, he had beautiful shoulder length hair, blonde still looked manly, one is best friends kyle had the same exept his was brown, kyles cousin decided it would best to give him a very short buzzcut, against his will. At first look he was shocked, then after a few hrs he liked the look.
Suddenly he thought it would it best interest to do the same to his friend so when the time comes he would get use to short hair, with help of ryans brothers older brother and other friends set a trap

4 hrs they tied him up after he fell asleep. Ryan woke up gagged, wondering what the hell was happening , there he saw his friends and brothers, he saw the hair clipper he knew his precious hair was going, then he felt the top of the hair shaved off, then the sides and the back. Something else happened he didnt expect they put on his head some lotion that tempory stops hair growth, he was upset with them for what was happening. After they finished they showed what he looked like and took the gag off. He saw a almost bald guy in the mirror.
Kyle untied him, at this point ryan was angry with them. He would look this for 2 months, he and kyle are going to be enlisted in 3 months time
He wanted to keep his hair.
In the coming months he forgave his friends and brothers and got use to the haircut. To be contiued

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